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The Secret of Love 不能恋爱的秘密 Episode 12 Recap

Su Yi thought that he had to explain it clearly to Li Jiashang, but it was still a little uncomfortable to watch Romanni and Li Jiashang together. And Li Jiashang asked Romani to stop acting. Su Yi knew that they were acting, but Romani said that Su Yi knew it did not mean that others knew it, and asked Li Jiashang to save her some face. Su Xiangtai looked for Su Yi everywhere, Xia Xiyang told Su Xiangtai not to be like a child and couldn’t do without her sister.

He called Su Xiangtai to be mature, the sign is to learn to drink, so he poured a glass of wine for Su Xiangtai, Su Xiangtai almost choked to death after taking a sip. , Tell Xia Xiyang that he can’t drink anymore or go to his sister. At this time, Romani passed by and told Su Xiangtai how to drink. Romani fascinated Su Xiangtai with a look of temptation. After that, he learned to drink. Su Xiangtai took the wine glass and killed it. This surprised Xia Xiyang.

Li Yaohui gave a speech to the people at the reception. After that, he officially retreated to the second line. Li Jiashang will become the chairman of the new Li Jiashang. Later he also announced that Romani and Li Jiashang are childhood sweethearts and that the Li and Luo family belong to the world friends. It was announced that Li Jiashang and Romani would get married another day. This made Li Jiashang feel very surprised, and Su Yi almost fainted when he heard the news. Li Jiashang hurried to chase Su Yi when he saw Su Yi running away on stage, and Su Xiangtai also chased Su Yi, but was pulled by Romani. Live, tell Su Xiangtai not to chase, let go of the impossible.

Su Yi ran out and felt uncomfortable to death. Standing in the heavy rain, Li Jiashang called a car and drove home. In the car, Li Jiashang accidentally saw the scar behind Su Yi’s ear. , This makes Li Jiashang feel even more suspicious, whether Su Yi is really Mu Xiao.

Su Yi has a high fever, but she also told Li Jiashang if there are many things that are hiding from her, hoping that Li Jiashang can tell everything about her heart. The next day Su Yi woke up in Li Jiashang’s bed and looked at himself lying on Li Jiashang’s bed. He was already stripped off. He was very scared, but watching Li Jiashang had put his shirt on Su Yi’s quilt, Su Yi put on the clothes and went out to find out.

Li Jiashang had already helped her to dry her clothes and cooked soup for her, but Su Yi knew that he had to go to the company for a meeting today, but Li Jiashang told Su Yi not to worry and eat. Hurry up after dinner. Unexpectedly, his grandfather Li Yaohui was already very upset waiting for them at the company, and Su Yi and Li Jiashang arrived when his grandfather was about to leave. Su Yi began to explain the new products of their famous celebrities, and then Romani questioned Su Yi’s new products, so the two began a tongue war.

In the end, Grandpa also said that he did not like Su Yi’s products, but Li Jiashang asked Li Yaohui not to express his personal opinions, and asked everyone to vote to decide whether to pass. Unexpectedly, the final vote for and against was a tie. Li Jiashang was surprised that it should be an odd number. She said that she did not vote. Just when everyone thought that Romani would vote against it, Romani unexpectedly supported Su Yi. This surprised everyone and Li Yaohui left more angry.

After that, Suy thanked Romani for his support, and Romani felt that he had to leave good things to the company. Li Jiashang went to Su Yi and said that he knew what Su Yi had been managing, how much Su Yi wanted to say that she was Mu Xiao. Li Jiashang has been single for Su Yi until now, and has quarreled with grandpa about it. Li Jiashang only wanted to be with Su Yi, and asked Su Yi to choose to be with Li Jiashang again. In that world, Su Yi has another person who can be trusted is Li Jiashang. Su Yi was moved by Li Jiashang’s words, turned around and hugged Li Jiashang and kissed him on his own initiative.

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