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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 41 Recap

Wu Dixiaomo flew together for the first time after breaking up. The destination was Seville, and Xia Yu happened to take this flight to Seville for a business trip. Du Wei reminded him to invite himself to a big meal when he got there, but Xia Yu said that he was going to Seville for something. There was a special passenger on this plane. Her family bought two seats, one with people and one with urns. The passenger next to him felt unlucky and asked to change seats. Du Wei discussed with Xia Yu and raised the lady Guo Shan to first class. Xia Yu knew the reason and agreed to give up her position without hesitation.

Wu Di ran into Guo Shan on the plane. The two were high school classmates. Wu Di helped Guo Shan, who was a little dizzy, back to his seat. Seeing the urn on the seat, Wu Di was a little puzzled. Guo Shan explained that this was her husband. This time she went to Spain to bring her husband back to his hometown. In Seville, Spain, Du Wei specially created opportunities for Wu Di and Xiao Mo, but Wu Di felt embarrassed and did not go to dinner with Xiao Mo. Wu Di didn’t go to the appointment, so Du Wei finally had to accompany Xiao Mo to dinner. Du Wei joked that the most embarrassing thing is to have dinner with her girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

I ran into Du Wei’s ex-boyfriend during dinner, and she lied that Xiao Mo was her boyfriend and was also a director who owns shares in the company, and they were about to get married soon. The ex-boyfriend also said unceremoniously that he was going to marry his current girlfriend, and he left after speaking. Xia Yu invited Wu Di out, and he took Wu Di to eat. After passing by the original bridge, Xia Yu confessed to Wu Di again that he was willing to wait for her. Wu Di also wanted to try to start with him, so he promised his girlfriend. This was an unexpected answer. Xia Yu changed from an accident to a surprise, and then cheered.

After seeing his ex-boyfriend, Du Wei felt a little emotional, and took Xiao Mo to drink some alcohol, only to become drunk and unconscious. Xiao Mo had to call Xia Yu to help. Xia Yu and Wu Di came together and took a taxi to take them back to the hotel. Du Wei also vomited Xia Yu. On the returning flight, Du Wei apologized to Xia Yu and heard Wu Di say that he vomited all over him yesterday. Xia Yu said that it was okay. He also happily shared with Du Wei that Wu Di agreed to be his girlfriend. I heard that the smile on Du Wei’s face disappeared, but Xia Yu didn’t know why she was angry.

Because of the increase in shifts, Gao Kai reminded Xia Yu again that Xia Yu also had a headache. Xiao Mo and Xia Yu met on the rooftop. He congratulated Xia Yu. Wu Di was with him. Xia Yu always felt a little weird in accepting Xiao Mo’s blessing. Xiao Mo reminded Xia Yu about the company’s performance, and Xia Yu instantly understood what he meant. Xia Yu invited the students to dinner and asked them to help gather information about young people. He believes that the low-consumption group is also a potential stock. President Li and Li Teng asked Lei Chen and Lu Qiwen to come out for dinner. Lei Chen didn’t come because of the incident, so Li Teng put pressure on Lu Qiwen.

Yu Jie and Luo Dong went to a place where young people gathered to do a questionnaire survey. Luo Dong saw that Yu Jie had left a man’s contact information. He was jealous, and he looked depressed from the moment he went to the restaurant. When Yu Jie asked, he knew that he was jealous. Luo Dong took the initiative to propose to Yu Jie. He didn’t want Yu Jie to run away. Yu Jie was a little shy and said that he had to consider it. After they completed the investigation and formed the written materials, they had a meeting with Xia Yu. Xia Yu couldn’t help but thank his old classmates. When Xia Yu worked late, Wu Di sent him a message of condolences, and Xia Yu couldn’t help but smile.

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