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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 32 Recap

Now Zhu Xiaoxian has been under house arrest by the Japanese. After Zhu Yizhen met Meng Annan, he went to Ji Zhongyuan to report the situation in person, and unexpectedly learned that Lin Nansheng was safe and in Hong Kong. Meng Annan took Zhu Yizhen into the Zhu’s house disguised as medical staff. The father and daughter were reunited, but it was not the best time to reminisce about the past, but to discuss how to find a chance to leave.

As the Japanese wanted to control Hong Kong’s economy, they attached great importance to the trade fair. Zhu Yizhen suggested that his father temporarily agree to the Japanese request and pretend to take over as the chairman of the trade council, and then rescue him from the chaos at the signing site. However, the plan changed suddenly. The Japanese pushed forward the contract date and could only re-plan the withdrawal plan.

Meng Annan proposed to follow the team to the mainland. After obtaining Zhu Yizhen’s consent, he immediately published the news in the newspaper to convey the situation to Chen Moqun. At the same time, Lin Nansheng learned that Gu Shenyan was being censored, so he took the initiative to find the stationmaster and asked to return to Chongqing to recuperate under the pretext of not having fully recovered.

In order to allow everyone to evacuate safely, Ji Zhongyuan simply entrusted Lin Nansheng to make use of work convenience to make homecoming certificates for a group of comrades who were about to be evacuated. Lin Nansheng readily agreed, and rushed to the system overnight according to the information provided by Ji Zhongyuan, and finally delivered it to Ji Zhongyuan within the agreed time.

Under the arrangement of Zhu Yizhen and others, Zhu Xiaoxian originally wanted to pretend to be unwell at the signing site. However, Morikawa was defensive against Zhu Xiaoxian and sent someone to escort him along the way. Meng Annan pretended to be a reporter, and promptly killed the Japanese spy who was in charge of monitoring Zhu Xiaoxian, and rushed to the Hong Kong pier together with others.

At the wharf, after Zhu Yizhen got the homecoming certificate, he immediately distributed it to everyone, arranged for everyone to be scattered on the ship, and together with Meng Annan and Zhu Xiaoxian, they passed the security check smoothly. Before sailing, Zhu Yizhen heard Lin Nansheng’s voice from the broadcast, and pinned the butterfly brooch to her clothes. She randomly found an excuse to come to the front of the deck and kept looking at the see-off crowd on the pier until she finally saw the familiarity. People. Zhu Yizhen and Lin Nansheng have no way to communicate, they can only look at each other across the sea, knowing that each other is safe, which is already satisfied.

After Zhu Yizhen left, Lin Nansheng heard the transfer order from Chongqing on the radio, so he went to bid farewell to the plaintiff Jizhong. The person sitting side by side on the Wutong River was no longer Zuo Qiuming. But for Lin Nansheng, Zuo Qiuming coexists with faith, and even wants to be a person like him, able to work for the Communist Party.

It’s just that it’s difficult to take this step. After all, Lin Nansheng was the first to contact the Military Unification Secret Service. Even if Ji Zhongyuan intends to develop him into the organization, it will take time to break through the inner barriers. Ji Zhongyuan was not in a hurry to let Lin Nansheng make a decision. Instead, he asked him to return to Chongqing first, and then he would really think about it. By then, he would publish the poem Guandukou in the “Central Daily” under Huang Yunsheng’s name, and someone would take the initiative to contact him. Ji Zhongyuan looked forward to this day coming soon, and at the same time proving that Lin Nansheng was completely reborn, he sighed up to the sky, got up and left.

After finishing the conversation, Lin Nansheng brought Zuo Qiuming’s favorite pastries to the tomb. He didn’t like sweets before, but he still ate the cakes without hesitation. It was a goodbye and a promise. As long as they were still on the way, they would meet sooner or later. There is a time for reunion. Before long, Lin Nansheng was transferred to the Chongqing Station Personnel Office to report, and thus entered the Preparatory Office of the China-US Cooperation Institute as a technical instructor of the action team.

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