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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 40 Recap

Xia Yu directly called Xiao’s mother as his mother, and Xiao’s mother was also happy to have a son like him. When Xiao Mo and her son went back, they met Wu Di at the elevator. Wu Di invited Xiao’s mother to eat together tomorrow, Xiao’s mother agreed with a smile. Duo Duo came back from abroad, she was frowning, and she smiled when she saw Han Liwei coming to pick her up. The two embraced warmly at the airport. After dressing up, Du Wei had a French meal with Xia Yu in a high-end restaurant. During the period, Xia Yu mentioned Wu Di, which made Du Wei a little angry. However, the atmosphere today is not suitable for quarreling, so Du Wei put his anger down. Come down.

Wu Di bought some vegetables, came to Xiao Mo’s house, and had dinner with Xiao Mo’s mother and son. Xiao’s mother already knew about their breakup, Xiao Mo told her not to be embarrassed, and the two could still be friends after they broke up. After eating, Xiao Mo sent Wu Di to the elevator. Wu Di apologized for misunderstanding him. Xiao Mo said it didn’t matter, no matter what, he hoped that Wu Di would be happy. Wu Di walked into the elevator, cast a glance at Xiao Mo, and lowered his head. Ren Yuan sent Hua Hin to work, and the two agreed that after get off work, Ren Yuan cooked her a big meal. Xiao’s mother called Ren Yuan and asked him out to meet.

Xiao’s mother told Ren Yuan a secret that Hua Hin was not actually her sister’s child, but was actually adopted by Xiao’s mother. She had concealed this for many years, and neither Xiao Mo nor Hua Hin knew about it. After thinking about it, Mother Xiao still planned to tell Ren Yuan this secret. She knew that Ren Yuan and Hua Hin had disagreements over the adoption of Xiao Feifei, so she wanted to tell him about it. Xiao’s mother did not hope that Ren Yuan would be under pressure because of this. She hoped that both Ren Yuan and Hua Hin would be well. After that, Ren Yuan went to the hospital to see Xiao Feifei alone, and at the invitation of the nurse, he personally nursed Xiao Feifei.

Qi Yang happened to come to see Xiao Feifei too, and Ren Yuan went out to talk to him. This conversation was short, but it more or less eased the relationship between Ren Yuan and Qi Yang. When Han Liwei saw Wu Di on duty alone, he invited her to dinner together. Duo Duo was here at this time. Wu Di could also see the relationship between them, and wittily asked them to eat. Duo Duo said something to Wu Di, and she said that some hurdles were for Wu Di to step through. Han Liwei and Duo Duo went to the supermarket to buy things together. He bought a lot of things at once, Duo Duo couldn’t help but complain.

Han Liwei knew that there was something wrong with his body, so he used to let Duo Duo go up by himself. As expected, when Duo Duo went up, Han Liwei suddenly had a nosebleed. Ren Yuan showed Hua Hin the adoption application, and seeing Ren Yuan suddenly changed his mind, Hua Hin was surprised and very happy. When Luo Dong returned home, his father felt that the pilot was no different from the driver who drove on the ground. Luo Dong did not approve it. He said the difference between a pilot and a driver. But my father didn’t seem to be happy. Luo Dong didn’t know, so he racked his brain and didn’t know why his father was suddenly angry.

After hearing Luo Dong’s statement, Xia Yu analyzed Luo Dong’s behalf that his father wanted him to give up being a pilot and go home to take care of business. Luo Dong said that being a pilot is his dream. He will not give up anyway, but he will not let go of his family’s business. The company’s performance has declined. Gao Kai reminded Xia Yu that even if the performance cannot be increased, he should try his best not to let the performance drop. Xia Yu has an idea. Since the new route has been grounded, it is better to increase the number of existing flights. Gao Kai thinks this is also a way.

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