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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 2 Recap

Mu Qing stopped Ou Kexin, but she was not someone she knew, but Ou Kexin’s voice and back were very similar to the woman in his mind. As he drove, Mu Qing recalled: A few years ago, he and his lover Rong Yu jointly carried out a drug dealer arrest mission, but due to his negligence, Rong Yu was severely injured, and the rescue failed.

Liu Ju relieved Mu Qing that the accident was not his responsibility, and he also brought Mu Qing all the information about the scorpion. Liu Ju asked Mu Qing to finally leave the scorpion to Bao Yunhai to catch, and asked Mu Qing to inquire about Zhao Nan’s whereabouts while ensuring his own safety.

The next day, Li Ruosheng agreed to the decision to clean up the scorpions, and he asked Mu Qing, a military division, to find a way.

Ou Kexin hurriedly got into Mu Qing’s car. Her wallet was stolen. She begged Mu Qing to drive after the little thief, but Mu Qing reluctantly agreed. Later, in a fast-moving car chase, Mu Qing’s car ran out of gas, and the car was towed away by the traffic police because of speeding. Ou Kexin said that she was too tired, and she asked Mu Qing to either repay her by herself or carry her on her back. Subsequently, Mu Qing walked for a long time with Ou Kexin on his back, and bought her water and food. Ou Kexin said that she had no money or luggage. Mu Qing gave her two hundred yuan and called her a taxi.

Li Ruosheng complained that Mu Qing had been entangled by a girl for a day and had not left WeChat. Mu Qing said that the top priority now is to keep an eye on the scorpion. Later, Li Ruosheng received a call from Mr. Ou. Mr. Ou told him to go to the police station to pick up a girl. Mu Qing was taken aback after seeing the photo of the girl. It turned out that she was the one who pestered him during the day.

Li Ruosheng successfully found Ou Kexin at the door of the police station, but Ou Kexin complained to him after seeing Mu Qing. She said that she would rather walk back to her father’s house than take their car. Only then did Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing know that Ou Kexin was Mr. Ou’s daughter. Mu Qing hurriedly apologized to Ou Kexin, but did not expect to be teased by Ou Kexin. Ou Kexin said that he liked Mu Qing, a straight man of steel, and several people went to a big meal together.

A few people came to eat the food stall. Ou Kexin took the opportunity to support Li Ruosheng. She wanted to spend more time alone with Mu Qing. After Mu Qing introduced herself, Ou Kexin gave him a warm kiss. Qing looked shy. After a few people, they ate and chatted happily.

Ou Kexin fell asleep in Li Ruosheng’s car. Li Ruosheng told Mu Qing that he was worried that Ou Kexin would sue Mr. Ou, and said that he only knew that Mr. Ou’s daughter had an accident three years ago, and did not know the rest.

The next day, Ou Kexin came to Mu Qing and the others again. She borrowed Li Ruosheng’s online banking and spent 500,000 yuan in one night. Ou Kexin said that he was helping Mu Qing see her father as soon as possible. The better Mu Qing and the others take care of themselves, the more benefits their father will give them. At this time, the doorbell inside the house rang, and it turned out that Brother Glasses came to pick up Ou Kexin and go home. Ou Kexin asked Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing if they wanted to go together, but Li Ruosheng said that Mr. Ou had rules, and they could not come if Mr. Ou did not call.

After a while, Ou Kexin reversed the car again. She invited Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing to get on the car. She said that she could not leave her life-savers aside anyway. Li Ruosheng was afraid that he would be scolded by his godfather, but Ou Kexin said that he had a solution, so he could rest assured.

Mu Qing found that there were many guards on the road to Mr. Ou’s house, and the entire layout was very tightly guarded. Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing what his father was doing, but Mu Qing didn’t dare to say clearly. Ou Kexin said that he hadn’t seen her father for many years, and he was still a little nervous. Li Ruosheng also cleaned up his image.

After arriving at Mr. Ou’s house, Ou Kexin greeted Uncle Glasses very enthusiastically, and Uncle Glasses also greeted Ou Kexin affectionately. Later, Uncle Glasses wanted to send Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing back, but Ou Kexin said that both of them were his life-savers, and they should go to the house for a while.

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