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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 30 Recap

Gu Shenyan took the initiative to find boss Wu to discuss cooperation, claiming that he had a batch of guns made by Hanyang in his hand, so he planned to sell them at a low price and replace them with a few yellow croakers. Boss Wu readily agreed to first take out three pure gold as a deposit, and go to the agreed place on time. He didn’t know that someone had already called the special high school secretly to report it.

Just as Boss Wu took his subordinates to dig a gun, he was arrested on the spot by the special high school class unexpectedly. Because he didn’t know the specific situation, he could only truthfully explain the cause and effect to the Japanese. It didn’t take long for the inside line of the military system to report Gu Shenyan’s gun sales to Zhou Yaoting, who transferred Dai Li to explain the matter.

Because Lin Nansheng insisted on being discharged from the hospital, Zuo Qiuming couldn’t help him, so he had to agree to find a doctor to issue a discharge certificate. However, before leaving, Lin Nansheng took this opportunity to bid farewell to Kato Koji, and when the other party was unprepared, he directly pushed him off the roof to report the murder of his compatriots.

In order to avoid people’s suspicion, Lin Nansheng tried his best to hide in the ward, but his injuries were too serious and he fainted directly in the bathroom. Zuo Qiuming handled Lin Nansheng’s discharge procedures as quickly as possible. He couldn’t help but blame him for acting impulsively. He shouldn’t make such dangerous revenge at the moment, and he was almost exposed, which simply disappointed everyone’s trust.

Nevertheless, Zuo Qiuming personally arranged the residence, and at the same time officially transferred Lin Nansheng’s affiliation to Hong Kong. He served as the liaison, responsible for Lin Nansheng’s intelligence work, including the Chongqing headquarters also assigned his call sign 316. Because Lin Nansheng’s body has not fully healed yet, he is now suitable for recuperating at home first, and by the way, he is familiar with the signal receiving tools and the required codebook.

That night, Lin Nansheng couldn’t bear the severe pain of the wounded mouth, and went downstairs to buy medicine alone. However, he didn’t bring the resident certificate, so the pharmacy guy was afraid to make the order. Just as Lin Nansheng was about to leave, the shop owner suddenly ran out, took out two packs of painkillers and handed them to Lin Nansheng, reminding him to bring his ID with him in the future, so as not to cause trouble.

Zhu Yizhen has not received any news about Lin Nansheng for a long time, let alone know that Lin Nansheng has changed the name of Lu Yuntang at this moment. Even the only brooch worth remembering has appeared damaged. No one can repair it after searching the streets and alleys, as if it means that we are separated from each other. The two places completely lost contact.

Gu Shenyan knew that the military regiment sent someone to arrest him, pretending to be frightened when he woke up from his sleep, but when he saw that the person was Wang Shian, he suddenly realized. Before the intervention of Chongqing, Wang Shian tried to make idioms from Gu Shenyan so that he would disappear in Shanghai. However, Gu Shenyan’s refusal to disclose any news made him very crippled.

Since coming to Hong Kong, Lin Nansheng’s pain and suffering and nowhere to display his ambitions have made Lin Nansheng more depressed, unable to find a future direction. He can only live on painkillers all day, and his will gradually fades. It seems that apart from eating and sleeping, There is no belief worth living.

Although Zhu Yizhen confessed before her death that she hoped that Lin Nansheng would help her complete the task and watched China after the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan, Lin Nansheng was always saddened by the hurdle in her heart. Now Lin Nansheng has only hatred in his heart, and the same incompetent anger, a near-death experience that is almost suffocating; it is an unswerving shame to death, and a regret for no chance to meet again.

Even though Zuo Qiuming persuaded him in every possible way, he could not open Lin Nansheng’s heart until he talked about faith. As agents, even if they were in the dark, they had to follow the light. Lin Nansheng promised to go to work at the company arranged by Zuo Qiuming, and when he turned the radio station, he accidentally heard “On the Protracted War” broadcast by Yan’an, and his heart was very touched.

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