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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 35 Recap

In Paris, Xia Yu didn’t know where to get a sightseeing car and took Wu Di on a tour of Paris. Xia Yu said that this was the last time she came to Paris when she flew, so she wanted to leave special memories for her. Shenzhen flew back to Paris, Wu Di asked her to do this landing, Xia Yu also helped Wu Di persuade, and finally Lu Qiwen agreed to let her do this landing. After landing, Wu Di stayed in the cockpit. Xia Yu knew she was reluctant to leave, so she decided to stay. Xia Yu told Xiao Mo about this. He also wanted to persuade Xiao Mo to stay, but Xiao Mo had decided to go to the East China Sea. He felt that Wu Di would become better if he left.

Xiao Mo was boxing in the boxing gym. Xia Hang came over and talked to him. When talking about him and Xiao Mo’s father, he respected himself and others. He still hoped that Xiao Mo could work with Xia Yu to help Midsummer Airlines become better. In short, Xia Hang does not want Xiao Mo to leave Midsummer Airlines, but no matter what decision he makes, Xia Hang will support him, and Xiao Mo said that he would consider it again. Four first-class passengers on Midsummer Airlines suffered collective poisoning. The incident was a bit fierce, and Xia Airlines planned to let Liu Quan deal with it. But Lei Chen deliberately handed this matter to Xia Yu, and Xia Yu could only agree to it.

Xia Yu and Luo Dong went to see Mr. Xie, one of the people who were poisoned in the hospital. Mr. Xie refused to see them and said that he would sue Midsummer Airlines and pursue the responsibility to the end. Xia Yu returned without success and asked Luo Dong to distribute the fruit to Yu Jie and Du Taotao. In the evening, Xia Yu went to cook for the first time. He said that he had messed up again this time. Xia Hang reminded him that he has managed Midsummer Airlines to its current scale not by making a single tree into a forest, but by working together with partners. As for Lei Chen, Xia Hang said that although he has some selfishness, Xia Yu still has a lot to learn from him.

Xiao Mo learned from Du Wei that the four first-class passengers who were poisoned all knew each other, and that a flight attendant ate the leftover food in the first-class cabin that day and nothing happened. It’s just that it’s not easy to show up as evidence. use. Xiao Mo found clues about the poisoning accident. Xia Hang asked him to get in the car and said that the two were sitting in the back seat and the driver was driving. With each other, Yu Jie told Wu Di that Xiao Mo was leaving Midsummer Airlines and transferred to Donghai Airlines. I heard that Donghai had already sent Xiao Mo an offer letter. Wu Di was surprised when he heard the news, and immediately called Xiao Mo, but he did not answer.

Xiao Mo told Xia Hang that the four passengers were all boarding in Hangzhou. If they could find out that they had eaten in a certain hotel in Hangzhou, this matter should be clear. While they were talking, the car passed the intersection and was knocked over by a truck. The car accident was so tragic that Xiao Mo and Xia Hang were seriously injured and were taken to the hospital respectively. Xiao Mo had a lot of dreams while he was in a coma, and when he woke up, he asked how Xia Hang was. Because Xia Hang was sitting on the side where he was hit by the truck and was injured very seriously, Ren Yuan said that he could not be rescued back.

Lei Chen had a meeting with the directors and reminded the company that everything should be business as usual. Xiao Mo’s accident this time was unexpected. Ren Yuan felt that he wanted to live in the present. Tomorrow and the accident did not know which one would come first. Hua Hin wanted to adopt Xiao Feifei, and he quarreled with Ren Yuan about it . Du Wei accompanied Xia Yu, and Xia Yu personally made noodles, but Xia Hang could never eat it again. Hua Hin told Duo Duo about Xiao Mo’s car accident and told her not to tell Xiao’s mother. Wu Di went to see Xia Yu and brought some clues about food poisoning. Later Wu Di went to see Xiao Mo again, but she just looked at him from a distance through the door.

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