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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 15 Recap

Bai Ju learned from Apocalypse’s chart that Tianqining had to destroy the common people and seize the throne of the Lord. Tianqi wanted to resolve the chaos with the death of the creatures of the Three Realms, but he personally destroyed the solution of Apocalypse. He killed the ancients and forced them into her destiny step by step.

In the pilgrimage temple, the ancients now ignore the others, and only want to refine the main god feather order, inherit the position of the chaos main god, and give the gods an explanation. Bai Jue came to stop the ancients. He claimed that he was watching the stars in the Changyuan Hall, but he thought that the ancients still owed him a promise, so he invited the ancients to Taoyuanlin to complete the agreement between the two. The ancients knew the situation today and could only be cruel. Bai Ju refused, but Bai Ju asked, he hugged the ancients, hoping that the ancients could go to him for an appointment today.

Mo Yu moved his hands and feet on the stage of the universe, and the stage of the universe warned of the catastrophe of chaos, saying that only the main god and the soul can resolve the catastrophe. Zhi Yang wanted to block this news, but Xueying secretly provoked and asked the ancients to stand up to block the robbery.

Twilight and Gu Jun both stood up to speak for the ancients, but the power of the chaos of the gods has been dissipated. The ancients also stopped the refining of the main god Lingyu at this time, and Xueying led the gods to ask Zhiyang to give an explanation. She repeatedly claimed that the ancients must have known the Chaos Tribulation and then deliberately stopped the main god Ling Yu from refining, and wanted to escape the Tribulation. Zhi Yang didn’t allow anyone to slander the ancients. He let Twilight take the lead in protecting the gods, while he went to search for the return of the ancients. Within twelve hours, he would definitely give the gods an explanation.

Bai Ju brought Antiquity to Watch Mountain. He wanted to get along well with the Antiquity for a day. The two returned to Watch Mountain but they were no longer the swords of the day, and both cherished the last time together. Afterwards, Zhi Yang came to Lookout Mountain to look for Bai Ju. The two met in secret from the ancient times. Only then did Zhi Yang learn that Tianqi was the first person to know about the Tribulation of Chaos, and everything he did was for the ancients. Antiquity is the lord god of chaos, Zhiyang wants the antiquity to return to the god realm to preside over the overall situation. Bai Ju does not want to see the ancient ashes flying away. He asks for his fate. This chaotic catastrophe he is willing to bear for the ancients, but hopes that the ancient times will not return to the gods.

At night, Bai Ju accompanied the ancients to watch the stars in the sky. He took the initiative to kiss the ancients. He had already made up his mind to respond to the chaos of the ancients. However, the ancients stopped Bai Jue and she took out the main god Lingyu from Bai Ju’s hands. It turned out that the ancient times had already known the fate of the Lord of Chaos God, and she knew that she would be wiped out, but this was her mission and responsibility as the Lord God, and she had to bear it alone. Seeing Bai Jue’s tears, the ancients only slammed his heart to cast a spell to make him fall asleep, and hugged Bai Jue for the last time.

The God Realm encountered the Chaos Heavenly Tribulation, and the Heavenly Tribulation was so powerful that the entire God Realm was about to collapse. Just when everyone could hardly resist, the antiquity appeared on the Qiankun Terrace. She stopped them and refined the Lord Shen Lingyu alone on the Qiankun Terrace. The catastrophe in the heavens is borne by her alone, and she is indeed dissatisfied, but today if she alone can quell the catastrophe, she is willing to do her mission and responsibility as the Lord of Chaos for the common people. Seeing that the ancients endured the calamity alone, Zhiyang led the gods to protect the ancients. Bai Ju woke up in the lookout mountain. He knew that the ancients went to the gods, so he used his origin to forcibly break the barriers under the ancient cloth, and went to Universe platform.

Bai Ju came to Qiankun Terrace. He wanted to bear the catastrophe for the ancients. Xueying saw Bai Ju’s figure. She urged her spiritual power to stop Bai Ju. Zhi Yang discovered that Xueying had colluded with the demons, and he was trapped. Xueying decided to settle this account with Xueying in the future. On the stage of Universe, Bai Jue had already come to the ancients, and the ancients clothed the enchantment. She did not want Bai Jue to die because of her inherent fate. As the main god of chaos, this was her destiny, and she had no choice. Seeing the ancients disappearing step by step, Bai Jue wept in pain, shouting no, but she could only watch her disappear. In the end, only a string of bracelets was left in the ancients. This bracelet was carved and given to the ancients by Bai Ju himself. of. If there is an afterlife, the ancients only hope to not become a god and stay with Bai Jue for life.

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