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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 35 Recap

However, in a few years, Shanghai has undergone earth-shaking changes. Although the Sino-Japanese War has been completely won, the smoke of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party is still covering every corner. Zhu Yizhen and Meng Annan continued to pretend to be husband and wife, and Lin Nansheng was about to arrive in Shanghai. Wang Shian took into account that Dai Li was behind him and did not dare to provoke him.

Chen Moqun took out a list of persons under trial and gave it to Wang Shian as a favor. Among them was a businessman who claimed to be Xiao, who was actually the main person in charge of the intelligence department of the New Fourth Army, so he suggested that he could use this person to strengthen his foundation. . However, Wang Shian didn’t believe that Chen Moqun would be so kind, so he just handed it over to Liao Peng for trial.

Meng Annan took the initiative to contact Chen Moqun, hoping to return to the party state and reinstatement, and is willing to provide the opportunity to arrest Zhu Yizhen, in order to end the hidden mission. Chen Moqun reminded Meng Annan not to always think about fame and fortune. Those classmates who had been promoted to colonel have now been killed on the battlefield. They should stay at the side of Zhu Yizhen with peace of mind and enter the Communist Party’s central department as soon as possible through her relationship.

Zhu Yizhen and Meng Annan dressed up in disguise and personally explored the location of Juntong Shanghai Station. They unexpectedly saw Lin Nansheng, both shocked and emotional. Since Zhu Yizhen had no idea that Lin Nansheng had joined the party, she couldn’t help telling Ji Zhongyuan about her own thoughts. Knowing that the two sides had different positions, she could never let go of her feelings for him. Ji Zhongyuan couldn’t tell Zhu Yizhen the truth, and simply comforted her to cheer up and remember her responsibility.

Lin Nansheng had just returned to Shanghai to take over as the deputy stationmaster, and soon went to see Wang Shian, maintaining a superficial friendship with him, like an old friend he hadn’t seen for many years. Compared with Lin Nansheng, who had first arrived at the Shanghai Naval Station before, he has now faded away from his youthfulness and immaturity. He has become like Gu Shenyan, knowing how to be so sophisticated and sleek, and even not stingy with praises, even if the opponent is an enemy with a different stand.

During this visit, Lin Nansheng prepared personnel files for Wang Shian, including most of the intelligence personnel who returned to Shanghai one after another, and could start work soon. Since the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the relationship between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party has become more and more severe. Lin Nansheng was ordered by Dai Li to notify Wang Shian to return to the appointment orders issued to the staff of the Wang puppet government during the Anti-Japanese War, including many outstanding cases.

Wang Shian felt more pressure on this, not only because he was worried that Lin Nansheng would threaten his position, but also because he was afraid of exposing what he had done before in this cleanup work. Because Lin Nansheng was the celebrity next to Dai Li, Wang Shian took the initiative to please him and even offered bribes in the name of a family allowance. As a result, Lin Nansheng refused, and at the same time placed a few henchmen to hold important positions in various departments.

After everything was settled in place, Lin Nansheng asked Zhao Jinglong to go out for dinner, and by the way discussed the current situation of the Shanghai Navy Control Station and the news of several existing Communist Party members. Lin Nansheng hurried to the interrogation room, only to discover that Liao Tong had used Japanese prisoners of war to torture the prisoners, resulting in the death of two Communists, and even Xiao Yun had his last breath.

Lin Nansheng severely criticized Liao Tong’s behavior, and promptly sent Xiao Yun to the hospital for rescue. Liao Tong ran to Wang Shian to file a complaint, thinking that Lin Nansheng was only thinking about how to suppress it within a few days of taking office. Wang Shian pretends to hold the injustice for Liao Tong so that he can continue to work for himself, and secretly monitor the movements of Chen Moqun and Lin Nansheng. After learning that Zhao Jinglong was investigating the assassination of the press office that year, he immediately dispatched people to solve Director Song to prevent the truth from leaking. .

Lin Nansheng went to see the contact person in person, but he didn’t expect Ji Zhongyuan to be a fisherman, and he was suddenly excited. Ji Zhongyuan asked Lin Nansheng about the three arrested Communists and learned that Xiao Yun was seriously injured and it was not easy to rescue him. After this incident, Lin Nansheng planned to establish a good relationship with Wang Shian first, and only if he gained the trust of the other party could he have a chance to save people, so he showed Wang Shian the arrangement of the discussion meeting and sought his advice.

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