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The Secret of Love 不能恋爱的秘密 Episode 11 Recap

Su Yi went to Uncle Zhang and asked him if he knew Zheng Yi. Uncle Zhang was shocked when he heard it, but said that he had never heard of it. Tell Su Yi that he is an ordinary person. It is very difficult for Su Yi to find out the cause of his father’s death, but Su Yi still has to keep looking. Uncle Zhang tells Su Yi to be careful in everything.

Su Yi went home and watched Su Xiangtai’s video with her parents. Afterwards, the younger brother Su Xiangtai looked at her sister very tired and hung up the phone and gave her sister a good meal. This made Su Yi feel that it was really happy to have that younger brother.

Su Yi went to the pet hospital to help, and it happened that Li Jiashang was there, and Li Jiashang had to take care of the small animals with Su Yi. Two people help to bathe the puppy, and the water on each other’s body is more wet than the dog’s body.

Li Jiashang asked Su Yi what he wanted to tell him except for work? Su Yi mentioned Romany. Li Jiashang wanted to explain to Su Yi, but Su Yi gagged and told Li Jiashang that she only believed what she saw with her own eyes. At this time summer went, Su Yi was very kind when he saw her, Li Jiashang felt that Su Yi and Xia Wei met very strange, and Xia Xia said that they are already old acquaintances.

Ding Hang called Su Yi over and said that he had found the photo of her father when he had a car accident. It turned out to be Zhang Mingda. Ding Hang told Su Yi that Zhang Mingda was protected by the corruption in Li’s enterprise, so Ding Hang used voice changer software to talk to Zhang Mingda. After Zhang Mingda got on the phone, Ding Hang said that he knew about the car accident in 2014.

He told Zhao Mengdi not to exist to wake up his heart, but Zhao Mengdi said that it was always Li told him to do it, and asked Zhang Mingda to find a car to rear-end deliberately, and that car was already used when he took over. It broke. The car was also driven by Li Jiashang before, and told them to stop embarrassing Zhao Mengdi and go to Li Jiashang if there is something to do. When Su Yi heard Zhang Mingda say Li Jiashang, he remembered that Li Jiashang and himself had said that if it were not for Li Jiashang, Mu Xiao would not die. Su Yi’s hatred is beyond words.

Li Jiashang asked Su Yi to give her a doll called Jiayi, which means that Li Jiashang and Su Yi. In order to make that doll, Li Jiashang looked for a lot of tutorials, but the last tutorial was not found, and he could complete it with one step. After calling Su Yi, please call Li Jiashang for anything. He is willing to do everything for Su Yi. Su Yi told Li Jiashang that she could accept the doll, but they will still maintain a colleague relationship in the future.

Su Yi went upstairs and found that the door was open, so she knew that Su Xiangtai had seen her plan of revenge. Su Xiangtai was about to leave home with the luggage. Su Yi quickly grabbed Su Xiangtai and asked him to listen to Zhang Ji’s explanation, and Su Xiangtai Tell Su Yi not to live in the memories of the past, and not to return to Mu Xiao’s era, but Su Yi told Su Xiangtai not to demand herself that way. She did that only if she lived as the self she is now.

So Su Xiangtai asked Su Yi to go home to see her parents. Su Yi threw Su Xiangtai’s hand and said that she would find her memories back. Now she can’t even remember the people closest to her. That would be very painful. Su Yi must find Back to the truth. Said Su Yi and burst into tears. Su Xiangtai hugged her sister and told her to be indecent and sad. Don’t always keep the secret from him when something happened. Afterwards, she cooked soup for her sister.

Su Yi went to find Uncle Zhang again, and Uncle Zhang told Su Yi that Li Jiashang had searched for Mu Xiao before, but then Li Jiashang was driven at home by his grandfather, and Su Yi said that she had investigated Li Jiashang and might have killed her father. Suspect. Uncle Zhang told Su Yi that it was impossible. At that time, Li Jiashang was still kept at home by his grandfather Li Yaohui, how could he go out to commit crimes.

Editor-in-Chief Sun gave her a ticket to the cocktail party of Li’s enterprise, hoping that Su Yi could attend it for her, and Su Xiangtai was also the company’s model to attend the cocktail party. Li Yaohui told Li Jiashang not to run around, and called Romani to Li Jiashang to tell her to watch. Su Yi passed by and talked to Li Jiashang alone, but Romani told Su Yi to speak there. Grandpa told Li Jiashang not to mess Run, wait for something to be announced.

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