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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 12 Recap

At dinner, Shen Boqing proposed to take Yu Shengsheng to see the stars, but Yu Shengsheng declined with the excuse of being tired. Jiang Yi sat in the room to meditate, but couldn’t help but walk to the door to see through the cat’s eyes to see if she was back in the room. When Jiang Yi saw Yu Shengsheng came back, he ran to her room to find her, and asked when she would break up with Shen Boqing, and persuaded her to break up as soon as possible if she didn’t like Shen Boqing, otherwise the harm would be even greater.

Shen Boqing was notified by the director to go back for the operation, and came to talk to Yu Shengsheng and gave her a couple bracelet. Yu Shengsheng was stunned for a while and refused the gift and proposed to break up, frankly confessing that he had tried it, but it was hard to feel emotional. It’s better to be friends and leave Shen Boqing in despair. Jiang Yi came out to comfort Yu Shengsheng, but Yu Shengsheng said that he wanted to be quiet, so he also left.

Yu Shengsheng couldn’t fall asleep, so he got up and called Shen Boqing to make him be careful on the way. Shen Boqing asked her if she really had no chance at all. Shen Boqing said that Yu Shengsheng has no one he likes now, so don’t shut out a suitor, but Yu Shengsheng said that he has someone he likes. Shen Boqing hurried to the side and parked. Shen Boqing thought that Yu Shengsheng was to refuse to say such a lie, but Yu Shengsheng said it was true. She and the person she liked were like people in two worlds. He never lacked people to like like in a shop window. It’s not for sale, but liking is something that you can’t control, and it’s possible that she really fantasizes about miracles.

Jiang Yi gave Yu Shengsheng the emoticon that Yu Shengsheng had sent him before. Yu Shengsheng felt much better and replied to his news. He came over to Yu Shengsheng to eat. After breakfast, Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi watched the show “My Friends and Me” recorded by Yu Shengsheng for Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng went out for a walk, and they sat on chairs beside the road. Jiang Yi said that in idol dramas like Shen Boqing, the most affectionate person is a male second, and the heroine has to end with the male second before they can have affection with the male lead. He asked Yu Shengsheng who is more like the person she knows.

The leading actor, Yu Shengsheng said that of course it’s Jiashu. Yu Shengsheng said that even if Jiang Yi didn’t persuade her, she was planning to break up with Shen Boqing. He rarely had a vacation and was ready for everything. She didn’t want to disappoint him, but just like Jiang Yi said the longer he would be disappointed. She seemed to have done something counterproductive.

Although Yu Shengsheng doesn’t like Shen Boqing that way, they are friends for more than ten years. She has always regarded him as her elder brother, and her parents have given her a reputation because they want her to be heard. They bring her a lot of love. I also hope to bring all these loves to those who care about it. I don’t want them to be disappointed, but I hope they are all happy. Jiang Yi watched Yu Shengsheng slowly approaching her, and Yu Shengsheng stepped back and said don’t get so close. In case there is an exchange, Jiang Yi said, then try to kiss her, and then the two found that they had each other again. Changed.

Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi returned to the hotel, intending to change back. They kissed several times and found no response, Yu Shengsheng was very anxious. The two did not switch back, and Yu Shengsheng had to go live instead of Jiang Yi. The two confessed their affairs again, and they all belonged to each other. When Yu Shengsheng returned to Jiang Yi’s apartment, she went upstairs and squatted on the floor to look at Jiang Yi in the mirror.

Jiang Dachuan came to see her, and her legs were numb. When Jiang Yi returned to Yu Shengsheng’s residence, he saw Tongwei who was dressed in a cooler dress. Following the principle of seeing no evil and not hearing no evil, he immediately turned his attention and returned to his room. Later, Tong Wei invited Yu Shengsheng to watch “My Friends and Me”. Jiang Yi also wanted to know Yu Shengsheng’s performance, so he went to the living room to watch the show with Tong Yu, but faced with Tong Yu’s intimacy, Jiang Yi didn’t know what to do. Measures.

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