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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 32 Recap

When Qi Fendou saw that he had fallen off the list and left, Kong Weixin hurriedly caught up to persuade her not to be discouraged, and next year is coming. Qi Fendou is already discouraged, not everyone has to go to college, she is just an ordinary person. Kong Weixin tried hard to encourage her not to be discouraged. She has always been very motivated, but she is very excited when fighting together. She doesn’t want to see Kong Weixin educate herself as a winner.

Qi Fendou was discouraged and said that she could not cross this bridge, so she was destined to part ways with Kong Weixin. Kong Weixin was very angry. She didn’t expect Qi Fendou to abandon herself or even part ways with herself when encountering a little difficulty. In his heart, only death can separate each other, but she didn’t expect the two people’s feelings to be so fragile in Qi Struggle’s heart.

Kong Weixin returned home in despair. Cao Dehe hurriedly came to care. She guessed that Qi Fendou hadn’t been admitted to the university, and she thought it was just right. After all, Kong Weixin will graduate from university in the future as the country’s pillar talent, so there is no need to worry about marriage. Cao Dehe let Kong Weixin fight to break up, otherwise he would never think of being quiet for the rest of his life. Kong Weixin came to find Qi Fendou, Bai Ruoxue was about to go out, and Qi Fendou was making trouble upstairs.

She also guessed that the two had quarreled, so she told them not to be impulsive. Kong Weixin still wants to encourage Qi Fendou to continue the exam next year. Even if he fails to pass the exam, he will not regret it. He feels that academic qualifications are not important, but the distance between heart and heart is important. Bai Ruoxue was very pleased, it would be her blessing if Qi Feng struggled with Kong Weixin. Bai Ruoxue asked Kong Weixin to go to school steadily, and to be separated from Qi Fendou for a period of time and consider each other carefully.

When Qi Xiangqian came back to see Bai Ruoxue and Kong Weixin talking, he still couldn’t get used to him. Kong Weixin got on the car at Cao Dehe and Kong Shiju’s all-out instructions. Qi Fendou never showed up, but watched him leave while wearing the gloves he gave him. Qi Jianshe was assigned to work in a foundry 30 miles away from home.

For this reason, Bai Ruoxue and Qi Qiangqian had not spoken for half a year, and the relationship between Qi Qiangqiang and Qi Jianshe was even more indifferent and tense. The troupe performed in the Dabei Factory, and Qi Xiangqian became the object of everyone’s ridicule in the audience. Qiu Shi was fascinated by it, but Qi Xiangqian left before even watching it. Qi Xiangqian went to the backstage, Ping Ping reminded him that Bai Ruoxue was a bit angry recently, and asked him to be careful. However, Bai Ruoxue still didn’t bother to arbitrarily move forward, and the family was completely smothered by Qi Qiang.

Qi Ziqiang has finished his meal, and he will be admitted to university in three years. Qi Xiangqian said that he can still enjoy three years of blessing. As soon as Qi Jianshe got home, he went back to his room and didn’t even want to eat. Qi Fendou was studying in the library. Zhao Yongping came to give her dumplings. Qi Fendou heard that he bought them and quickly gave him the money. Yu Chenglong came to Qiushi for advice, and Qi Ziqiang also came. Qiushi was still his literary tutor.

Qi Fendou received a letter from Kong Weixin, and Zhao Yongping complained that he was very jealous while eating what was in the bowl and looking at what was in the pot. Zhao Yongping asked Qi Fendou who he chose. Although he knew the relationship between Qi Fendou and Kong Weixin when he was in middle school, the two have now broken up. Qi Fendou knows Zhao Yongping’s feelings for her, but she has always regarded him as her brother, and she can’t force her feelings.

Zhao Yongping was depressed about this, and clamored that he would never marry if he could not marry together. Wang Sulan was a little worried, and asked Zhao Duofu to find Qi Xiangqian to persuade and persuade to fight together. After all, Qi Xiangqian did not agree to be married with Kong Shi. Wang Sulan was afraid that Zhao Yongping couldn’t think about it, so she didn’t eat any food and went looking forward.

Bai Ruoxue was performing, and Qi Jianshe and Qi Fighting and Qi Ziqiang did not come back. There was only Qi Qiang at home. Wang Sulan asked Qi Fendou and Kong Weixin, Qi Xiangqian was very determined and would not allow them to be together. Wang Sulan said that he wanted to introduce Qi Fendou to a suitable one, Zhao Yongping, but it was Zhao Yonggang who Qi Xiangqian wanted. Wang Sulan was anxious.

The most important thing was that Zhao Yongping liked to fight together! Qi Xiangqian didn’t know this at all, and could only agree to ask about Qi struggle’s thoughts. The transcript of the college entrance examination came down. Zhao Yongping was admitted to the Beijing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, and Qi Fendou was also admitted to the Dabei Health School. Although he was only a technical secondary school, his joy was beyond words. Yu Chenglong was rated as a ministerial model worker and became the pride of Dabei Factory. Yu Deshui and Qi Xiangqian were very pleased.

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