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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 33 Recap

On the night of arriving in Chongqing, Lin Nansheng was awake and hard to sleep until dawn. He didn’t expect to meet Zhang Jie, an acquaintance here, because she had worked in the communications department of Shanghai Station, so the relationship between the two was pretty good.

Taking advantage of the old days, Lin Nansheng tentatively asked about Lan Xinjie’s situation, only to learn that she was forced to separate from her son when she was evacuated from Chongqing. Although she later entered the switchboard to answer the phone, this troubled world would lead a woman if she had no strong support. It is still difficult to survive.

Now that Gu Shenyan has been transferred by the military to the inspector’s office at the headquarters, Lin Nansheng took the initiative to explain his intentions to Director Hu, hoping that he can consider Gu Shenyan’s question as appropriate. However, Director Hu did not respond positively. Instead, he took out a stack of files about Gu Shenyan and explained that he would give his opinion after reading it.

After everything was settled, Lin Nansheng was invited to the banquet and met Bai Xianming, the instructor of the Nanjing special training class. Because Bai Xianming liked this student very much, he made a special trip to introduce him to his colleagues. However, Lin Nansheng seemed out of place in such a drunken environment. He refused to join the wine bureau, almost annoying everyone.

Bai Xianming helped Lin Nansheng clear the siege in time and brought him to the side to talk, claiming that the reason why Chongqing was eager to convict Gu Shenyan was to kill him and sacrifice him to eliminate corruption within the party-state. Considering that Lin Nansheng is more pure and affectionate, Bai Xianming reminded Lin Nansheng that he must have a right attitude and must not ruin his own future rashly.

With a burst of laughter coming from the stairs, Lin Nansheng looked back and found that Lan Xinjie was wandering among the male officers with heavy makeup. The other low-powered men were envious, speaking more and more unscrupulously, and even wanted to satisfy their inner imbalance through verbal sarcasm and humiliation.

Lin Nansheng heard this group of people’s comments, immediately furious, and reprimanded them for being incapable of discussing this deceased family member and should be given basic respect. Lan Xinjie glanced at the sound, her face changed, and she was no longer in the mood to cope with social interactions, so she just found an excuse to leave.

The atmosphere at the party was a bit embarrassing. Lin Nansheng ignored the explanation, and chased after him. He couldn’t help asking why Lan Xinjie was expelled from the switchboard. However, Lan Xinjie seemed to have deliberately concealed it and did not tell the truth. Instead, she piled up her face with a smile to cater to the foreign military officer on the opposite side, and got in the car and drove away. Lin Nansheng didn’t understand Lan Xinjie’s changes, but she didn’t know that she had already burst into tears on the way back.

In the next few days, Lin Nansheng carefully read through Gu Shenyan’s files, hoping to find evidence to avenge his grievances. Director Hu was dissatisfied when he saw it. After all, he only wanted to get the evidence of the crime. On the contrary, after Lin Nansheng learned about Director Hu’s attitude, he went to Zhou Yaoting to explain the matter again. How could he expect that Zhou Yaoting and Director Hu had the same attitude, which made him very disappointed.

Through what happened during this period of time, Lin Nansheng questioned the Chongqing authorities, and at the same time he has lingered between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. Even though the poem was written, Lin Nansheng still hesitated, until the next morning, he personally went to Director Hu to apologize and proposed to interrogate Gu Shenyan by himself.

Director Hu agreed to Lin Nansheng’s request to monitor the conversation between him and Gu Shenyan throughout the entire process. Lin Nansheng could not directly communicate with Gu Shenyan, and could only transmit information through other means. As a result, Director Hu was noticed and reprimanded. Lin Nansheng sorted out all the evidence overnight, and personally handed it to Chief He’s Secretary Liu, and asked him to forward it on his behalf.

After dealing with this matter, Lin Nansheng found Lan Xinjie and apologized for her previous behavior. At the same time, she felt guilty for letting her respond internally, which caused her to be involved now. But Lan Xinjie understands righteousness and has never regretted obtaining information for Lin Nansheng, but her biggest concern is her son.

It was supposed to be able to go to Chongqing smoothly, but the Kuomintang forced the child to stay in Shanghai on the grounds that the child was crying. Lan Xinjie’s pleading was unsuccessful, and was forced to retreat to Chongqing with guns by military reunification agents. Because he could not send money to Shanghai, he was eventually expelled by the military reunification and became what it is now. Looking at the people in the air-raid shelter, Lin Nansheng was full of emotions, and felt even more distressed about Lan Xinjie’s situation, so he promised to find a way to help her return to Shanghai.

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