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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 14 Recap

Jiang Yi wanted to explain the matter of Yu Shengsheng. Hearing Pei Jiashu turning off the fire downstairs, he quickly went downstairs thinking of his own porridge cooking. Jia Shu said that Yu Shengsheng first approached Jiang Yi as a fan pretending to be Jiang Yi, and then came to the house to take care of Jiang Mo to give him food. Now he even used the excuse of a plate of walnuts, saying that Yu Shengsheng was playing a long line of fishing.

Fish, the remaining sound can’t explain clearly. Jiang Yi saw the scene of Yu Shengsheng and Jia Shu talking. After Yu Shengsheng came up, he asked them what they said. Yu Shengsheng refused to say, the two quarreled, Jiang Yi even explained that yesterday’s kiss was caused by curiosity, and Yu Sheng was very lost.

Dad Yu called and asked Yu Shengsheng to take Shen Boqing home for dinner. It turned out that today is the wedding anniversary of Yu Ba and Yu’s mother, and they will spend it together in previous years. In the evening, Jiang Yi called Shen Boqing to return to Yu Shengsheng’s house for dinner. The four of them ate and ate very happily, and Jiang Yi bought something for Yu Shengsheng’s parents. My mother saw that the lingering sound was coming to her period, and she cooked soup for her.

Jiang Dachuan came to chat with Jiang Yi. Jiang Dachuan said that he regretted arranging lucky fans at the birthday party. Since the elevator accident, he has always felt that Jiang Yi’s mental state is not right. He blames himself for not taking care of Jiang Yi. . The remaining sound reassured Jiang Dachuan that Jiang Yi would not like the remaining sound.

After eating, Jiang Yi and Shen Boqing walked together. Shen Boqing asked him if he really liked Pei Jiashu. On the other day, she said on the phone that she had someone she likes, and she only discovered it recently. He was thinking about who she had met recently. She was very happy when she received Pei Jiashu’s gift that day.

They had never been so happy when they were dating. She also said that she and the person she likes are not from the same world. He is like a non-sale item in the window. The gap between celebrities and fans is like this. Shen Boqing thought that Yu Shengsheng had liked Pei Jiashu by fans before, but after meeting him, he had an intersection, changing from a fan’s liking to an emotional liking. Jiang Yi knew what Yu Shengsheng was saying and was silent.

Yu Shengsheng sat on a chair near Yu Shengsheng and Tongwei’s home and waited for Jiang Yi, Yu Shengsheng came to apologize to Jiang Yi. Yu Shengsheng felt that Jiang Yi’s behavior was understandable, and Yu Shengsheng asked if Jiang Yi was jealous. Jiang Yi’s expression was unnatural. Yu Shengsheng said to herself that she should have realized it long ago. Jiang Yi thought that Yu Shengsheng found out that he liked her, but she did not expect that she said Jiang Yi was the captain of the small universe. She liked Jiashu and didn’t like him.

He was jealous. It’s normal. Both want to change back as soon as possible. Jiang Yi said that they need a whole piece of time to make various attempts, and they have to play each other to find the right time. Jiang Yi watched Yu Shengsheng use his body to make such a stupid movement and wanted to take it. Yu Shengsheng took out his mobile phone and was about to take it. But thinking of the inconvenience, they took the shadow of the two.

Zhang knew that he came to Yu Shengsheng to inquire about the situation, and asked him if Jiang Yi had been in a relationship recently and hadn’t shown up for a long time. Zhang Zhizhi said that one of her friends said that Jiang Yi seems to have a girlfriend. Yu Shengsheng asked her if she had taken the photo. Zhang Zhizhi denied it, and she was relieved. Jiang Yi learned that Tongwei would not be there tomorrow night and the day after tomorrow, so he called Yu Shengsheng, and both of them thought this was a good opportunity.

Elevators and thunderstorms are non-essential factors, and kissing exchanges are also accidental. At present, the necessary condition for exchange should be physical contact, and only with physical contact can they have the opportunity to change back. Jiang Yi told Yu Shengsheng duplicity that they would not meet again this time when they changed back to avoid intersection. Yu Shengsheng was disappointed, but he could only approve this proposal with a strong smile.

Yu Shengsheng went to the Liangpin store to buy a lot of things, and wrote his wish on the wish wall, but instead of sticking it on the wall, he took it away. When Yu Shengsheng went to the house and found Jiang Yi was watching the idol drama she had previously collected, the two of them watched it together. When Jiang Yi saw the male and female protagonists kissing in the idol drama, he hurriedly closed the computer. Jiang Yi said he didn’t like watching these, but Yu Shengsheng found that he had watched 20 episodes. Yu Shengsheng said that Jiang Yi might as well watch them all, and maybe these routines can be used when they have a girlfriend in the future.

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