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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 18 Recap

Ziyuan and Fengran quarreled endlessly, Jing Zhao came forward to resolve, in front of Qingmu, Jing Zhao, and the immortals, Ziyuan repeatedly claimed that Feng Ran had colluded with the people of the demon clan, and Jing Zhao wanted to take Feng Ran. Qingchi Palace is not within the jurisdiction of Tiangong. As a member of Qingchi Palace, it is absolutely impossible for Fengran to let the people of Tiangong control her. Moreover, she has not colluded with the demon clan, and has no fear of Ziyuan’s slander. The fire coral has the aura of purple wall.

As soon as he casts the spell, he found the fire coral on Feng Ran’s body. Feng Ran simply tells the matter of Wu Wu rushing to Qingchi Palace and stealing the fairy spring, and asks Ziyuan to give Qingchi Palace to Qingchi Palace. One explanation. Jing Zhao has always been domineering and self-willed. She didn’t put Qingchi Palace in her eyes. At the moment, she only ordered Ziyuan to take down Feng Ran. Therefore, Feng Ran fought with Ziyuan in the palace.

The back pond wanted to burn Qing Mu’s fairy sword slightly to punish Qing Mu, but Qing Mu had a lot of spiritual power. He could control spells from a distance, and only tied the back pond outside the hall with spells. Houchi broke free. She knew that Feng Ran and Ziyuan were meeting hands in the palace, but her spiritual power was low, and she was afraid of disabling Feng Ran. Just remembering what Bai Xuan said, she poured spiritual power on the bracelet and released it. Strong spiritual power.

The powerful spiritual power of Houchi surprised the passing Donghua. She stepped into the hall with a magical costume. Qingmu looked at the person in her eyes, and couldn’t help but be very surprised that Houchi was very similar to the female monarch in his dream. The identity of the god above Hoouchi taught Ziyuan and corrected her name as a god.

All the immortals in the temple respectfully salute, and no one dares to despise it. Afterwards, Houchi asked Wuxu Wuwu to tell the truth. Wuxu wanted to continue to argue that Wuwu’s injury was caused by people from Qingchi Palace. Qing Mu said that the injury was caused by the special pharmaceutical water from the market, and it was not true. Wounded by the demon. All the truth is clear, and Houji wants to let Tiangong give an explanation.

Jing Zhao is arrogant and still does not bad words and deeds to Houji. He is taught by Houji. Jingchi Palace is the same name as Tian Palace. If she is a god who wants to punish the people of the Palace, it’s okay for her to punish her. Besides, today, Tian Palace deceived her first. Even if Jing Zhao filed a lawsuit against Jing Jian, Jing Jian could not protect Jing Zhao, but respectfully. It was said that Tiangong would give Qingchigong an explanation, and Jing Zhao ran into the back pond when he was young and ignorant.

Hou Chi didn’t want to entangle with everyone too much, her spiritual power could not last long, so she only took Feng Ran to leave first, but Qing Mu reluctantly chased Hou Chi. Seeing Hou Chi, he didn’t wait to see him. He just said that he wanted it. Back to the fairy sword that was burned down by the back pond. When Houchi was entangled with Qingmu, her spiritual power dissipated and she only regained her usual Xian’e dress. Seeing the color of surprise in Qing Mu’s eyes, Hou Chi hurriedly left with Feng Ran. Houchi told Feng Ran about her self-damaging consciousness and forcibly using spiritual power, and at the same time she also confided in her entanglement with Qingmu.

On the other side of Lookout Mountain, Jing Zhao saw Ziyuan still kneeling, and could not help but stepped forward to forcefully unlock Ziyuan’s formation, but he didn’t know that this was a restriction imposed by Qingmu. The first person to forcibly untie would suffer from the thunder of heaven. Penalty. Jing Zhao was caught by the sky thunder. She was so embarrassed that she left Watching Mountain first. Jing Jian wanted to take Ziyuan back to Tiangong to plead guilty, but Ziyuan’s ban on her body was not resolved, and the back pool was extremely powerful. The prohibition can only be unlocked when Shigaki has half of his spiritual power.

Hou Chi entered Yijian Mound in the Observation Mountain. The divine sword in the sword mound kept circling the Hou Chi. Qing Mu mistakenly thought that Hou Chi was in danger. He came to rescue Hou Chi, thinking that he was very destined to Hou Chi. This sword He is the only one who can see the mound on weekdays, and I never thought that Houchi could see the sword mound. Hou Chi didn’t have a good impression of Qing Mu. She didn’t want to pay attention to Qing Mu at all. Qing Mu had a headache. She didn’t expect her image to be so bad in Hou Chi’s impression.

Houchi came to the bamboo house to look for Bai Xuan, but he did not see Bai Xuan, only the purple moon fan, the magic weapon of the Ziyue Demon Monarch. The origins of both Ziyue and Baixuan are a mystery, and they wear masks all year round. Houchi thinks there must be some connection between the two. She decides to go to the Demon Race with Feng Ran to meet the Demon Lord Ziyue in order to solve her doubts.

In the heavenly palace, the emperor was furious at Ziyuan and deprived Ziyuan of his godhood. His Royal Highness Jingyang had a fateful relationship with Ziyuan. He couldn’t plead for Ziyuan, only thinking that the emperor was unfair. The emperor did not expect Jingyang to be such a fool. He immediately punished Jingyang to kneel for three days. The queen stopped the emperor. She spoke for Jingyang. In addition, Jingyang and Jing Zhao also protected Jingyang. The emperor had no choice but to avoid Jing. Yang’s punishment.

Houchi and Fengran came to Optimus Prime. This Optimus Prime was a god that appeared in the Three Realms after the human world was transformed. It was guarded at the fairy demon enchantment, and he could perceive the spiritual power of the Three Realms when he came to the world, and he was a cultivator. Ranked, but there is no Houchi name alone. She couldn’t help but feel heartbroken. Feng Ran by her side comforted Houchi.

Qingmu also came to Optimus Prime at this time. Feng Ran and Qingmu fought each other, Qingmu Seeing that Optimus Prime had a rock falling during the match, he hurriedly stepped forward to block the rock for the back pond. At this moment, the back pond also unexpectedly was wearing the same bracelet as his own. Qing Mu learned that the back pond was in his hands. Bai Xuan’s chain was a gift from Bai Xuan. He wanted to know who Bai Xuan was, so he stopped Feng Ran and only took the back pond through the barrier, and the two came to Yuanling Swamp. Hou Chi was unwilling to be with Qing Mu, but Qing Mu had been by his side. He was eager to know what the connection between him and Hou Chi was, and who Bai Xuan was.

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