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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 15 Recap

A and Rong Mei Shiqing and his colleagues are discussing these several incidents. Mei Shiqing saw that although the fake Night Spirit had done bad things, but had not done everything, there must be something wrong. On the other side, Little Treasure was about to use the crime of robbery to put it on the head of the Evil Spirit. Who knew it happened to run into a pregnant woman.

Little Treasure was overwhelmed and had to take the pregnant woman back to the hospital. This gave birth to a big fat boy. Although he is not the father of the child, Xiao Bao, who has done good deeds, is extremely happy. He specifically went back to find Lu Yingyao. Lu Yingyao was very happy after hearing this. I hope that after this opportunity, Xiao Bao can distinguish between good and evil.

At the last opportunity, Xiaobao became addicted to doing good deeds and secretly came out to do good deeds. When Mei Shiqing and Xiaowanzi went to the streets, they found that the people began to discuss the evil spirit man who did good deeds. Although Mei Shiqing was very happy in her heart, Xiao Wanzi still wanted to catch the counterfeit Night Spirit Man. Go to the gate deliberately, pretending to jump off the building. Mei Shiqing changed into the costume of Night Spirit Man, and looked funny watching Xiaowanzi acting. Who knew Xiaowanzi almost jumped off, but fortunately Mei Shiqing flew to rescue him.

Nan Ba ​​Tian was already waiting impatiently here, and Nan Ba ​​Tian was going out these days, so he threatened Little Treasure to catch the Night Spirit Man within these few days, otherwise he would definitely not agree to Little Treasure’s request. Xiao Bao told Lu Yingyao of his distress, but Lu Yingyao would rather marry Nan Batian than let Xiao Bao catch the evil spirit man who did good deeds, let alone hope that Xiao Bao couldn’t distinguish between right and wrong because of this matter. Little Treasure agreed, but still firmly grasped the Night Spirit Man from the bottom of his heart.

Xiao Maruko once again pretended to be stunned at night, but Xiao Bao recognized it. Mei Shiqing stopped Xiao Bao from behind. Now the true and false Eternal Spirit met, Mei Shiqing and Xiao Bao played against each other, seeing Xiao Bao being Mei Shi Qing pushed away, and unexpectedly pushed Xiaowanzi into the well together. Mei Shiqing grabbed Xiaobao and Xiaobao took the opportunity to escape. Mei Shiqing had to jump into the well, watching Xiaowanzi about to pass out, Mei Shiqing used his mouth to cross. After giving oxygen to Xiaowanzi, when Xiaowanzi opened her eyes, she couldn’t help but feel excited again when she looked at Mei Shiqing before her. But guilt rose again, causing Xiaowanzi’s heart to shake again.

Xiao Wanzi’s upset appearance these days made Mei Shiqing very worried, thinking that his impulse made Xiaowanzi unhappy, but Xiaowanzi mistakenly thought that Mei Shiqing didn’t want to have anything to do with him, and ran again angrily. open. Mei Shiqing began to doubt himself. Xiao Wanzi ran back to the room, and Qiaoyun came to ask again. Xiao Wanzi had to pretend to sleep, but was seen through by Qiaoyun. Xiao Wanzi who was hit by Qiaoyun’s question suddenly panicked…

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