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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 16 Recap

Bai Ju left the bracelet. He didn’t allow the ancients to die like this. Since the Three Realms existed, the ancients should also be the Lord God of Chaos. Therefore, Bai Ju consumed his instincts and only wished to leave the last trace of ancient divine consciousness. The chaos of chaos was wiped out by the sacrifices of the ancients, and Xuan Yi wanted to attack the God Realm to repay the suffering of his seventy thousand years of being trapped. Bai Jue and Zhi Yang also guessed that the death of the ancients was inseparable from Xuan Yi. , Everything is a game under Xuan Yi.

Xuan Yi rate the demons sent troops to the God Realm, Zhi Yang and Bai Ju rate the god soldiers to resist, all the gods worked together to fight together, Xueying knew Xuan Yi’s purpose, she really loved Bai Jue, for fear that Bai Jue had an accident, Xue Ying went forward Go to sneak attack on Mo Yu, and fight Mo Yu to death with the power of his own origin.

On the other side, Xuan Yi severely injured Bai Ju, and all the gods protected Bai Ju. Xuan Yi wanted to make Bai Ju disappear in the Three Realms. From then on, there was no need for half a deity in the Three Realms, but Xuanyi underestimated the power of the gods to gather together, and the gods all wished. With the primordial spirit protecting Bai Ju, Hong Ri used the power of the original source to help Bai Ju break Xuan Yi’s divine power, and Bai Ju personally killed Xuan Yi.

Sixty thousand years later (60,000), the Three Realms redefines a new rule. The original God Realm above the Immortal Realm is called the Ancient Realm. Unfortunately, the catastrophe of Chaos came 60,000 years ago. In that catastrophe, the ancient gods were almost destroyed. The power of the chaos left by the main god was transformed into the realm, replacing the immortal realm and demon realm that wiped out the demons into the new three realms.

The New Three Realms should have been friendly, but due to the fact that the demon gods destroyed the world in the past, the dispute between the immortal and demon races continued for a full 60,000 years. Now it is unclear which is right and which is wrong, which is right and which is evil, the demon world has only one demigod, the demon king, Senjian, but there are four gods in the immortal world today, the first three are all leftover gods from ancient times, but the fourth The origin of God has to start with a marriage that is famous in the heavens.

In the palace, the king of heaven is the Twilight God who inherits the blood of the golden dragon, and the queen is Wuhuan, the patriarch of the Feng clan. Today is the day Twilight married Wuhuan. The ancient king and the two have long been at odds many years ago. This time Gu Jun came to attend the banquet, but publicly announced that he and the Queen of Heaven had a daughter named Hou Chi, and asked Si Ming Ling Juan to calculate his daughter’s fate. There was a lot of discussion among the immortals, and Ling Juan measured from the egg in the hands of the ancient monarch that Houchi was the god’s destiny, shocked everyone, and let Houchi Mingzhengyan stay in the heaven.

Houchi came out of her shell. She has been practicing for thousands of years, but she has always had low spiritual power, and she is deeply troubled by this in her heart. At the beginning, Hou Chi Yang was supervised by Feng Qi in the Qing Chi Palace where Gu Jun was located. Feng Qi tested the spiritual power of Hou Chi as scheduled. Hou Chi was very surprised that her spiritual power had grown a lot. She passed the test of Feng Qi. , His face was full of joy.

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