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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 29 Recap

The Japanese military police arranged patrols on many streets in downtown Shanghai and demarcated them from the control zone. One of them was where Lin Nansheng lived. During the day, they will check every suspicious pedestrian. At night, it will only make people feel more panic. It seems that there will be no tomorrow after today, and there is a terrible haze everywhere.

But today is different from usual. When Lin Nansheng walked back, he suddenly found the plainclothes following Zhu Yizhen upstairs. If he followed the principles of military commanders, the best thing he should do now is to turn around and leave. But Zhu Yizhen, who was upstairs, was still trying on the butterfly brooch in front of the mirror. Her heart went from sweet to sad. As long as she thought of parting after tonight, she couldn’t help it.

At this moment, a large number of plainclothes gathered downstairs to patrol, and Zhu Yizhen realized that she was exposed. She hid in the landlord’s room and climbed down the balcony window. Lin Nansheng greeted him without hesitation, and the two ran quickly, passing through every alleyway, and finally stopped in the alley.

Zhu Yizhen knew that the vicinity had already been under control, so she didn’t want to harass Lin Nansheng, and wanted him to leave first. But Lin Nansheng saw the brooch on Zhu Yizhen’s clothes and did not hesitate to hold her in his arms, pretending to be an ordinary couple, so as to avoid the oncoming patrol. Although the hat concealed Zhu Yizhen’s face, she and Lin Nansheng were still exposed.

With a shot, while the bullet penetrated Zhu Yizhen’s chest from behind, it also penetrated into Lin Nansheng’s back. Lin Nansheng fell on the stone pavement and slowly opened his eyes to look at Zhu Yizhen. They couldn’t tell each other. They just opened their mouths and tried to hold each other’s hand, but eventually lost their strength and fell into a coma.

Old Wu from the police station notified Gu Shenyan in time and revealed to him that Zhu Yizhen and Lin Nansheng had been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Gu Shenyan was worried about the safety of the two, and immediately called Chen Moqun and asked to meet him alone. Chen Moqun was obstructed by the fact that Gu Shenyan had too much information about himself. If he were to publish the cooperation in Chongqing in the newspaper, it would irritate the Japanese completely, so he was forced to agree to help transfer Lin and Zhu.

After being shot, Lin Nansheng completely lost consciousness, and only found himself in the Japanese Army Hospital when he woke up again. Now Zuo Qiuming has been promoted all the way and has long since become the external liaison officer of the headquarters stationed in Hong Kong. He often ran over to take care of Lin Nansheng personally on the grounds of the two family ties, and at the same time handled his new name Pang Jiajun, who was a major from the Wang Puppet Peace and Founding Army officer.

Lin Nansheng forced herself to review Japanese to prevent any flaws from revealing. Koji Kato, who was also the wounded, became suspicious of Lin Nansheng and deliberately approached the routine. Fortunately, Lin Nansheng had been prepared for it, and the answer was perfect. As for Zhu Yizhen, who is far away in Jiaxing Hospital, is also gradually adapting to the arrangements of the party organization and will need to live as Shen Yujing in the future. Although Lin Nansheng has been asked several times whether it is safe, there is no way to know.

Wang Shian secretly found someone to investigate Gu Shenyan, and found that the materials he handled and the radio station would be missing inexplicably, so he immediately called Chongqing. Zhou Yaoting convened an urgent meeting to discuss Gu Shenyan’s problem. Everyone felt that Gu Shenyan was an act of corruption and did not pay too much attention to it. On the contrary, Zhou Yaoting was worried that the other party might be suspicious.

Because of this, everyone changed their attitudes and decided to bring Gu Shenyan back to Chongqing for review. After receiving Zhou Yaoting’s order, Director Li hurriedly informed Gu Shenyan to prepare as soon as possible, and even Lao Pan reminded him to evacuate as soon as possible. However, Gu Shenyan believed that this was a major matter. If the army were to confirm his Communist Party status, it would affect many people, so he resolutely stayed in Shanghai and asked Old Pan to give him 20 guns from the batch of New Fourth Army.

In the next few days, Lin Nansheng would often hear the Japanese discuss the torture and killing of the Chinese, and the content nearly broke him. Zuo Qiuming reminded Lin Nansheng to be patient, and said that Gu Shenyan is still safe. Lin Nansheng suffered a severe lung injury. He suffered from breathing difficulties and pain recently. He was looking for a nurse to get the medicine, but he saw Kato Koji secretly checking his medical history.

Fortunately, the nurse stopped by, and Lin Nansheng left silently, which happened to be seen by Kato Koji. At the same time, Zhu Yizhen took the initiative to ask the doctor about the probability of survival of the bullet passing through her chest, and at the same time squeezed a sweat for Lin Nansheng. As long as he thinks that he is likely to die soon, she feels sad.

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