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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 39 Recap

Xia Yu bowed to Gao Kai. He must have a lot of experience in helping his father for so many years. Now that he is in the position, I hope Gao Kai can help himself. Gao Kai was naturally willing. He reminded that the first thing he might have to face after he took office was to secretly photograph the Sun Group documents. In addition, Du Wei and Xiao Mo helped him so that Xia Yu couldn’t let them down. Hua Hin went to the hotel to find Ren Yuan and started to help him pack things without saying a word. Hua Hin finally took the initiative to lower his head to admit his mistake, and Ren Yuan followed the steps. After the two returned home, the greasiness after the quarrel seemed very real.

When Sun Xiaoning complained to Xiao Mo and Du Wei, Mr. Lin deducted Du Wei’s quarterly bonus. As for Xiao Mo, the punishment was even more serious and he immediately suspended the flight. Xiao Mo was grounded, and Wu Di asked Du Wei concerned about his specific situation. Du Wei told Wu Di the actual situation.

It turned out that Xiao Mo approached Lei Chen in order to gain his trust, and then obtained evidence that Lei Chen was acting for his own sake. At first she thought Xiao Mo really relied on Lei Chen, and Du Wei firmly believed that Xiao Mo was not that kind of person. Now it seems that Du Wei believes in Xiao Mo more than herself. Xiao Mo returned the equity transfer agreement to Xia Yu, and he was done.

Xia Yu said that the equity was his, Xiao Mo insisted on not wanting it, and Xia Yu didn’t mention it again. Xiao’s mother suddenly went to see Xiao Mo and ran into Wu Di at the elevator. Wu Di helped her take things to Xiao Mo’s house. When Xiao’s mother asked about Xiao Mo’s work, Wu Di didn’t dare to say more, only that he was busy with work and didn’t understand.

In order to thank Du Wei, Xia Yu bought her many cosmetic gifts and, as per her request, invited her to a French meal another day. Qi Yang sent a text message to Hua Hin, and Ren Yuan saw it, and the two quarreled about it again. Hua Hin thinks that Ren Yuan is too cautious, and Ren Yuan thinks that she is always in touch with Qi Yang, and the two do not understand each other and have contradictions.

Hua Hin and Qi Yang went to the hospital to see Xiao Feifei and talked about Ren Yuan’s views on adopting Xiao Feifei. Qi Yang also knew that after his appearance, he caused a lot of conflicts between them. He wanted Hua Hin to apologize to Ren Yuan for himself. After Ren Yuan called and transferred to Tao Shan, he went to Qiyang to wait for him. Qi Yang said that there was nothing to talk about between them. Ren Yuan was angry for a while, punched him, and said it was a warning. Xiao Mo and Hua Hin went home to accompany Xiao’s mother. Xiao’s mother asked Wu Di and Ren Yuan. Seeing their reactions, they knew they were lying.

Xiao Mo was about to explain honestly when he happened to call, he excused his colleague to avoid his mother’s questioning. Mother Xiao asked about Hua Hin, which made Hua Hin a big head. The person who called Xiao Mo was Ren Yuan. The two were talking downstairs in the community. He thought he could stay at Xiao Mo’s house for one night tonight, but now it seems that it is not enough. Hua Hin told Xiao’s mother that the contradiction between herself and Ren Yuan was due to the adoption of the child. Xiao’s mother believed that it was Hua Hin’s fault. After all, for Ren Yuan, blood relationship is very important. She should not go it alone and ignore Ren Yuan. opinion.

After receiving Xiao Mo’s text message, Hua Hin came down to see Ren Yuan and sincerely apologized to him. Ren Yuan’s heart softened, and his words eased, and the two reconciled. Xiao Mo pretended to be nonchalant, he said he broke up with Wu Di. Although Xiao’s mother was emotional, she did not comment. The next day, Xiao Mo and Xia Yu took Xiao mother to worship Xia Boyang. After the three of them went to dinner together, Xia Yu had a good impression of Xiao’s mother and wanted to treat her like her own mother.

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