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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 30 Recap

Cao Dehe and Kong Shiju helped Qi Jianshe do things and collected some sesame oil. Kong Shiju was worried that Qi would not be able to go forward and felt that he should put things away first. Qi Jianshe said that he helped the village earn some extra money. This time he came back to help the village sell the wood made into sledgehammers, but the factory did not agree, so he asked Cao Dehe to help sell it. He also said that he gave Cao the peanut kernels and sesame oil.

Dehe. Qi Jianshe also said that he still had some sesame oil, and asked Qi Xiangqian to help talk to the factory. Qi Xiangqian was so angry that he almost beat him, but Qi’s mother suddenly fell ill and fainted. Qi Jianshe kept crying in front of Qi’s mother’s bed, and Bai Ruoxue was afraid that Qi would get angry and let him go back first. Somerset told Qi Xiangqian that Qi’s mother’s life was running out. Qi Xiangqian was very emotional, and Somerset advised him to go to the city hospital again to see if there was a better way.

Qi Xiangqian carried Qi’s mother on his back and went to the city hospital, but got the same answer as Somerset. Somerset said that Qi’s mother’s stomach pain should have been endured for a long time, and now there is only less than a month left. Bai Ruoxue was very sad when he heard the news, and Cao Dehe and Wang Sulan were also sad.

Qi Xiangqian walked back with Qi’s mother on his back. Qi’s mother said that the sun was rising and falling, and she was content. Qi’s mother asked Qi Xiangqian to say a lot. The children should be able to decide on their own when they are old. Bai Ruoxue is a good woman, and he should know how to care for others. Mother Qi doesn’t want to go to the hospital anymore, she wants to go home. The sun was about to fall, Qi Xiangqian carried her all the way back to the factory, and everyone greeted her.

Wang Sulan and Zhao Duofu discussed Qi’s mother’s condition. Zhao Yonggang said after hearing that he would cut a piece of his stomach for Qi’s mother. Qi Qiangqian and Qi’s mother depended on each other for their lives. If Qi’s mother left, Qi Qiangqian said it would be more uncomfortable than the sky collapsed. He Feng hurried back to visit Qi’s mother. He was going to work in Beijing tomorrow. Qi’s mother asked Bai Ruoxue to show He Feng the pair of shoes in the cupboard, and asked him to take it with him.

Before he left, He Feng told Qi Xiangqian that he and Director Zhou had already explained that he had nothing to do with anything. Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue have been guarding Qi’s mother’s bed, Qi’s mother suddenly said that they heard the sound of singing, it was a chain. Qi Qiangqian helped Qi’s mother up, Qi’s mother murmured, nice, and then closed his eyes.

After Qi’s mother left, Qi Xiangqian became anxious and fell ill. Bai Ruoxue was worried, Qi Ziqiang read the composition he wrote to commemorate his grandma, and Qi Xiangqian woke up unexpectedly. Qi Qianqian shouted from the mountain, and he was reluctant to leave his mother, but they could meet again sooner or later. Kong Weixin heard about the death of Qi’s mother and wrote in a letter to Qi Fendou that a thing that is beneficial to others is always alive. The first diesel locomotive of the Dabei Plant is about to be put into trial operation. Qiushi and Qi Xiangqian lamented that it was impossible to build a steam locomotive in the first place. They did not expect to build a diesel locomotive now.

Zhao Yonggang finally fulfilled his wish and was about to join the army. Wang Sulan and Liu Guiqin were very happy. Zhao Yonggang turned his head and went to look for Qi forward. Liu Guiqin felt that all the children who should serve as soldiers and their transfers were settled, and Yu Chenglin was left without farming for the rest of his life. Zhao Yonggang was wearing a military uniform waiting for Qi forward on the road, Qi Xiangqian was also very happy. Zhao Yonggang thought that when the troops were assigned to the island, he worked hard to fight for it. Qi Qiangqian expressed his approval and didn’t forget to ask him to write to himself and Qi Fendou to talk about what the world is like.

Qi Xiangqian said he wanted to reward Zhao Yonggang, and Zhao Yonggang said he wanted to eat smoked chicken. Yu Chenglong, who was playing basketball, also wanted to go, and was driven away by Qi Xiangqian to prepare him for the trial operation tomorrow, and also asked him to pack Qi Ziqiang’s dinner. Bai Ruoxue’s performance was cancelled. I heard that Qi Xiangqian took Zhao Yonggang to eat smoked chicken, and planned to make dumplings for Qi Ziqiang. She is the best heir to Qi’s mother’s craftsmanship.

The diesel locomotive was produced smoothly and the workshop was very lively. Li Xingong was going to study and reform, but Cao Dehe didn’t get into trouble, saying that she would welcome her to stand at the counter with herself when she came back. Bai Ruoxue became the leader again, but she planned to let Shi Min stay.

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