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The Secret of Love 不能恋爱的秘密 Episode 10 Recap

Su Yi went to the office to find Li Jiashang, and Romani was in the office with Li Jiashang. Li Jiashang asked Romani not to be very close to him when no one was there. But Romani wanted to be enthusiastic about Li Jiashang and rode on Li Jiashang. This When Su Yi just went in and saw that scene, he turned and left. Li Jiashang saw Su Yi leaving and hurried to chase him.

In the meantime, I gave Su Yi a voice saying that things were not what she saw, but Su Yi never responded. Sui went to meet with a Japanese Murakami and wanted to introduce them to Li’s products. After Sui’s introduction, Murakami asked Sui to go to his room and talk in detail.

While Su Yi and the Japanese Murakami were drinking, Li Jiashang called Su Yi, but Su Yi did not answer. And the Japanese wanted to try something wrong with Su Yi. If Su Yi wanted to cooperate with him, he had to show it. Just then Li Jiashang went to knock on the door. After Su Yi opened the door of the room, Li Jiashang was surprised. The Japanese Murakami was lying in the corner and crying, and Su Yi went out intact.

Li Jiashang and Su Yi said that she didn’t know who Murakami Qi was, so don’t make him worry after calling Su Yi. So Li Jiashang hugged Su Yi and said sorry, but Zheng He passed by and interrupted them. After that, Li Jiashang told Su Yi to go back to the company first. After Su Yi left, Li Jiashang blamed Zheng He for his idea, and almost made Su Yi deprived. It turns out that Romani was deliberately arranged for Su Yi to see it.

After Sui returned, he married everyone for a meeting, and Romani said that Sui’s suggestion was inappropriate to terminate the cooperation with the celebrity show. Sui said that Romani was a wise person and would not terminate the cooperation because of one incident. He hoped that Romani could find a satisfactory spokesperson for the celebrity star in two weeks to replace Qi Murakami, so Romani agreed to Sui’s Claim. Su Yi asked his subordinates to find the most suitable person. As long as he did it, everyone’s bonus would be very generous.

Zheng He took Li Jiashang’s cell phone to send a message to Su Yi. Li Jiashang said that Su Yi would not bow his head first at any time. And Zheng He told Li Jiashang to understand the importance of love. Even if he bowed his head first, he wouldn’t die. The two of them drank together and slept in the dining room.

When Xia Xiyang was on the night shift, his father took his new wife to meet his daughter, and the father’s wife always said Xia Xiyang with a thorn in the painting. At this time, Zheng He took the supper to see Xia Xiyang, and he was a sarcasm at that woman. , Hurriedly left the two people angry. After that, Zheng He asked Xia Xiyang not to always live in the shadow of childhood. At least she still has Zheng He. This made Xia Xiyang very moved, and he kissed Zheng He in his arms, which made Zheng He very surprised.

Su Yi received a call from Ding Hang, saying that he had found the autopsy materials that year and wanted to check it out. But Xia Xiyang said that only the photo and name, how can the sea city be so big to find that person? Su Yi showed the photo to Xia Xiyang. He didn’t expect Xia Xiyang to know that person, the dean they pressed, Zheng Yi, and Zheng He’s father.

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