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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 14 Recap

Ye Lingxia found Guo Wanwan, who knew that the officers and soldiers came out from behind. Mei Shiqing took the opportunity to expose Guo Wanwan’s selling of illegal salt. The officers and soldiers were about to turn around and grab Guo Wanwan, but the mysterious man shot and led the people around. After living in the crowd, the officers and soldiers realized that they were in an ambush.

Under the melee, the warriors let the officers and soldiers leave first, but Xiaowanzi actually followed and used the slingshot to help the night spirits, but they were outnumbered, and the two were still a good one. Fan hides, and then escapes danger.

Xiaobao once again brought Lu Yingyao to deliver the meal, only to see a mysterious person, Wang Biao who had taken over with Xiaobao. Wang Biao came this time, intending to use a lot of money and gifts to ask Nan Batian and his master to join forces to deal with the Night Spirit Man. Under the sugar-coated cannonball, Nan Batian nodded and agreed. Turning around and discussing with everyone, Nan Ba ​​Tian is going to use silver to reward those who catch the Evil Man.

Who knows Xiao Bao only wants small balls, Nan Ba ​​Tian did not expect that his daughter is not comparable to Xiao Bao’s small balls. , So he agreed, as long as Xiaobao catches the Night Spirit Man, Xiaowanzi can marry Xiaobao. Xiaobao deliberately told Lu Yingyao of the good news. Xiaobao didn’t actually want to force Lu Yingyao to marry him, but hoped that Lu Yingyao could gain the freedom she wanted and escape the sense of crisis brought by Nan Batian.

Mei Shiqing and Xiaowanzi quarreled because Xiaowanzi followed without authorization. Xiaowanzi was so angry that she didn’t want to see Mei Shiqing again. Who knew that when she left the room, Mei Shiqing attacked with gourmet food, Xiaowanzi could only insist on this tenaciously. heart. Mei Shiqing could only hand over the small task to Xiaowanzi, and asked Xiaowanzi to find someone who sold illegal salt, so that Mei Shiqing could question.

The common people didn’t understand Mei Shiqing’s arrest of private salt dealers. On the contrary, they felt that the Eternal Spirit had broken the matter of buying cheap private salt. Mei Shiqing on the side was very disheartened. The crowd broke up, Xiaowanzi’s mission failed, and the two returned to Mei Mansion. Mei Shiqing looked gloomy, Xiaowanzi opened his mouth to enlighten Mei Shiqing, which made Mei Shiqing regain his confidence.

Lu Yingyao heard the conversation between Wu Ye and Little Treasure by mistake, and then she knew that Little Treasure’s task was to catch the Night Spirit Man. Before turning around, Little Treasure found Lu Yingyao. Lu Yingyao persuaded Little Treasure not to catch the Dark Nightman who does good deeds every day.

This time I woke up Little Treasure, so Xiaobao changed into Dark Nightman’s costume and was in Qingzhou City. Doing bad things everywhere, just want to elicit the Eidolon. Xiao Wanzi heard the people mourn the night spirit man, and was about to refute it angrily, but was grabbed back by Mei Shiqing. Everyone discussed that it must be the trick that the Yan Gang thought…

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