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The Secret of Love 不能恋爱的秘密 Episode 7 Recap

The next morning Su Yi went back and was blamed by Xia Xiyang for not going home all night. Su Xiangtai called her all night, and Su Yi told Xia Xiyang that she had fingerprints when she helped Li Jiashang explode the wound, but Xia Xiyang said why. Didn’t you go home all night and was already with Li Jiashang? No wonder that I was so happy. It turned out that I found the feeling of first love. Su Yi and Xia Xiyang said that he could feel Li Jiashang’s love for Mu Xiao yesterday.

Xia Xiyang said that if it can be proved that Li Jiashang has nothing to do with the things back then, Su Yi can consider accepting Li Jiashang. But Su Yi touched her face and felt a shadow in her heart, because her face was ruined back then and it became what it is now after plastic surgery. As a professional doctor, Xia Xiyang told Su Yi that the sutures on her face were sutured successfully, so there should be no shadows. And Sui said that until everything is clear, they still can’t be together.

Su Yi went to the archives again, opened the password lock with Li Jiashang’s fingerprint, and saw a group photo inside. Su Yi took out his phone and took a picture. After that, Li Jiashang called Su Yi, but no one answered, so he went to find her. He didn’t expect to see Su Yi calling a friend at the door of the company.

Chu Mo received a message asking him to remember the lesson of the year and not to be nosy. Later, Su Yi went to see Chu Mo when he was off work, hoping that he could help clarify the truth of the year, but Chu Mo told Su Yi to get off the car. Why should he take the risk? Who is there when he needs help most? Come out to help him.

Li Jiashang always wanted to call Su Yi, but Zheng He said whoever contacted first would lose. After that, Su Yi went to the office to find Li Jiashang, and showed her suggestions to Li Jiashang, but Li Jiashang didn’t read it and said he was dissatisfied. At this time, Fiora passed by and was very angry looking at the scene of them being together. After that, Su Yi approached Filin and said that although they were all in the company, they had different purposes, and told Filin not to trouble him.

Su Yi went to Chu Mo’s office to find him, but there was no one after entering. Shu Yuhui Su Yi saw the 2014 Li Mu Research Institute personnel list on his desk, which surprised Su Yi very much. Later, he lent Ding Hang to talk about the list, and Ding Hang asked Su Yi to send him the list. After returning home, Su Yi told Xia Xiyang of what he had discovered. In that group photo, the two saw Mr. Zhang Mingda who was resigned by Li Jiashang. He was still very young back then.

After get off work, Chu Mo was waiting for Su Yi, but did not drive her with her, so Su Yi called a taxi to follow Chu Mo. After Chu Mo drove to the entrance of a hospital, he drove away after Su Yi got off the car. Su Yi was very puzzled. At this time, Ding Hang called and said that only four of the five people on his list could be found.

Two immigrated, one passed away, and another named Zhu Yue was in a mental hospital. It coincided with the incident of the car accident, so Su Yi said it was called Yihe General Hospital? Ding Hang saw it really. Su Yi went to the hospital to find Zhu Yue’s ward. At this time, Li Jiashang called Su Yi and told her to go back immediately, unless she didn’t want to cooperate with Li’s enterprise, but Su Yi told Li Jiashang that she just didn’t want to cooperate and hung up the phone.

But when Su Yi Scorpio played the list, the nurse said that they were off work today, so it’s okay to ask Su Yi to visit tomorrow. Su Yi hurriedly went back to Li Jiashang, and Li Jiashang said that Su Yi’s earrings were dropped, and he was going to get them to Su Yi. Unexpectedly, Li Jiashang was not going out after entering the room. Su Yi hurried to find Li Jiashang, but he did not expect to be in Li Jiashang’s room.

Seeing a group photo of Mu Xiao and Li Jiashang, the back of the photo said that if it were not for Li Jiashang’s fault, Mu Xiao would not die, which made Su Yi very unhappy. Then I saw Li Jiashang in front of the swimming pool outside, and he put the earrings on Su Yi. Li Jiashang told Su Yi that he was serious, holding a birthday cake on the table in front of him, Su Yi knew that it was Li Jiashang’s birthday, but after Su Yi sent a blessing to Li Jiashang, he said that he would let him live by himself, and said After that, he left, which made Li Jiashang very disappointed.

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