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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 13 Recap

The three people in the small universe broadcast live, and Le Yi is the host. In the quick question and answer session, fans of Jia Shu are naturally familiar with Jia Shu, but Jia Shu doesn’t know Jiang Yi very well, and Yu Shengsheng answered correctly. , And Jiashu didn’t answer a question correctly. Tongwei was very happy to watch the live broadcast of the male god this weekend and did charity charity.

Jiang Yi asked her if she had a boyfriend in the future, would he be jealous if he knew that she liked Jiang Yi so much and spent time and money. Tong Wei is not sure why he is jealous. If he is jealous, it only shows that he is not confident enough. The love for his partner is based on the understanding of each other and the companionship, while idols are used to appreciate and yearn.

Tong Wei asked Yu Shengsheng to stop dreaming about marrying Pei Jiashu, and Jiang Yi took the opportunity to ask Tong Wei to help remember. In her junior year, Universe went to Yu Shengsheng and their school to perform soon. At that time, she fell in love with Pei Jiashu at a glance. She was still very happy to be squeezed and fell when she went to ask for an autographed photo. Pei Jiashu came back to Yu Shengsheng. Send signed photos and band-aids.

Yu Shengsheng called Jiang Yi and asked him if he watched the live broadcast. Yu Shengsheng asked him to help him get some walnuts and let him dress up and go to work tomorrow, otherwise it would be easy to wear and help. The colleagues felt that she was not right a few days ago. Up. Yu Shengsheng taught Jiang Yi how to dress up, choosing the skirt and jewelry for him to wear the next day.

Jiang Yi got up the next day and dressed up really seriously. After a long time, he went to work with Tong Wei. Jiang Yi felt a stomachache, thinking about panning the walnuts to divert her attention. Yu Shengsheng went to sleep until he woke up naturally, and when he got up, he visited Jiang Yi’s room and admired Jiang Yi’s face in the mirror.

Jiang Yi called and contacted Yu Shengsheng to tell her that Tongwei had selected the topic and sent her to write it quickly. Yu Shengsheng complained about helping him live broadcast yesterday and still have to work today. Jiang Yi also wanted to help Yu Shengsheng, but he wouldn’t. Yu Shengsheng suspected that Jiang Yi had planned this exchange for a long time, and he was not allowed to eat Hesai, otherwise he would not be able to spare him if he was half a catty fat. Jiang Yi asked Yu Shengsheng what he had eaten yesterday. He felt sick when he got up this morning, but Yu Shengsheng said that he hadn’t eaten anything.

Jiang Yi went to the bathroom, his colleague saw and reminded him to come to his aunt, he was very shocked. Jiang Yi hurriedly hid in the bathroom and called Yu Shengsheng to ask her what to do. Yu Shengsheng thought it was Jiang Yi who discovered it but did not expect it to be reminded by a colleague. Jiang Yi also wore a pure white skirt today.

Yu Shengsheng asked Jiang Yi to send a WeChat message to Tong Wei to bring her sanitary napkins and spare clothes, and Jiang Yi to change it before calling her. Then Yu Shengsheng comforted the girl Jiang Yi to come to her aunt like this. She was sore in the waist and chest, and the lower abdomen was painful. Let him bear it. Jiang Yi didn’t take the pain at first, but then he sweated in pain.

Curly brother asked Zhang to know that he said that he recently took some photos of Jiang Yi and a woman. Since the last time Jiang Yi and his dad were taken, the security level of the villa has been raised and it is difficult to take photos. Curly brother asked Zhang Zhizhi to find a colleague to find out if he could find a breakthrough, Zhang Zhizhi agreed.

Jiang Yi asked Tongyu if it was too exaggerated because Pei Jiashu gave her band-aids, and she liked him so much. Tongwei said that it is understandable that she is in close contact with idols, and most people have no chance to stand beside idols in this life. Jiang Yi asked if he had a chance to meet and had dinner together, Tongwei couldn’t imagine that if the idol releases some signal, it would be too easy to fall. Jiang Yi remembered the relationship between Yu Shengsheng and Jia Shu before, and after hearing what Tong Wei said, his sense of crisis suddenly rose.

Jiang Yi asked for leave to find Yu Shengsheng, intending to explain what happened to her yesterday. As a result, when Yu Shengsheng met, she accused Jiang Yi of wearing sportswear and no makeup, which made her look like an idol. Pei Jiashu went downstairs to see Yu Shengsheng, and the two greeted them. Jiang Yi deliberately refuted Pei Jiashu through Yu Shengsheng’s body, and even refused the poster sent by the idol, which made Yu Shengsheng very angry. But when he returned to the room and saw Jiang Yi who was tortured by his aunt, Yu Shengsheng kindly helped him massage his waist and stomach.

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