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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 42 Recap

After chatting with Wu Di for a few words, Xia Yu’s fatigue seemed to disappear, and he became more motivated to start work. On the second day, Xia Yu and everyone from the company proposed a low-cost route called Zhongxia Low-cost Airlines. Everyone agrees with the general direction and can trial operation for one month. Xiao Mo saw that Wu Di couldn’t find anyone to practice the simulator with her, so he volunteered to help her. Du Taotao, Tong Yuan and Yu Jie Luodong talked about the F3 night flight exam. Yu Jie said that he was still a little nervous about the upgrade exam. Xia Yu called Wu Di to the rooftop, and Wu Di gave him a hug. She could understand that Xia Yu was under great work pressure recently.

Then Luo Dong also came, Xia Yu and the two of them said business, hoping that they can help them to do a good job in the midsummer low-cost flight. Lu Qiwen sent an inexplicable text message to Xiao Mo, and then Xiao Mo left the underground parking lot. After Lu Qiwen walked down, he was surrounded and beaten by several people in the parking lot. The next day, Lu Qiwen with a bruised nose and swollen face explained to Xiao Mo that he sometimes couldn’t help himself. Xiao Mo expressed his understanding, but still hoped that he could stand firm in the future and set an example for his children anyway. After Lei Chen heard that Xia Yu denied his new route, he turned to a project called Midsummer Low-Cost Airline, which was simply a ruin.

Xiao Mo didn’t refute, but he said something to Lei Chen that made Lei Chen confused. After receiving a call from Li Teng, he learned that Li Teng used three abuse methods to teach Xiao Mo, but Xiao Mo was instead. See through. Lei Chen was so angry that he scolded Li Teng as a bastard, and he warned Li Teng not to do this again in the future. When Luo’s father saw Luo Dong’s plan, he deeply felt that he had no business mind, so he simply agreed that Luo Dong would continue to be his favorite air driver. Lei Chen called Lu Qiwen over. Although he did not punish him for whispering to Xiao Mo, Lei Chen still reminded Lu Qiwen that standing in line is very important.

Xia Yu and Gao Kai inspected the airport and talked about some matters related to the night of follow-up operations. Then they met an uncomfortable grandma. They enthusiastically helped her to sit on a chair next to her. Hearing that grandma and her grandson studying abroad could not meet for a long time because of the expensive air tickets, Xia Yu recommended Midsummer Cheap Airline to this grandma and left her business card.

After Wu Di reminded, Du Wei bought a midsummer low-cost airline ticket, intending to experience the route of this project opened by Xia Yu as a passenger. Ren Yuan called Xiao Mo and told him that he would go with Hua Hin tomorrow to complete some procedures for adopting Xiao Feifei.

The next day, the two waited slightly nervously on the sofa and answered some questions from the person in charge. The other party asked them to go back and wait for the approval result. Xiao Mo helped Xia Yu find some other airlines’ operating conditions, which should provide some reference for Xia Yu’s operations. The two talked about work.

Du Wei sent Xia Yu special products, and by the way, how she felt as a passenger flying on a low-cost airline. Du Wei gave Xia Yu a lot of useful suggestions. After talking about work, Xia Yu drove Du Wei home. The next day Du Taotao was so tired and paralyzed. After complaining a few words with Luo Dong, he was going to fly with the foreign captain again.

Luo Dong and Xia Yu mentioned a few things about the foreign captain’s arrogance to them, Xia Yu can understand, but they can only persuade them to bear with them. Xiao Mo did a good job landing, the captain praised him, but Xiao Mo was very strange, he could not hear anything. Luo Dong felt that Xia Yu had changed, so he murmured with Yu Jie. Unexpectedly, Yu Jie was also facing Xia Yu, which made Luo Dong very depressed.

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