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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 17 Recap

Two lower boundless immortals sneaked into Qingchi Palace to get a scoop of fairy spring drink from Qingchi Palace, but they were bumped into by the long fault of Qingchi Palace. The two hurriedly left when they saw a long-term failure, and landed the fire coral in Qingchi Palace. Feng Qi knew that this was the birthday gift of Zijin Mansion, and the two Lower Realms Sanxian were from Ziyuan. Even though Ziyuan deceived Qingchi Palace to this point, but now Gu Jun is not in the palace, and Houchi’s spiritual power is low, Feng Ran decided to bear with him for a while and avoid the wind and waves.

Changque couldn’t understand the meaning of Feng Ran’s words, and it was obvious that the cultivation base of Hou Chi had made great progress, Feng Ran lightly shook his head. It turned out that Houchi’s spiritual power was not good. The reason why she passed Feng Qi’s test was because Feng Qi saw her hard work. Feng Ran was not willing to let Houchi disappointed, so she secretly assisted him during the test. Chi, let Hou Chi mistakenly think that his spiritual power has increased greatly.

Houchi was born with all her spiritual veins closed. Back then, it took Gu Jun forty thousand years to help her break her shell. She was frail and sickly, her spiritual veins were unstable, and she was abandoned by her biological mother. It was extremely distressing for Feng Qi to rarely go out of the palace in New Years. Especially in the years after Bai Xuan left, Hou Chi was desperately gathering spiritual power and divine power, and her efforts fell in the eyes of everyone.

At the spring side of Qingchi Palace, the back pool ran into the emptiness who came to look for the fire coral, and the emptiness did not know the back pool. Only when the back pool was a small fairy, the back pool was opened and the two entered into the clear. The improper meaning of Chi Palace. Although Qing Chi Palace is comparable to Tian Palace, it no longer has the prosperity of the year. Therefore, the two did not put the back pond in their eyes, and even wanted to do it. Fortunately, Feng Ran came in time and Xun. Two people retired.

Because of the deceitfulness of Zijin Mansion, Feng Ran decided to stop swallowing his anger. It happened that the Donghua feast invited the gods and immortals. The invitation he sent to Qingchi Palace invited Houchi and Gu Jun, and Gu Jun was not in the palace. Fengran handles all the affairs of the palace, and Fengran decides to let Houchi go to Watch Mountain for a banquet, and Houchi should deal with the matter. Back in the hall, Hou Chi looked at the portrait in front of him, and couldn’t help but miss Bai Xuan. She was accompanied by Bai Xuan since she was a child. Bai Xuan had told her the story of the God Realm, but she did not know that Bai Xuan was the Bai Jue of the ancient God Realm.

True god. Bai Xuan has always been wearing a mask, and Hou Chi wants to know the true appearance of Bai Xuan, but until Bai Xuan left Qingchi Palace to cross the sky, Hou Chi did not see Bai Xuanzhen’s face, before and after Bai Xuan left. Chi made a ten-thousand-year agreement. He told Houchi to wear the chain in his hands at all times. After 10,000 years, he could use this bracelet to find Houchi. That would be the day when they really met. In this life, he only hopes that Hoouchi can do what he likes carefree.

Wuxu Wuwu returned to Zijin Mansion, Wuwu’s wounds seemed to have been wounded by a demon god under Wuxu’s deliberate treatment. The two sued Qingchi Palace and never mentioned that they had trespassed into the Qingchi Palace’s barrier. He kept saying that Qingchi Palace bullied others. Ziyuan and Fengran have always had grievances. Because of this, Ziyuan decided to go to lookout mountain for a banquet in Donghua with nothingness. He will make Fengran look good by then.

The heavens spread the fact that Houchi wanted to participate in the Donghua birthday banquet. Jing Zhao and Houchi were both born of Tianhou Wuhuan. The two immortals talked about Jing Zhao and Houchi, wanting to know who the two are better. nice. Jing Zhao has been spoiled since she was a child. Although she has never seen Houchi, she is totally disgusted and disgusted.

Because Xian’e compares her with Houchi, Jing Zhao directly flogged the two. When the emperor Twilight knew about this, he spoke out to reprimand Jing Zhao, and asked Jing Zhao and her second brother Jing Jian to go to watch the mountain to celebrate their birthdays. Jing Zhao didn’t want to go, but when he heard that the king of Beihai would also go to Watch Mountain, the little girl’s thoughts became clear, and she quickly responded to the matter.

Feng Ran and Houchi exited the gate of Qingchi Palace. Houchi used the magic talisman left by Bai Xuan to take the lead, but Feng Ran caught him. Feng Ran knew that Hou Chi wanted to look for Bai Xuan at Liaowangshan, and she didn’t care about Houchi, but decided to go to the birthday banquet, and then went to the small bamboo house at Liaowangshan to look for the back pond.

Houchi wanted to find Bai Xuan’s body all the way. She met the lower bound fairy who sold portraits at the bottom of the mountain. Only then did she realize that she turned out to be an extremely ugly and powerful image in the eyes of the immortals and gods.

At that time, I heard another rumor that not only Jing Zhao, but also Jun Qingmu in the North Sea who came to the banquet this time, Qingmu was the highest man of the immortal clan for thousands of years, and he was promoted to the top of the king for thousands of years. The sword flattened all the monsters in the North Sea, and the emperor treated him courteously before seeing him, and named him the prince of the North Sea Star. This Qing Mu was deeply favored by Jing Zhao, and he was very likely to become the fast son-in-law of the Heavenly Court.

Houchi dismissed Qingmu, thinking that the person Jing Zhao liked was an embroidered pillow. At this time, after the flying charms in the back pond were used up, she thought for a while, so she had to use the haste charms to go to the top of the mountain instead. A birthday banquet is being held at the top of the mountain. Qing Mu and Jing Jian show up together. The two are young confidants. Jing Jian knows that Qing Mu’s character is lonely and does not like strangers. Even if Qing Mu wants to refuse, Jing Jian still asks Qing Mu to go ahead. I went to the back garden to find Jing Zhao and recounted the past with Jing Zhao. The two had met several times when they were young.

Houchi fell to Donghua’s Daze Mansion due to the haste. She accidentally ran into Qing Mu and Jing Zhao together, and heard the two talk. Qingmu has always been alert. He found Houchi, and when he saw Houchi for the first time, he only felt a little dazed. Houchi was unwilling to entangle with the two of them. She left on her own, but Qingmu caught up with Houchi. He destroyed Houchi’s dress with a long sword. Houchi did not have a good impression of Qingmu, so she only accepted Qingmu. Mu left alone as an apologetic fairy sword. Looking at Houchi’s back, Qing Muton was in place, and he found a bracelet exactly like him in Houchi’s hand.

Feng Ran came to attend the Donghua birthday banquet on behalf of Qingchi Palace. Ziyuan ridiculed Feng Ran when he saw Feng Ran. He attacked Feng Ran when Feng Ran was fighting with Jingyang, and for this reason he married Feng Ran.

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