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The Secret of Love 不能恋爱的秘密 Episode 9 Recap

Editor-in-Chief Sun called Su Yi to the office and said that he had a new colleague, Li Jiashang’s fiancée, named Romani, so Romani took the initiative to stand up and introduce Su Yi enthusiastically. The two met very bluntly and shook hands. Started to compete. Afterwards, Romani refurbished in the office. Ferryn and Su Yi said that Romani was Li Jiashang’s fiancée, and she had to go to the toilet with them.

After that, Su Yi sent a message to Ding Hang and asked him to go over, looking for opportunities in the decoration team. Ding Hang hurried over, and Su Yi tricked Fei Lin out and said that she wanted to talk to Fei Lin about Li Jiashang, but did not say anything about Li Jiashang for a long time, which made Fei Lin very puzzled. At this time, Ding Hang After completing the mission, Su Yi said that Film’s lipstick did not match the clothes, and Li Jia still didn’t like it and walked away.

Ding Hang took Su Yi into the car and took the magazine from that year and showed it to Su Yi. Su Yi said that the girl in the report was not her. Ding Hang felt that if it wasn’t Su Yi, then the practice report must be fake. I have to go back and investigate it carefully.

Su Yi went back to work and saw Su Xiangtai’s name in the list of models. This made Su Yi very mad, so she went to Su Xiangtai and asked him whether to go to school, and even went to be a model. And Su Xiangtai said that since his sister can cooperate with Li’s enterprise, so can he. Afterwards, Romani went to the studio and said that she wanted to select the model herself.

She was very satisfied with Su Xiangtai. This made Su Yi who didn’t want Su Xiangtai to work in the company very much. So Su Yi proposed to call Li Jiashang to be a more suitable model, and Romani would partner with Li Jiashang. When they were shooting, Su Yi looked at Romani and Li Jiashang very affectionately, and felt a little strange, so he and Su Xiangtai also showed closeness to Li Jiashang.

After returning home, Su Xiangtai and Su Yi said that they didn’t like Li Jiashang, but they were chanting his name in their dreams. This made Su Yi a little angry, so don’t talk nonsense about Su Xiangtai. After that, I told Xia Xiyang that I was thinking of asking Li Jiashang to help find the truth, but I didn’t expect that an iron fan princess Romany would be killed halfway, which made her a little messy.

In the meeting, Romani and Su Yi compared their respective plans, but in the end Li Jiashang chose Romani’s, which made Romani very happy. Later, Romani invited Su Yi to go to dinner with Li Jiashang. During the period, Romani treated Li Jiashang very much. It is ambiguous, and also said that although she and Li Jiashang are family friends, but they are also the love of the free two Su Yi. After that, Su Yi said that he had something to go back, and Li Jiashang was going to send Su Yi away. She refused, and asked Li Jiashang to stay with Romani.

After Su Yi returned home, she thought of Li Jiashang and Romani in despair. Xia Xiyang saw Su Yi had something to accompany her out to relax. The two went to the boxing gym to practice boxing and told Su Yi to treat the sandbag as an enemy. Unexpectedly, they met Li Jiashang and Zheng Hao and they also went, and they took Romani with them. It’s really a narrow road. Romani has to fight Su Yi, so the two of them came to the stage and started the competition. The first game Su Yi won, but the second game was called by Li Jiashang when Romany was about to beat Su Yi. Stopped.

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