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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 31 Recap

Bai Ruoxue helped Shi Min write a letter of guarantee that she did not let her go to the study class and stayed for acting, and said that if she still wanted to worship herself as a teacher, she could agree. Ping Ping wondered how Shi Min treated Bai Ruoxue these years. Did she forget? Liu Guiqin was also removed from her post. She has been the director of the Revolutionary Committee for several years, and others may not remember the good things she did.

But what offends people may be remembered for a lifetime. In the end, it is impossible to say whether it is a merit or a demerit. After leaving the office of the Revolutionary Committee, Liu Guiqin couldn’t help crying. Yu Caifeng came to pick her up and said that Yu Deshui asked her to go back. The more Liu Guiqin thinks about it, the more uncomfortable she feels. Why bother to know such a result.

Qiushi took Qiuyi to the group and said that he had come to repair the accordion that Morosov had left behind, so he came here empty. Now everything is right, Qiushi has also been promoted to deputy chief engineer. After Qi’s mother left, Qi Xiangqian’s temper was not so hot. Now Bai Ruoxue and Qi Xiangqian are very busy, thanks to Qiu Shi and Shengjie for helping to take care of Qi Ziqiang. Qiu Yi wanted to learn to sing with Bai Ruoxue, and said that she was not afraid of hardship, and Qiu Shi also said that she would give Qiu Yi to her. Qi Jianshe has never written to her family, and she still bears the hate of Qi Xiangqian. Bai Ruoxue and Qi Xiangqian are less and less able to talk together, but she is living more and more transparently and not so real.

Zhao Yongping likes to fight together, and it is inevitable that some people gossiping, but there is Kong Weixin in his heart. Zhao Yongping said that the country’s college entrance examination will be resumed soon, and they will have one more day to review if they know it one day earlier. It is very speechless to fight together. The college entrance examination is a fair competition. Zhao Yongping encouraged to work hard to review and take the college entrance examination together. Qi Fendou thought about it, Kong Weixin didn’t know yet, and was anxious to send him a telegram. Kong Weixin was very excited when he received the telegram of fighting together, and took the telegram to the top of the mountain to shout.

Qi Xiangqian received Zhao Yonggang’s letter, and had a good time with Zhao Duofu in the factory, before he was willing to give Zhao Duofu’s letter to him. The content of Zhao Yonggang’s letter to Qi Xiangqian and Zhao Duofu is the same. The two are a little speechless, but they still read Zhao Yonggang’s letter aloud in the factory. Zhao Yonggang got his wish and became a warrior guarding the reef. He saw the great rivers and mountains of the motherland. The living conditions here are also very difficult, but Zhao Yonggang soon figured out that if the motherland needs it, he is willing to stand here for a lifetime.

Cao Dehe found that individuals could do business in the market and had some new ideas, but Kong Shiju felt that they had made a lot of money and there was no need to think about it. Kong Weixin will go home for the New Year this year, and Qi Fendou and Qi Jianshe will also come back. Cao Dehe is worried that Kong Weixin and Qi Fendou will meet again. He feels that Qi Fendou cannot be allowed to delay Kong Weixin’s future. Moreover, their family is also a big family, Qi. Struggle is not worthy of their family.

On the New Year’s Day, Bai Ruoxue prepared a table of good dishes. Qi Jianshe was still moving forward with hatred, and refused to say a word to him. This was the first time the family gathered for dinner after Qi’s mother had left. Qi Qiangqian took everyone to say a few words with Qi’s mother.

Qi Fendou and Kong Weixin discussed their preparations for the college entrance examination, and Qi Qianqian felt a little displeased. Qi Jianshe felt that the college entrance examination had nothing to do with him, so he waited when he would be transferred back to arrange a job. There are not many indicators for returning to the city to enter a large state-owned factory this year, so Bai Ruoxue asked Qi Xiangqian to think more about it. Qi Xiangqian felt that those crooked things should not be done.

He and Bai Ruoxue have always relied on themselves, so the children should also rely on themselves. Qi Jianshe left angrily because of Qi Xiangqian’s words, and Qi Fendou said that he didn’t look pleasing to anyone, but Zhao Yonggang was pleasing to his eye. After the family had a meal together, Bai Ruoxue was so angry that she dropped her chopsticks and went back to the room.

Hearing Kong Weixin playing the flute outside, Qi Fendou put on his coat and went downstairs. In a blink of an eye, only Qi Xiangqian and Qi Ziqiang were left. Qi Fendou and Kong Weixin were very excited that they had not seen each other for many years, and they looked at each other’s changes. Kong Weixin asked Qi Fendou to close his eyes, and then took out a pair of gloves, which he knitted himself. Qi Fendou said in Kong Weixin’s arms that he had changed and became more considerate. Yu Chenglin, who was celebrating the Chinese New Year, did not come back. Liu Guiqin was very sad. He felt that he was suffering from poverty in the ravine in the twelfth lunar month of winter, but Yu Deshui wanted to open his children and grandchildren.

Qi Fendou’s foundation is poor, and Kong Weixin is not by her side. Kong Weixin thinks that Zhao Yongping can help her with tuition, but he doesn’t worry about him at all. Qi Fendou says he is a nerd. Kong Weixin encouraged to work hard and work hard. Even if he fails to pass the exam this year, he will still have the year after next year. If Kong Weixin is admitted to college, he will leave Baiyangyu, even if he is reluctant, there is no way he can do it. After all, his dream lies in the broader sky beyond Baiyangyu.

Liu Guiqin resigned from the post of the director of the Revolutionary Committee, and even the greeting was ignored. Wang Sulan told her not to take it to heart. Director Ma came back from the study class and saw Liu Guiqin bowed deeply. He was the one who caused Liu Guiqin, but Liu Guiqin understood that she had done it voluntarily, and there was nothing to be involved.

Two months later, Kong Weixin got his wish and was admitted to the University of Science and Technology of China, but Qi Fendou and Zhao Yongping failed to enter the university and were assigned to work in a quilt factory. However, Zhao Yongping is not that his level is not enough, but he wants to wait for the second year of fighting together to take the exam together.

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