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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 27 Recap

Lin Nansheng returned to his residence in the Japanese-occupied area overnight, and because he was wearing the clothes of a puppet military officer, he did not arouse any suspicion of the patrol. Zhu Yizhen personally cooked noodles for Lin Nansheng. The two did not communicate too much. The whole time, one was immersed in food and the other sat beside him silently, just like the warmth of the wife who successfully hoped for the return of her husband and the warmth after a long absence.

Gu Shenyan successively arranged the evacuation of military commanders until the last batch, and handed the detailed list to Wang Shian. Due to the special circumstances, Wang Shian intends to suspend the gecko project and personally go to the Qingpu Liaison Station to develop new forces and prepare for reconstruction. As everyone knows, the couple at the liaison station had already been bought by Chen Moqun before that.

Now that the Japanese military police are officially stationed in the French Concession, even the British and American concessions have begun to evacuate their citizens. At midnight, there will always be artillery fire, and the whole Shanghai is in panic. Lin Nansheng sneaked out to inspect the situation, only to realize that the Japanese army declared war on Britain and the United States, destroying the British warship Haiyan, and at the same time a large number of Japanese troops were moving to the British and American concessions.

After Zhu Yizhen learned of the incident, she wanted to get in touch with the party organization immediately. Lin Nansheng saw that she seemed to be in a hurry, so she personally escorted her out of the city. Taking into account that there are military police in stations and other places, if you rashly show up, you will be exposed, so I drove around the city and went straight into the trail.

It just so happens that the puppet army has set up checkpoints at various trails, and many British and Americans have all been arrested. Lin Nansheng dealt with the opponent as an officer of the Japanese and Puppet Third Army, successfully passed the interrogation, and then came to Suzheng District. Zhu Yizhen reported the situation to her superiors in the secret command post, and at the same time explained the situation of the lurking postman. The Armed Security Department will also arrange for personnel to enter the concession for safe response.

Wang Shian brought two men down to the Qingpu Liaison Station, but he was caught in an ambush set by Chen Moqun in advance. However, Chen Moqun didn’t want to kill Wang Shian, nor would he use it to seek credit from the Japanese. He just wanted him to connect him with Chongqing, explain the situation truthfully, and help him return to military reunification.

Although Wang Shi’an was unwilling in every possible way, he was still not Chen Moqun’s opponent, especially at the moment like a trapped beast, there was no time to think about it, and he could only be forced to reach an agreement with the other party. In accordance with Chen Moqun’s request, Wang Shian sent a telegram to the Chongqing Military Statistics Bureau, and quickly received a response. Chen Moqun handed the Qingpu couple to Wang Shian for disposal, and then took the people away. Not long after, the stern pleading stopped at the gun. Under the ring.

The Japanese army established a government in Hong Kong, with General Isuke Takashi as the top officer. The British army suffered heavy losses and eventually surrendered. The areas affected by the war were also handed over to engineering units for repair. As a reporter, Meng Annan continued to hide in the business news. He saved many revolutionaries in several operations, thus gaining the trust of the Communist Party and successfully breaking into the interior.

Through observations in the past few days, Gu Shenyan has thoroughly understood Chen Moqun’s law of action, and found that he would often go to the news office to watch films, and it would be the best time to start at this moment. Lin Nansheng believes that Shanghai is under the control of the Japanese army and is not suitable for carrying out dangerous missions. However, Gu Shenyan is still insisting and has decided to sneak into the operation himself. As for Lin Nansheng and Zhao Jinglong, they are outside to respond.

On the way home, Lin Nansheng accidentally saw the butterfly brooch placed on the cupboard, so he spent money to buy it, and brought back a bunch of food and drink supplies and newspapers. Zhu Yizhen obviously noticed Lin Nansheng’s abnormality, and her heart became more disturbed, and she couldn’t help asking when he would return. Although Lin Nansheng made a promise, she knew that after separation this time, she would have a high chance of representing a goodbye. So when Lin Nansheng had just left, Zhu Yizhen immediately came out of the room with a butterfly brooch in her hand and stood in front of the window to watch her away.

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