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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 29 Recap

Qi Xiangqian refused to let Qi Fendou and Kong Weixin go to the countryside together. After all, they were so far away from home that they couldn’t afford something if they were young. Qi Xiangqian intends to find Liu Guiqin to find a way. Qi’s mother thinks he has a bad temper, so it is better to let Bai Ruoxue go. Qi Fendou cried very sad because of this incident.

Bai Ruoxue said to find Liu Guiqin to separate her from Kong Weixin and not to assign them together. But Qi Fendou wanted to be with Kong Weixin. What’s the point of going to the countryside like this. Bai Ruoxue stood on Qi Xiangqian’s side, disagreeing that they were together, and cried even more sadly when Qi struggled.

On the day of going to the countryside, Qi Fendou and Qi Jianshe took the things prepared by their family and prepared to leave home. Qi Xiangqian and Qi mother left early in the morning and there was no one. Cao Dehe cried very sadly and felt very distressed by Kong Weixin. Qi Fendou and Zhao Yongping were assigned to Beiyuan, Qi Jianshe was assigned to Jinzhong, and Kong Weixin was assigned to the Taihang Mountains. For this reason, Qi Fendou could not forgive Qi Qiang, who had not returned home once in four years. Mother Qi was standing on the top of the mountain, watching the children leave home from a distance.

Qiu Yi grew up and Qiushi always took her to dance. Ever since Qi Jianshe and Qi Fendou left, Qi Mu always sat in a daze, but Qi Qiangqian and Bai Ruoxue still refused to speak. Qiu Jian suddenly told them that Qi’s mother was sick and vomiting blood at the door. Yu Chenglong did a poor job and was scolded by Qi Xiangqian. Master He asked Yu Deshui to persuade him, but Yu Deshui didn’t mean it. He was his son at home, and Qi Xiang in the factory. Former apprentice. Qi Xiangqian received a call suddenly and hurried to the hospital. Somerset stood by Qi Mu’s bed, and Cao Dehe also came with the stewed chicken soup, but he ignored Qi Qiang and explained that the chicken was given to him before he left. Wang Sulan came next, pushed forward and sat on the edge of Qi’s mother’s bed, and said that there would be nothing wrong to talk to Qi forward.

Qi Xiangqian was disgusted, and Yu Chenglong complained at home that Qi Xiangqian retaliated against him and brought back Yu Deshui’s revenge on him back then. Liu Guiqin came back with the letter and scolded Yu Chenglin. It turned out that he had married the village chief’s daughter with his family behind his back. Yu Deshui also scolded him that he should not make the decision on his own, but the child is already old and can be arranged by him. Liu Guiqin was in a hurry. After they left one by one, who would carry the coffin for them. Yu Deshui asked Yu Caifeng to see Yu Chenglin tomorrow. If he insisted on staying there, let him go. Liu Guiqin broke out, crying and said to buy some clothes and some wine and snacks, and even to die. Don’t want to see them.

Kong Weixin received a letter from Qi Fendou. The passion of just coming here has been broken by reality. Qi Fendou missed Kong Weixin very much. Kong Weixin replied that the real countryside is indeed different from what he imagined, but this is the real China. He has been thinking about what he should think and do. The performance was about to come, Shi Min’s voice broke and there was a shortage of staff in the group, so Ping Ping recommended Bai Ruoxue to play. Bai Ruoxue hadn’t put on makeup for a long time, and she was a little nervous. She had to do the show well, so that the leaders wouldn’t say anything. Qi Xiangqian was appointed as the workshop director of the assembly workshop, but Qi Xiangqian refused. Yu Deshui also said that his problem had not been examined clearly, but he did not stop him.

Bai Ruoxue performed again on stage, and the effect was amazing. Yu Chenglong confessed his forward attitude, and sometimes he hated Qi Qiang, because Qi Qiang trained him like an enemy. But Qi Qiangqian loves him, because Yu Chenglong is a clever child and should have been a disciple long ago, but Qi Qiangqian is not willing to let him go. He hopes that Yu Chenglong will learn more for a while and recognize Yu Deshui’s craftsmanship.

Pass it down carefully, one after another. Qi Xiangqian said that the train carried the fate of national transportation. Yu Chenglong laughed that he was becoming more and more like Yu Deshui, love it. Qi forward kicked Yu Chenglong, but was kicked back by Yu Deshui. Yu Deshui said with emotion that it has been seventeen or eighteen years, Qi Xiangqian is already the workshop director, and the factory has been installed for three generations. Qi Xiangqian and Yu Deshui were called to a meeting, and Yu Chenglong was also taken.

After Bai Ruoxue’s performance, the leader told Shi Min that she should be given more opportunities. After all, personal problems are personal problems. The director hoped that Bai Ruoxue would follow the Dujuan Mountain Opera Troupe to perform, and Shi Min’s expression was very bad. Bai Ruoxue can officially perform on stage, and when he gets home, he cooked a table of dishes by himself. There is also a happy event for Qi Xiangqian. Dabei Factory is going to upgrade and study diesel locomotives. Everyone was happy, and Qi Jianshe also came back, saying that he was out of business.

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