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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 38 Recap

Xia Yu and Luo Dong called Lu Qiwen for a drink. He asked Lu Qiwen a question, but Lu Qiwen was very smooth and changed the way to say that Lei Chen is older than him, so he is more suitable for managing the company. Luo Dong called Du Wei to help, just as Yu Jie was already off work, Luo Dong handed Xia Yu to Du Wei and went to pick up Yu Jie himself. Du Wei helped Xia Yu, who was so drunk, back to his home, and carefully covered him with a blanket. The drunk Xia Yu grabbed Du Wei’s hand and told her not to leave. This home is too big. He used to live with his father. Now his father is gone. He lives alone in this huge home, feeling scared and lonely.

Du Wei felt a little distressed, so he stayed with him all night on the sofa. The next day Xia Yu woke up and tremblingly asked them if anything else happened last night. Du Wei deliberately made a joke and scared Xia Yu to death. Later, Du Wei explained that nothing happened between them, and Xia Yu was relieved. When asked what he did after getting drunk last night, Du Wei told his embarrassment, Xia Yu felt ashamed and ashamed. Du Wei asked about the current situation of Xia Yu and Wu Di, and Xia Yu honestly said that they had not been in contact recently. Du Wei expressed his understanding. After all, it was difficult for Wu Di to be caught in the middle of these matters between Xiao Mo and Xia Yu.

Lu Qiwen told Lei Chen and President Lin what Xia Yu had said yesterday, and both thought that Xia Yufu was weak. Lei Chen’s world niece is coming to Shenzhen. Lei Chen intends to call Xiao Mo to eat together. If Xiao Mo and his world niece become a family, they will also become a family, and they will do better in the future. Hua Hin went to meet with Qi Yang. Ren Yuan wore sunglasses and hid away, carefully watching what they were doing. When he saw Hua Hin take the initiative to put his hand on Qi Yang’s arm, Ren Yuan’s jealousy filled the whole Chest cavity. Lu Qiwen’s wife works in Bo’ai Hospital, so Ren Yuan called Lu Qiwen for help.

Lei Chen put down his guard on Xiao Mo and signed a contract with his niece in front of him. Lu Qiwen asked his wife to go to the thoracic surgery to check the list and found that Qi Yang had not lung cancer at all, but simple pneumonia. The medical staff in the hospital confuses the laboratory test sheets of other patients with his, so Qi Yang did not get lung cancer. On the second day, Xiao Mo really kept his promise and let Sun Xiaoning enter the cockpit for a tour before takeoff. However, he asked Sun Xiaoning to keep the bag for Du Wei on the grounds that the cockpit was small. Ren Yuan was at the hotel, called Hua Hin, and took out Qi Yang’s real test report. He said that Qi Yang did not have lung cancer at all.

When Hua Hin saw the inspection report, she probably believed that Qi Yang was lying to herself, but for Ren Yuan, she thought he was a little cautious. Since he stayed in the hotel well, Hua Hin simply let him continue to live here. On the day of the Midsummer Airlines shareholders meeting, Xia Yu looked at the photo of herself and his father, and sincerely hoped that his father would bless him. Before the election for the chairman of the board of directors, all directors received a message that Lei Chen used the new route to fill his own pockets. Xiao Mo appeared at the right time to expose Lei Chen’s real purpose in opening up the new route. The evidence was conclusive, and Lei Chen had no face to run for chairman of the board of directors and voluntarily withdrew from this election.

With Xiao Mo’s help, Xia Yu took the position of chairman of the board of directors. Xia Yu and the others had a meal to celebrate. Wu Di didn’t feel embarrassed to go. Du Wei said that he and Xiao Mo had done so much without telling everyone about Wu Di’s feelings. Qi Yang learned that he was only suffering from simple pneumonia, and specially went to Hua Hin to thank him. Xia Yu also inherited his father’s mantle and took the position of chairman of the company. He was very emotional, but felt that the heights were too cold.

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