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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 1 Recap

On a night when the moon is sparsely lit and brightly lit, Mu Qing is thinking for a long time outside a cruise ship named Tiger Shark. After that, he still entered the cruise ship, and there were several little brothers tied up by the big five flowers in the magnificent cruise ship. Mu Qing tore off the seal on one of the people, and the man hurriedly said that there was a bomb in the cruise ship. Mu Qing said that he would dismantle the bomb, but only if they must give themselves money. Several people quickly agreed in order to survive. They also told Mu Qing that as long as he saved Li Ruosheng’s boss, he would only earn more, and they also had a positioning watch about Li Ruosheng.

Li Ruosheng was tied up by Boss Cao, and Boss Cao asked Li Ruosheng to call his godfather to ask for the goods. Li Ruosheng said that although he is called Mr. Ou godfather, he is not familiar with Mr. Ou at all. The angry boss Cao wanted to chop off Li Li Ruosheng’s hand. Here, as soon as Mu Qing had dismantled the bomb in half, one of the younger brothers fled because of fear. At this time, the bomb started to count down instead, and Mu Qing immediately threw the bomb into the lake with his eyesight, and this was able to save the lives of all the people on the boat.

Back three hours ago, Li Ruosheng brought his little brothers to discuss business with Boss Cao on the cruise ship. Mu Qing had been squatting in the car near the cruise ship. After testing Li Ruosheng’s drugs, Boss Cao said that he only offered 50% off the price. Li Ruosheng disagreed, he got up and left, but was stopped by Boss Cao. Boss Cao wanted to see whether Li Ruosheng, the son of Mr. Ou, the leader of the K organization, was important to him or not.

Mu Qing used the positioning watch to find where Li Ruosheng was tied up. He disguised as the director of the hotel’s customer service department to check the surveillance. Later, he lit a fire under the hotel’s sirens, and then dialed 110. The sound of the sirens alarmed the police on the other end of the phone, and the police assembled immediately.

Here, Boss Cao wants to throw Li Ruosheng into the sea, and Li Ruosheng hurriedly said that he still has another phone number for Mr. Ou. Mu Qing turned off the hotel’s power supply, and then came to rescue Li Ruosheng alone. After a fierce fight with Boss Cao’s younger brothers, he successfully took Li Ruosheng away, and the two managed to escape from the chaotic hotel. Subsequently, the police rushed to the hotel.

After escaping, Li Ruosheng complained that his little brothers were all rubbish. It was better than a security guard, Mu Qing. He asked why Mu Qing gave his life to save himself. Mu Qing said that he was for money, and the captain told him that as long as he saved Li Ruosheng, he would get a lot. money. Li Ruosheng invited Mu Qing to do it with him, but Mu Qing played a trick of getting caught up. He said that he just wanted to be a security guard, and then left without looking back. Mu Qing’s behavior successfully attracted Li Ruosheng’s attention. He asked his little brother to check Mu Qing’s identity and background, and summoned everyone to visit Boss Cao’s lair.

Mu Qing made a meeting with Liu Ju, and he also brought Lao Cao’s gun. Liu Ju said that although Li Ruosheng is now searching for Mu Qing’s old bottom, there is no problem with Mu Qing’s new identity. It turns out that Mu Qing is an undercover criminal police officer in Yungang and his real name is Liu Yuanwen. Mu Qing’s undercover mission in the K organization has already begun. He needs to wait patiently for Li Ruosheng to actively invite himself to join the K organization, and then collect evidence of Mr. Ou’s crimes, and finally cooperate with the police organization to collect the Internet.

Mu Qing said that although Li Ruosheng is the godson of Mr. Ou, his rights and status in the K organization are the same as those of ordinary younger brothers. Therefore, to use Li Ruosheng to reach the core of the K organization requires more thought. Liu Ju told Mu Qing to be extremely careful when collecting evidence from Mr. Ou, and then he gave Mu Qing a piece of equipment.

Here, Li Ruosheng took the initiative to find Mu Qing, and he wanted to invite Mu Qing to dinner. During the meal, Li Ruosheng was very enthusiastic about Mu Qing. He had already found out everything about Mu Qing’s new identity. He wanted to invite Mu Qing to work with him. He told Mu Qing about his tragic life very deliberately. Mu Qing listened.

Later, he agreed to work with Li Ruosheng, but he made three conditions to Li Ruosheng: First, Li Ruosheng is the eldest brother, but he must respect his own suggestions no matter what he does. Other conditions Mu Qing said that he thought about it in the future, and Li Ruosheng readily agreed. In this way, Mu Qing became Li Ruosheng’s army officer behind the scenes. The two went out to fight, practice guns together, and talk about business together, and they became more and more in harmony with each other.

A year later, Li Ruosheng said that he had been desperate enough in a year, but he still couldn’t get into the eyes of godfather Mr. Ou, and he was still not as good as the four King Kong beside his godfather. He finally got better, but he was caught by Brother Da Kun. Warned to maintain the status quo, Mu Qing complained that Li Ruosheng didn’t tell himself sooner.

The police are in a meeting to analyze the relationship map of the K organization. The police have already grasped that the Da Kun Brothers will trade with Indonesian drug dealers tonight.

In the evening, Da Kun praised his younger brother Zhao Nan for his loyalty to him over the years, and the ring on Zhao Nan’s hand is the positioning ring that can send messages to the police. After Da Kun finished the drug transaction, he found the positioning ring in Zhao Nan’s hand, and he killed Zhao Nan in a rage. After the police arrived at the scene, they were all late, leaving only Zhao Nan’s ring. The police said they would find Zhao Nan at all costs.

Li Ruosheng was teaching his little brothers who lost goods and made troubles. Mu Qing came to ask about the situation. It turned out that Mr. Ou asked Li Ruosheng to give Dakun a few places. Li Ruosheng was very unwilling. Mu Qing said that the most urgent task now is to directly connect with Mr. Ou. , And to take the scorpion that has been adulterated, take the scorpion’s site as your own, and then you can take a copy of Dakun in front of Mr. Ou.

Mu Qing suddenly heard a woman’s voice while driving the door, and he hurriedly ran to stop the woman.

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