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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 31 Recap

When approaching the end of get off work, Lin Nansheng received a call from Zuo Qiuming and went to the bank of the Wutong River alone. Zuo Qiuming assigned a new task and told Lin Nansheng to analyze a batch of Japanese military intelligence as soon as possible. At the same time, he found that his state seemed to have changed a lot compared with the past, and he was curious to ask why.

Lin Nansheng couldn’t hide his excitement. He couldn’t help sharing “On Protracted War” with Zuo Qiuming. He believed that Mao Zedong was a great strategic prophet. He could predict the outbreak of war in Europe as early as 1938. This alone is enough. It shows that he is very forward-looking. Because of this, Lin Nansheng seems to have found the direction of the revolution again. Even Zuo Qiuming took the initiative to talk about the view that the soldiers and the people are the basis of victory. During the discussion, the two strengthened the belief that China must win and Japan must lose.

To celebrate Lin Nansheng’s “rebirth”, Zuo Qiuming took out a fountain pen from his arms and gave it to him. Although this is the second time he gave a fountain pen, Lin Nansheng still regarded it as a treasure and cherished each other’s brotherhood very much. From that day on, Lin Nansheng would stay in front of the radio every night, listening to the broadcast from Yan’an, which became his only hobby in his depressing life.

In the name of repairing the phone, Wang Shian sent someone to Chen Moqun to send a letter of commission and a radio station specially approved by his superiors so that he could contact Chongqing at any time. The intelligence officer Liang Kai, who was mainly responsible for collecting intelligence in Guangzhou, was accidentally arrested by the Japanese army and eventually confessed to Zuo Qiuming because he could not tolerate torture.

Originally, Zuo Qiuming and Lin Nansheng had made an appointment to meet at the family cafe, but when he saw a Japanese spy lying in ambush not far away, he knew that someone had defected, so he deliberately approached the Japanese guest next door and conveyed the news to Lin Nansheng in Nanjing dialect. At this moment, the scene was in chaos. Zuo Qiuming was shot during the escape. Lin Nansheng stood at the door and saw the Japanese army drag him away. He could only hold back his emotions and turned around and left in a hurry.

A few days later, Zuo Qiuming was lying in the hospital ward. On the surface, it seemed that the crisis had turned into peace, but in reality, life was worse than death. The Japanese spies specially started when Zuo Tyumen’s wound was about to heal, repeatedly tortured and crushed, and then asked the doctor to suture it. The severe pain deep into the bone marrow was even more unbearable for ordinary people.

However, during this period, Zuo Qiuming remained silent all the time, refusing to disclose any news about the Juntong Station. Until late at night of the third day, after the rounds doctors and nurses left one after another, Zuo Qiuming decided to pull out the infusion tube, covered his head with a bed sheet, gritted his teeth to endure the severe pain, tore open the wound in his abdomen with his hands, and strangled his intestines. Let the blood drain slowly.

In the early morning of the next day, Lin Nansheng saw in the newspaper that the Japanese army had published a corpse recognition announcement, and that familiar gray-white photo became a farewell between him and Zuo Qiuming. The sunset was still the same that afternoon, except that there were no longer two young people sitting side by side on the bank of the Wutong River. Lin Nansheng looked at the river lonely, and could no longer conceal his grief.

According to Zuo Qiuming’s account before his death, Lin Nansheng personally went to the post office to retrieve the documents, and then waited at home for three days, but no one claimed it for a long time. Lin Nansheng rushed into the Hong Kong Juntong site angrily and questioned the stationmaster. He didn’t expect the other party to take out a stack of photos. There were various angles of Zuo Qiuming’s private meeting with a stranger. Among these people, they included those they hadn’t seen for a long time Zhu Yizhen.

The webmaster believes that the person in the photo is definitely not an insider of the military system, let alone from the Central System, because Zuo Qiuming has not been assigned the task of liaison with the outside world from the beginning to the end, which means that he may have a dual identity and a great communication A total of suspects. Because of Gu Shenyan’s face, the stationmaster didn’t ask Lin Nansheng whether there was a problem, but reminded him not to make trouble anymore, and honestly follow the station’s arrangements.

Even though Lin Nansheng didn’t want to believe it, he went home and compared the documents one by one, which really confirmed Zuo Qiuming’s Communist Party status. The next day, near the post office, Lin Nansheng waited for the person who came to pick up the package. Unexpectedly, it was Ji Zhongyuan who was supposed to have died in the explosion. Facing Lin Nansheng’s doubts, Ji Zhongyuan took him to Zuo Qiuming’s grave, and at the same time informed the cause and effect, including Zhu Yizhen’s complete recovery.

Since the military commander took photos of Zhu Yizhen and Zuo Qiuming meeting, Lin Nansheng was worried that Zhu Yizhen might cause trouble, and immediately relayed the matter to Ji Zhongyuan, and took out the intelligence analysis documents left by Zuo Qiuming, hoping to provide them with beneficial help. At the same time, Zhu Yizhen arrived in Hong Kong to contact Meng Annan to discuss how to transfer Zhu Xiaotian and others to leave.

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