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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 28 Recap

Originally, Gu Shenyan had formulated a third assassination plan and accurately predicted Chen Moqun’s whereabouts. However, Lin Nansheng did not follow the instructions and was alone in ambush in the news office, causing the other party to notice. After Lin Nansheng reacted, he realized that the “Chen Moqun” who had just been killed was just a stand-in.

Seeing Zhao Jinglong’s expression flashing, Gu Shenyan knew that Lin Nansheng had acted without authorization, so he took the risk to rescue him. Zhao Jinglong drove out of the siege, and the three of them escaped the Japanese blockade and went to the outskirts to handle the vehicles. Lin Nansheng was very guilty of this, and took the initiative to apologize to Gu Shenyan, but Gu Shenyan said that he doesn’t need to care too much about the success or failure at the moment. Every bullet he sends now is an unyielding declaration.

Wang Shian was not surprised when he learned that the assassination had failed. Instead, he asked to preserve his strength, postpone the “Professional Project”, and lied that he was ambush at the Qingpu Liaison Station, and finally broke through. Gu Shenyan sensed that Wang Shian was hiding something, but did not continue to question, so he sent Zhao Jinglong to Qingpu for investigation.

Zhu Yizhen sat absent-mindedly in the room. When she saw the familiar figure downstairs from the window, she could no longer hide her inner joy, and rushed out, but she did not expect Lin Nansheng to be injured. Considering Mrs. Fukuyama’s sake, Zhu Yizhen took the initiative to help Lin Nansheng, pretending to be calm, and helping him cover up his injury in front of the other party. After the two returned to the room, she was relieved.

Due to Lin Nansheng’s serious injury, Zhu Yizhen personally took out the bullets for him and applied medicine to bandage him. There was not much speech during the whole process, which allowed each other to build trust and trust each other imperceptibly. That night, Zhu Yizhen stayed at the bedside to take care of him endlessly. Seeing his weak and painful appearance, she was helpless and could only touch and comfort him constantly.

After meeting Chen Moqun, Wang Shian knew that he was in a difficult situation, so he could obtain oil and water from the army as much as possible and exchange it into USD gold to facilitate future changes and run away in time. The new contact person, Lao Pan, took over the job of Ji Zhongyuan, and smoothly met with Gu Shenyan, exchanged their own information, and informed them of the specific location of the safe place.

Because of the appearance of Old Pan, Zhu Yizhen needs to serve as a core intelligence officer to perform the tasks assigned by the party organization, which also means that he will move away from Lin Nansheng’s house and end his cohabitation life during this period. Zhu Yizhen wrote down the list of the military rebels and gave it to Lin Nansheng, and at the same time proposed to have the last meal together before leaving.

Lin Nansheng readily agreed, took the list to find Gu Shenyan, carefully considered the omissions in the previous operation, and believed that it was an internal leak to Chen Moqun, and this person was most likely Wang Shian. Coincidentally, Gu Shenyan also thought Wang Shian was a little suspicious. If he was attacked by Wang Ni’s troops, the Qingpu Liaison Station would have left rifle shells at the scene. As a result, Zhao Jinglong only found ordinary pistol models, which is enough to explain the contradiction between the two.

At the same time, Wang Shian drove to the outskirts to meet with Chen Moqun and conveyed to him Chongqing’s intentions, asking him to provide information about the Wang Ni government at any time during his reinstatement as the chairman of the enemy rear in Shanghai, as well as to protect the personnel inside the military control station. Chen Moqun asked to see the letter of commission signed by Dai Li, otherwise everything would be exempted, Wang Shian readily agreed, and proposed not to meet again in the future to ensure their safety.

During the few days of staying at home to recuperate, Zhu Yizhen took care of Lin Nansheng meticulously, and at the same time felt sad for the next separation. Lin Nansheng listened to Zhu Yizhen humming the piano tunes they had once played, and a momentary memory came to his heart, and could not help but hug her from behind, clinging to her nostalgia.

It didn’t take long for Wang Shian to receive an instruction from Chongqing, announcing the termination of his career plan with immediate effect. Lin Nansheng is very puzzled about this. Gu Shenyan sees the current situation clearly. The so-called traitors are people who are unscrupulous and profitable. They will expand their space as much as possible to find backers. Whether it is the Wang puppet government or the military commander, they may use these people. To get information.

Compared with the brutality of the aggressor, Gu Shenyan is more worried that this order to stop sanctions will become a signal, and even the party-state’s standard for treating traitors will only relax bargaining chips without a bottom line. Just as Lin Nansheng and Gu Shenyan were in a dilemma and did not know how to implement the specific content of the telegram in the station, Zhu Yizhen had already met Lao Pan, and was discovered by patrol on the way home, thus revealing their identities.

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