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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 17 Recap

Lu Yingyao began to train Nanxiang for ladies, hoping to cultivate her femininity. So the two came to Nanxiang’s room deliberately, and Lu Yingyao watched that Nanxiang had no delicate clothes and no rouge gouache. So he personally put on Nanxiang with nice clothes and put on makeup for Nanxiang.

Xiaobao looked at a familiar figure on the road, and stepped forward excitedly. Who knew it was Nanxiang. Seeing that the makeup on Nanxiang’s face was extremely exaggerated, Xiaobao was about to laugh at him, but Nanxiang said that he would punish Lu Yingyao, Xiao Bao turned to praise again. Nanxiang went to Lu Yingyao happily, and Xiaobao took the gift she prepared to find Lu Yingyao. Nanxiang offered to pick an apple with Xiaobao. Xiaobao wanted to refuse, but Lu Yingyao had to agree with her eyes. Seeing the two leaving, Lu Yingyao felt a little uncomfortable. When he found He Yizhi with food, He Yizhi could see through it. Lu Yingyao was jealous at this time.

After the celebration, the second wife deliberately wanted to find evidence of a private date between Xiao Maruko and Situ Lin to frame the two. At this time, the subordinate came to report, and the second wife asked the subordinate to stare at the two, and hurriedly went to Mei Changyun to file a complaint. Xiao Wanzi and Situ Lin meet again at the Wonton Shop. Xiao Wanzi apologizes for Mei Shiqing’s rudeness, but Situ Lin does not have the wit to make Xiao Wanzi understand Mei Shiqing. The two talked and laughed.

When Xiao Wanzi returned to the mansion, she was called away by Mei Changyun. The second wife made a malicious complaint that made Mei Changyun angry. The second wife took the opportunity to make a big fuss and was about to reach out and give Xiaowanzi a slap. Fortunately, Mei Shiqing Stopped and made a relief for Xiaowanzi. Xiao Wanzi looked at Mei Shiqing’s firm eyes, and suddenly felt a little sad, so he began to explain, but Mei Shiqing knew that Xiao Wanzi in front of him had nothing to do with him, and he still trusted Xiaowanzi very much.

Lu Yingyao proposed to let Nanxiang practice good cooking. After spending a whole day in the kitchen, Nanxiang finally made a dish that could barely be swallowed, but under Lu Yingyao’s persuasion, she continued to practice. Little Treasure found Lu Yingyao, only then knew that Lu Yingyao missed playing the piano, so Xiao Bao went down the mountain to buy a good piano. Want to give Lu Yingyao a surprise. Nanxiang worked hard for Xiaobao for two days and finally made three dishes and one soup, and wanted to give Xiaobao a surprise.

Both of them thought of meeting in the Bamboo House of Houshan. Lu Yingyao mistakenly thought that her escape plan had been exposed. When Lu Yingyao arrived, she realized Xiaobao’s thoughts. The emotions of the two were preparing to go deeper. Nan Xiang suddenly rushed over. Lu Yingyao explained that he was here to play the piano for fun. Little Treasure looked at Lu Yingyao thoughtfully, Nan Xiang was unhappy, and Lu Yingyao made up the reason again. Xiaobao realized that Lu Yingyao wanted to push her intention away, and ran away angrily.

He Yizhi looked at Xiaobao’s temper, he understood that Lu Yingyao and Xiaobao were in love, so he pointed out to Xiaobao that Lu Yingyao had been jealous a few days ago, and Xiaobao became happy when he heard that, and looked back deliberately. Finding Lu Yingyao and seeing Lu Yingyao’s shy expression, Xiaobao understood that He Yizhi was right.

Xiao Wanzi has become depressed again these few days, entangled with his feelings for Mei Shiqing. When Mei Shiqing saw Xiao Wanzi with her back to her, she was always disappointed, so she decided to seize the opportunity. Mei Shiqing found Xiaowanzi in the garden, hugged it, and kissed it deeply.

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