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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 13 Recap

The ancients used the god of chaos and the heart of the phoenix tree as Bai Jue’s medicine. She has determined to accompany Bai Jue through life and death, no matter what happens in the future. Afterwards, Bai Jue woke up and found what Zihan had stolen. He was shocked to find that Apocalypse wanted to activate the World Destruction Array, which would harm the Three Realms. Both Antiquity and Bai Jue did not believe that the Apocalypse Society was the one who seized the lord of the gods. , He must have a hard time saying.

The ancients came to seek out Xianling from Yuemi. Yuemi and Tianqi have known each other for tens of thousands of years. She knew that Tianqi was definitely not the one who would activate the world-destroying formation. Seeing Yuemi’s unconditional trust in Apocalypse followed in anxiousness, the ancients learned that Yuemi’s favorite Apocalypse, she borrowed Xunxianling from Yuemi, and promised Yuemi that no matter what happens in the future, she will not let others hurt Apocalypse. Half a minute.

The World Destruction Formation has never appeared, and Bai Jue has studied the method of cracking it, fearing that everything will be irretrievable. On the other side, the ancients came to Yuanling Marsh to find the Apocalypse. She believed that the Apocalypse must have difficulties, but the Apocalypse kept saying that he was only performing a play with the ancients for ten thousand years. He was going to activate the World Destruction Array to dominate the third world. No one could stop him, and the ancients did not want to watch Tianqi go wrong, she tried to take the ancients back to the gods, but Tianqi shot the ancients and let the ancients roll out of the Yuanling swamp.

When the ancients returned to the realm of God, Bai Ju found that the ancients had been injured. He wanted to find the apocalypse. The ancients stopped Bai Ju, but said that the apocalypse had decided, and that Bai Ju’s departure would not help, and she had committed a serious mistake. Bai Ju knew this was not the fault of the ancients. Seeing the ancients disappointed and sad because of the apocalypse, Bai Ju felt distressed and hugged the ancients into his arms.

Bai Ju brought the ancients to the gate of God Realm together. He enlightened the ancients and drank the same pot of wine with the ancients. As the god of chaos in ancient times, she lived with the Three Realms and also shouldered the mission of the Three Realms. Even though she has a deep relationship with Apocalypse, she can face the responsibility of the Three Realms. She understands that she can only choose to stop Apocalypse. Even if there is a battle with Apocalypse, she must also choose sentient beings in the Three Realms.

In Yuanling Marsh, Apocalypse wanted to activate the World Destroying Formation. He was prepared to protect the formation with his body and use his original divine power to catalyze the formation. As for the outside of Yuanling Marsh, he must rely on Zihan to guard it. Once the world-destroying formation is completed, the demon world will be destroyed. Even if it is Zihan’s homeland, Zihan is willing to be loyal to the demon god Apocalypse and help the apocalypse to open the world-destroying formation. follow.

The ancients announced that Apocalypse was preparing to open the world-destroying formation in Yuanling Marsh. She sent troops to Yuanling Marsh. Yuemi asked for her order to go to Yuanling Marsh. The ancients responded to Yuemi’s request and asked her to go with Bai Jue. Nothing in the God Realm can escape the eyes of the Demon Clan, and Xueying has been in trouble with the Demon Clan, Xueying tells Mo Yu about the God Realm, and Mo Yu handed the magic weapon to Xueying, letting Xueying stand in the way. . Xueying knew Wu Huan’s thoughts, she came and handed the magic weapon to Wu Huan, provoke Li Shi to let Wu Huan take the magic weapon to Yuanling Swamp to catch the apocalypse.

Twilight spotted Wu Huan who was among the gods. Wu Huan only said that she wanted to do a little bit for the ancients. When Twilight felt soft, he agreed to let Wu Huan go with him. This time, Bai Jue, Yuemi, and Hongri led the troops to the Yuanling Swamp. The ancients went to the lower realm alone to disperse the power of chaos and appease the lower realm. On the eve of the battle, Yuemi wanted to persuade Apocalypse last, she begged a stick of incense time from Baiju, and went to Yuanling Marsh to persuade Apocalypse. Wuhuan secretly saw that Yuemi had entered the World Extinguishing Formation. She only thought that Yuemi had colluded with Apocalypse, so she also sneaked into the World Extinguishing Formation with a magic weapon.

Yuemi came to Tianqi, Tianqi wanted to use cold words to force Yuemi away, but Yuemi believed in Tianqi unconditionally, she persuaded Tianqi with her orders, Tianqi could not watch Yuemi unexpectedly, he took part of the formation spiritual power, come In front of Yue Mi. Yuemi persuaded Tianqi to go back with her. There are no problems in the world that they can’t solve. Since Tianqi left, the ancients have never smiled. She believes Tianqi is not willing to see such ancients.

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