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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 16 Recap

Qiaoyun asked Xiaowanzi what happened last night. Qiaoyun kept reminding Xiaowanzi not to fall in love with Mei Shiqing, although Xiaowanzi agreed, but there was a ripple in his heart again.

Lu Yingyao found He Yizhi, and He Yizhi discussed the escape. Qinglongzhai had no one to escape because of the confusion, so Lu Yingyao proposed to attack Nanxiang while Nan Batian was away. Lu Yingyao started to make friends with Nanxiang for the reason that Xiaobao fell in love with Nanxiang. When everyone saw Nanxiang and Lu Yingyao appearing together, they thought they were dazzled. Xiaobao mistakenly thought that Lu Yingyao was being bullied again, and would not let it go until after repeated confirmations.

Xiao Wanzi met Situ Lin again on the street. Situ Lin stated that he would definitely support Xiao Wanzi when he talked about his concerns. Unexpectedly, Mei Shiqing saw this scene and was furious. When he returned to Mei Mansion, Mei Shiqing asked about Situ. Seeing Xiaowanzi concealed himself, Mei Shiqing became jealous and warned Xiaowanzi to stay away from Situ, but Xiaowanzi was irritated again and made angry words. This angered Mei Shiqing again.

Mei Shiqing and Si Heng discussed the matter of private salt and Qinglongzhai. They were all overheard by the small balls on the side, and they were hit by Mei Shiqing. Seeing through the small balls, Mei Shiqing was caring for herself. Mei Shiqing was very happy. A Rou told Mei Shiqing of her investigation results. Everyone went downstairs and met Situ. Situ invited the two to participate in the celebration of the Qingzhou Chamber of Commerce. Xiao Maruko readily accepted, but Mei Shiqing’s jealousy was already written on her face…

Si Heng reported that Arou found that Yan Gang, Qinglong Village and Na Situ Lin seemed to be related, and persuaded Mei Shiqing to confess his jealousy with Xiaowanzi, but Mei Shiqing could not determine her heart, so she could not help refuting. .

The second wife and Mei Shiyuan were dressed up to go to the celebration, Xiaowanzi also put on makeup, but Mei Shiqing still refused to go. Situ Lin greeted the three people and offered to take Xiaowanzi to stroll around, so angry that the second wife and others were speechless. Situ Lin publicly proposed to let Xiaowanzi come on stage to write an inscription.

With everyone’s insistence, Xiaowanzi was in a stalemate. When he didn’t know what to do, Mei Shiqing appeared and finally took Xiaowanzi’s hand and wrote an inscription in the name of husband and wife. , Relief for the small balls. In addition to the disappointment on the faces of the second wife and others, Situ Lin’s face also showed a strange expression.

Situ Lin frequently showed good wishes to Xiaowanzi at the celebration, which caused Mei Shiqing to become jealous again. The two of them shot in person, seeming to be discussing each other, but in fact they are secretly competing. Mei Shiqing got the representative of good luck and wanted to give Xiaowanzi, but Mei Shiqing made too heavy a hand, which made Xiaowanzi a little unhappy. Unexpectedly, Xiao Wanzi defended Situ Lin everywhere, and Mei Shiqing was very disappointed. Xiao Wanzi defends Situ Lin in the name of a friend. Even if Mei Shiqing exposes that Situ’s business is tainted, Xiao Wanzi is still stubborn…

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