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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 13 Recap

Nan Batian questioned Lord Wu and ordered Lord Wu to deal with his subordinates personally. Only then did Lord Wu pretend to punch and kick his opponent. According to the rules of Qinglongzhai, one hand must be broken. But Xiaobao felt pity in his heart, but Nan Batian showed a vicious expression and warned everyone present with his majesty, letting others drag Wu Ye’s men away…

Mei Shiqing and Xiao Wanzi were scolded by Mei Changyun because they hadn’t returned all night. After returning to the room, Mei Shiqing’s wound began to ache again. Xiao Wanzi applied medicine for Mei Shiqing and cooked the medicine himself. Qiaoyun asked about the relationship between Xiaowanzi and Mei Shiqing by the kitchen, Xiaowanzi denied it with a guilty conscience, but when she was alone, Xiaowanzi’s mind repeatedly flashed through so many moments of meeting and getting along with Mei Shiqing. Feeling my heart throbbing, maybe I really like someone I shouldn’t like.

Seeing Xiao Wanzi’s gloomy look, Mei Shiqing deliberately stepped forward to inquire. Mei Shiqing saw through Xiao Wanzi’s mind at a glance, and deliberately said that he belonged to his heart and would not change his mind because the princess came back. In order to encourage Xiaowanzi’s mood, Mei Shiqing took Xiaowanzi to Ruyilou for dinner, and Arou reported on the private salt case. Xiaowanzi listened to it and witnessed the scene of Ye Lingxia’s work.

Nan Xiang specially asked Wu Ye to show off the new clothes that Xiao Bao brought to him, but Wu Ye spoke again, using Lu Yingyao to separate Xiao Bao and her relationship, so angry that Nan Xiang ran away to find Lu Yingyao and took out a knife to threaten him. To ruin Nanxiang’s face, He Yizhi couldn’t stop it. Nanxiang chased Lu Yingyao all the way, and almost cut the knife.

Fortunately, Xiaobao reached out for help. The ruthless Nan Xiang found Nan Batian to file a complaint, and made up a bunch of lies, saying that it was He Yizhi that the two wanted to report to the official and wanted to escape. Nan Batian would definitely protect her daughter, so he took the opportunity to imprison He Yizhi and threatened Lu Yingyao with He Yizhi to marry him…

Xiaobao secretly took Lu Yingyao to visit He Yizhi in the prison. Recalling He Yizhi’s sacrifice today, Lu Yingyao felt the warmth of her relatives. He Yizhi was also moved after hearing this. He always looked at Lu Yingyao as a girl. After Lu Yingyao walked out of the cell, Xiao Bao took her to a mysterious place to look at the stars. Seeing Lu Yingyao standing quietly beside him, Xiao Bao couldn’t help but ask, Lu Yingyao looked at the stars freely and looked at the stars. Individuals are not free, Lu Yingyao persuaded Xiaobao not to be wronged in the cottage, it is better to follow her ideals to run around.

Xiao Wanzi wanted to be the assistant of Night Spirit Man, but was persuaded by Mei Shiqing to go back. Si Heng came to report that someone said that the reporter said that Night Spirit had colluded with Qinglongzhai to rob the vendors, but he did not expect to be sued. Mei Shiqing learned from Arou that the reporter’s name was Guo Wanwan, and he must be behind it. One of the big shots, so Ye Lingxia personally found Guo Wanwan and asked the black hand behind it.

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