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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 37 Recap

Xiao Mo heard the conversation between Ren Yuan and Hua Hin, and he assured them that he knew what he was doing. Lei Chen has already begun to implement the plan to fly long-distance four to three and hire an external captain, but Gao Kai said that Lei Chen has not managed the flight department and does not understand the mentality of pilots and internal staff. This is likely to cause dissatisfaction among employees. If there are any more people to add to the flames, it can put pressure on Lei Chen. Du Wei and Wu Di took the elevator together and met Xiao Mo. Wu Di didn’t talk to Xiao Mo, Du Wei wanted to adjust the atmosphere, but Wu Di thought Xiao Mo really wanted to stand with Lei Chen, so he didn’t have a good face to him.

Luo Dong began to talk about pilots changing from four to three at the company, which caused many employees to be very dissatisfied. The board of directors convened a meeting. Some people suggested that the opening of new routes should be stopped. Lei Chen thought about it and decided to put down the new routes first. Luo Dong and Xia Yu were celebrating Lei Chen’s disillusionment at the bar. He couldn’t help but complain about Xiao Mo. Xia Yu had already looked away. He smiled and said that he could be alone without Xiao Mo’s help. Qi Yang invited Ren Yuan to have dinner with Hua Hin, and he received a call on the way to leave temporarily. When Qi Yang went to the hospital, the doctor said he was suspected of having lung cancer and all the indicators were not good.

The hospital suggested that Qi Yang be hospitalized immediately. Qi Yang was full of worries, and he still had a lot to do. Lei Chen discussed with President Li, and at this moment, he has determined that Xiao Mo will stand on his side in all likelihood. Even if he does not move closer to himself, then he will not be biased towards Xia Yu. In short, the situation is 100% for Lei Chen. There is no harm in it. Xia Yu received a call, saying that the police were looking for him. Luo Dong saw Xia Yu being taken into a police car by the police, and heard that it was because he deliberately wounded people. Luo Dong quickly told Wu Di and Yu Jie about the incident. They both suspected that it might be caused by Li Teng’s incident a few months ago.

But Wu Di felt that something was wrong. It was already a few months ago. Why didn’t he sue Xia Yu when he was about to elect the chairman of the board of directors. Wu Di believes that someone must want to use this incident to attack Xia Yu’s reputation on the board of directors. At this time, Xia Yu was under investigation by the police. The police said that Li Teng had evidence that Xia Yu had picked up the matter first. When asked if Xia Yu had no evidence to prove that he was self-insurance, Xia Yu hesitated for a while and said that he had no evidence. The reason for saying this is because Xia Yu is worried that Lei Chen will implicate Wu Di, Luo Dong and Yu Jie.

Qi Yang told Hua Hin that he was suffering from lung cancer and wanted her to go to the place where the two had made love with him tomorrow. He had no other intentions, but wanted to leave some good memories. Yu Jie plucked up the courage to apologize to those flight attendants who had been in conflict. They were also reasonable and shook hands with Yu Jie. Hua Hin asked for leave inexplicably, and Ren Yuan couldn’t get through when she called her. He seemed very worried. Lei Chen is pressing harder and harder. Now the Internet is full of news about Xia Yu’s beating. Gao Kai said that Xiao Mo is the key to helping him sit as the chairman of the board of directors. He suggested that Xia Yu genuinely ask Xiao Mo for help.

As soon as I arrived at the company lobby, I saw Xiao Mo and Lei Chen walking in together. Xia Yu was very dissatisfied and almost fought with Xiao Mo. It was a fact that the two did not agree with everyone. Hua Hin stayed with Qi Yang for a day, and I didn’t know if the phone was out of power. Sitting at home alone, Ren Yuan was extremely sad. After Hua Hin returned, Ren Yuan quarreled with her about this matter and left home angrily. Everyone felt Xiao Mo was ungrateful. Wu Di went to the rooftop and said a few words with Xiao Mo. She was very disappointed with Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo did not explain or refute.

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