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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 36 Recap

Wu Dubai asked her mother for help and got the evidence that the four passengers had been poisoned by food in the hotel. She quickly told Xia Yu about the incident. In this way, with the help of Wu Di, Du Wei and others, Midsummer Airlines solved the passenger food poisoning crisis. Lei Chen wanted to take advantage of Xia Yu’s immersion in the pain of his father’s bereavement and take over the affairs of the chairman of Midsummer Airlines. But to his surprise, Xia Yu walked into the meeting room. He hid his sorrow behind him and took up his responsibility as Xia Hang’s son. Xia Yu told everyone about the handling of this food poisoning, and then Lei Chen once again raised the issue of discussing the opening of a new route to the North Sea. He said that there will be a vote on this issue today.

Lei Chen, President Li and others all agreed, and Xia Yu and another director voted against. Liu Quan has already stood with Lei Chen. He is in favor of opening a new route. In this way, Xia Hang’s bones are not cold, and Lei Chen has successfully reached his goal. The purpose of the new North Sea route. Gao Kai told Xia Yu that Lei Chen has given the press release to the media, and the media has also begun to promote the route from Shenzhen to Beihai, but the details have not yet been announced. After Xia Hang’s death, Lei Chen began to woo the company’s directors, apparently trying to take away the position of chairman of Xia Yu’s hands. Xia Yu knew that Lei Chen was an old fox, and he would never let Lei Chen succeed.

Xiao Mo was injured and was hospitalized. On the day of Xia Hang/Xia Boyang’s funeral, Hua Hin came to the hospital to see Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo asked if it was Xia Boyang’s funeral today. Hua Hin replied that Xiao Mo said nothing. In the cemetery, Xia Yu looked at the tombstones of his father and mother and vowed secretly that he would keep Midsummer Airlines. Lei Chen and General Li discussed that they must work on a multi-pronged approach to finalize the plan for the new route before Xia Yu is elected chairman of the board of directors. At the same time, Xia Boyang’s lawyer told Xia Hang that Xia Boyang divided his shares into two shares and gave them to Xiao Mo and Xia Yu. Xia Yu couldn’t believe it, and was so angry that he threw his will in the air.

Lei Chen was very happy when he learned about it. In this way, Xia Yu would never be the chairman of the board with his share of shares. Now it only needs to see if Xiao Mo will stand in line with him. Soon, Lei Chen went to the hospital to see Xiao Mo. After a simple greeting, Lei Chen said the real purpose of this visit, and Xiao Mo said that he would consider it. When Du Wei learned that Xia Yu was in the cemetery, she went to enlighten Xia Yu, hoping that he would not be immersed in grief and unable to extricate himself. Xia Yu went to Xiao Mo, Xiao Mo did not give a clear answer, Xia Yu was a little angry. Wu Di heard their conversation, and later couldn’t help but blame Xiao Mo in the ward. Xiao Mo felt that her left sentence Xia Yu and the right sentence Xia Yu were very harsh, and the two finally broke up.

Xia Yu was drunk in the bar, and he kept complaining to Xiao Mo with Luo Dong. Xiao Mo had a very bad attitude towards him today. He thought Xiao Mo was a profit-only villain. He couldn’t figure out why his father divided the shares to Xiao Mo. . Xia Yu went to find Wu Di again, but Wu Di was flying a long line, and Du Wei spoke with him. Du Wei felt that Xiao Mo was not a bad person. He might want to see where Xia Yu could go with his own efforts. Hua Hin and Ren Yuan were discharged from the hospital after Xiao Mo was discharged. All these subsidiaries were spreading rumors that Xiao Mo saw benefits and would stand on Lei Chen’s side. Ren Yuan hesitated to ask him or not. Hua Hin said he wanted to ask him. I don’t want to ask my brother about this.

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