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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 28 Recap

Qi Xiangqian heard that Kong Weixin was angry downstairs and scolded people downstairs, saying that our family and theirs were not the same people, and we fought and ran away crying with anger. Qi’s mother persuaded Qi forward, my lord. It is an adult and a child, but Qi Xiangqian feels that Zhao Yonggang has been forced by Kong Weixin. Zhao Yongping also wants to go to the countryside, Wang Sulan buys cloth to make him clothes, Cao Dehe said she left Liu Guiqin not in use, but asked her son to jump in the line.

Wang Sulan heard that Qi Fendou was crying and was going to jump in the line, but she won’t graduate from junior high school until next year. Qi Fendou was stuck with Kong Weixin when he was a child, but Cao Dehe didn’t like it, saying that even if he was a monk, Kong Weixin would not be Qi Xiangqian’s son-in-law. Zhao Yonggang suddenly dragged Wang Sulan out and said that the Air Force had come to recruit, but he was not a fresh graduate, so he asked Wang Sulan to talk to Liu Guiqin. Liu Guiqin said that there were so many people queuing, and the iron face selflessly drove them out.

Qi Fendou ran to Bai Ruoxue and said that he wanted to go to the countryside a year earlier, and that he had made an appointment with her female classmate, and asked her to talk to Qi Xiangqian. Zhao Yonggang was so anxious outside that he jumped up and down, and finally couldn’t help but ran in to find Liu Guiqin and said that he wanted to be a soldier, and asked her to intercede. Unexpectedly, the recruiter had already left, so Zhao Yonggang immediately made a big fuss. Wang Sulan hurriedly rushed to find Zhao Duofu, saying that Zhao Yonggang would not be a soldier and would not be able to get up to the water tower. Qi Qianqian listened and said okay. Zhao Duofu ran up and cursed at Zhao Yonggang, and almost rushed to beat him, Qi Xiangqian and Wang Sulan hurriedly stopped.

Qi Xiangqian climbed up to persuade Zhao Yonggang that he wanted to be a soldier all his life. Qi Xiangqian explained that he was short of manpower at that time, so he joined the army at the age of thirteen, but now the army has been regularized. What’s more, at that time, he was a soldier for the purpose of fighting. Qi Xiangqian hoped that Zhao Yonggang would not be a soldier when he was a soldier. The most important thing to be a soldier is to make contributions to the motherland and the people. Zhao Yonggang suddenly enlightened.

Kong Weixin is going to the countryside, and Cao Dehe cried while helping him pack his things. Liu Guiqin came and said Kong Weixin could not leave. Kong Weixin was an only child, so he stayed in the city. Cao Dehe and Kong Shi thanked Liu Guiqin all the time. Liu Guiqin quickly explained that Kong Weixin had enough conditions, otherwise he would not be able to stay anyway. Kong Weixin came back and refused to ask for this indicator of staying in the city. He had to respond to the party’s call. When Liu Guiqin praised Kong Weixin’s high consciousness, Cao Dehe was very angry. Zhao Yonggang said that he would go to Beiyuan with Kong Weixin and Qi Fendou. Qi Xiangqian heard something wrong. Didn’t Qi Fendou be taken down by him? Zhao Yonggang heard that Bai Ruoxue was helping him, so Qi forward was anxious.

Qi’s mother also asked Bai Ruoxue if she was carrying Qi Xiangqian and helping Qi Fight to register for her name. Bai Ruoxue felt that she would go to the countryside next year anyway, so she left it. The child had her own way to go when she was older. Qi Jianshe and Qi Feng were about to leave at once, and Qi Mu felt a little empty in her heart.

At this moment, Qi Xiangqian rode a bicycle and asked Bai Ruoxue viciously if he had signed up for Qi Fengdou. The two of them had a big quarrel, and there was a lot of quarrel. Liu Guiqin ran to say that she had handed it the application materials for Qi Fight and asked him to take it. Give a valid reason. Qi Xiangqian said that he did not want Qi Fendou and Kong Weixin to go to the countryside together. Cao Dehe quarreled with him on the spot when he didn’t want to hear it. Qi’s mother slapped Qi forward and the farce ended.

Kong Weixin took Qi Fendou home on a bicycle. Cao Dehe scolded the two upstairs and said she was shameless. Qi Fendou ran home angrily and annoyed. Qi’s mother blamed herself for what happened today and couldn’t even eat. This is the first time that she has played forward, but Qi forward is not angry. Qi’s mother persuaded him that his sons and daughters were older and had their own ideas, but on this matter, Qi Xiangqian made up his mind not to let Qi Fendou and Kong Weixin be together.

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