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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 34 Recap

Chief He returned Lin Nansheng’s letter, and Dai Li was also very annoyed by his repeated excuses for Gu Shenyan, so he ordered Zhou Yaoting to close the case as soon as possible. In order to convict Gu Shenyan, Zhou Yaoting abused lynching without authorization, and warned Lin Nansheng not to intervene in this matter. It is precisely because Lin Nansheng has repeatedly witnessed the shameless face of the party-state officer, and Zuo Qiuming’s sacrifice has made him completely frustrated, and finally decided to publish “Guandukou” in the newspaper and vote for the CCP camp.

After reading the news, Yu Zhengwen went to see Lin Nansheng in person on behalf of Ji Zhongyuan, willing to be his party’s introducer, and swore an oath in front of the party’s banner to formally join the Communist Party of China. Lin Nansheng informed Yu Zhengwen of Gu Shenyan’s situation, hoping that the organization could verify his true identity and rescue him.

After the meeting, Lin Nansheng took the initiative to find Director Hu, saying that he had a way to get Gu Shen to confess, hoping to give another chance. However, before Lin Nansheng could take any action, Gu Shenyan took the opportunity to flee. The military commander sent people to arrest him, and the surrounding area was tightly controlled.

Lin Nansheng couldn’t find Gu Shenyan, so he could only drive around in the street, trying to meet him. While Lin Nansheng was talking with the secret agents in charge of the search, Gu Shenyan did not expect that Gu Shenyan would sneak into the car until the two avoided the military’s eyeliner and hid in a safer room. This was when they met as communist comrades.

Lin Nansheng said that he would help Gu Shenyan clean up the crime of corruption, so he had to withdraw from the emergency passage to Yan’an first, and hide for a while. However, Gu Shenyan rejected Lin Nansheng’s proposal because he provided Ji Zhongyuan with a radio station a few years ago. Only when he is a corrupt criminal can Chongqing’s suspicions be dispelled.

After all, the military commander used to send six hidden spies to Yan’an. Although these spies have been instigated and included in the party organization, they have been providing false information to the military commander. However, if Gu Shenyan suddenly disappears, the military commander will inevitably increase. His suspicion even set him as a voter according to the highest risk alert.

At that time, the military reunification committee will cut off contact with the six people in time, so Gu Shenyan is ready to die. He told Lin Nansheng where he stored the “corrupted materials” and reminded Lin Nansheng to expose it after his death. Infiltrate the military system. It is impossible for Lin Nansheng to watch Gu Shenyan sacrifice. Just when he wanted to continue to persuade him, he suddenly broke into many searchers.

Gu Shenyan took the opportunity to go downstairs, deliberately exposed to the enemy, and was shot to death indiscriminately. Lin Nansheng chased it out and saw Gu Shenyan fell to the ground, covered in blood, so he could only turn around and walk away quickly, until he walked tens of meters away, his emotions were completely broken, and he simply squatted in the corner and wept bitterly.

Lin Nansheng took the initiative to report that Gu Shenyan had corrupted military supplies, thus gaining the trust of the military commander and being promoted to lieutenant colonel. Although Gu Shenyan’s sacrifice is sad, the party organization still arranged for Lin Nansheng to inherit the code name of “postman” and continue to work latently in accordance with his last wish.

After this incident, Lin Nansheng secretly sent Lan Xinjie back to Shanghai through the Communist Party and began his dual identity. With the passage of time, the good news of the unconditional surrender of the Japanese soon came, and even the world anti-fascist war was won. Lin Nansheng was excited and joyful, especially thinking of everything he had experienced in the past few years, and was full of emotion and couldn’t help crying.

Since the large Japanese forces withdrew from Shanghai, Wang Shian formally took over No. 76, and Chen Moqun was appointed as the deputy commander of the Shanghai district to prevent the Japanese army from surrendering to the Communist Party in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The two met in Shanghai and talked about Lin Nansheng. Now Lin Nansheng has become the new deputy stationmaster and will arrive in Shanghai shortly.

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