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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 36 Recap

Lin Nansheng thinks that Liao Tong has made no progress recently, so it is better to transfer Xiao Yun’s case to the Intelligence Department as soon as possible. Wang Shi’an is a little hesitant, because Liao Tong has found that Xiao Yun’s hometown is indeed in Baoying County. According to Chen Moqun’s statement, it might be a big breakthrough if Liao Tong can bring people away.

Because of this, Lin Nansheng immediately notified Ji Zhongyuan and explained the situation to him. If he continues to intervene in Xiao Yun’s affairs, it may arouse Wang Shian’s suspicion. Ji Zhongyuan felt that he was too passive at the moment and couldn’t guarantee the smooth transfer of Xiao Yun’s family, so Lin Nansheng thought of a dangerous move and needed Ji Zhongyuan’s cooperation.

Wang Shian personally took back the commission, and sent people to watch Chen Moqun closely. If he had any signs of escape, he would immediately be shot to death on the spot. Because in Wang Shian’s view, Chen Moqun is a smart person. As long as he handed over the commission, it means what will happen in the future. The matter between life and death will never sit back and wait for death and hope in the central government, so this is him. Great time to get rid of Chen Moqun.

After Wang Shian left, Chen Moqun contacted Meng Annan in time and ordered him to find out the core personnel and intelligence of the Communist Party as soon as possible, as a bargaining chip for his negotiation with Chongqing. Meng Annan went home and found that the watch sent by Chen Moqun suddenly disappeared. He was so anxious that he couldn’t wait to dig the ground three feet, until Zhu Yizhen took it out of the cabinet and said to help him clean up the room and found it, so it was temporarily kept.

Seeing that Zhu Yizhen hadn’t noticed anything abnormal, Meng Annan breathed a sigh of relief and lied that today was the anniversary of his brother’s death, so the watch was of great significance to him. Zhu Yizhen believed that it was true and felt very sympathetic to him. On the contrary, Meng Annan, to avoid Zhu Yizhen’s suspicion, simply continued to leave the watch with her.

Liao Tong arrived late for a high-level dinner in Shanghai, and brought news about Xiao Yun’s hometown, including his wife. From the side, he learned that his real name is Weng Xianrong, and he is most likely an important figure in the Communist Party. After receiving Lin Nansheng’s notice, Ji Zhongyuan immediately arranged for Zhu Yizhen and Meng Annan to start a cover operation in Chengjiaqiao Town.

Liao Tong intends to interrogate Xiao Yun overnight. Wang Shian believes that there is no need to be too anxious, as long as he has a good dinner tonight, everything will be set tomorrow. Lin Nansheng rushed to the interrogation room before Liao Tong arrived. In order to avoid monitoring, he handed over the password by tapping on the Morse code, implying that he was a postman hidden in the military system.

Sure enough, Xiao Yun was shocked when he saw this, as if he had seen hope, and quickly responded. Seeing Lin Nansheng saying hello to him in this way, the man codenamed 301 finally burst into tears, and raised his head forbearingly choked up. It seemed that there were millions of words in this pair of eyes. Even Lin Nansheng, who pretends to be calm on the surface, is not sad in his heart, so he must be cooperating with the next rescue plan.

Before long, Liao Tong brought Xiao Yun’s wife to the interrogation office, trying to use her to force Xiao Yun to confess. However, Xiao Yun didn’t reveal a word in the whole process. Lin Nansheng seemed to become a little impatient. In front of Wang Shian and the others, he shot Xiao Yun’s wife directly and “killed” Xiao Yun’s wife. In fact, he was deliberately intimidating.

Xiao Yun was frightened and had to admit his identity. When Wang Shian saw Lin Nansheng’s methods, he couldn’t help being shocked. He didn’t expect that the unarmed scholar at the time would be even more ruthless than him. It was unavoidable that he was a little scared. Although Xiao Yun pretended to confess, he would only say some useless information. Lin Nansheng instigated Xiao Yun in front of the crowd, lured him into rebellion, and confessed the address of the fake contact station.

Meng Annan participated in the deployment of the liaison station, only knowing that it was a cover task, without knowing the specific content, so he kept quietly watching the situation nearby. Liao Tong came with people and was about to take down the Communist Party’s contact station. Unexpectedly, he was in an ambush. Meng Annan saw that many military spies were killed, and suddenly realized that he immediately informed Chen Moqun.

Originally, Chen Moqun had bought the ferry tickets, but when he answered Meng Annan’s call, he immediately dispelled the idea of ​​evacuation from Shanghai, preparing to wait for Meng Annan to dig up more information. On the other side, Zhou Yaoting personally went to Shanghai and appointed Wang Shian and Lin Nansheng as the director and committee members of the Anti-rape Committee. Wang Shian couldn’t get in touch with Chen Moqun any more, so he could only think of another way. Chen Moqun received the invitation to the conference and considered using the information he currently possessed to win back a city.

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