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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 27 Recap

Qi’s mother persuaded Yu Deshui to give Liu Guiqin a step down, and Yu Chenglin was about to leave. They were always so awkward for their children. After all, the couple did not have an overnight hatred. On the day when Yu Chenglin went to the countryside, Liu Guiqin gave him twenty yuan and told him to bring it, and Cao Dehe gave him a pair of back-to-back sneakers and a pen. Zhao Duofu, Wang Sulan, and Yu Deshui also came, and Liu Guiqin was a little uncomfortable seeing Yu Deshui. Mother Qi also came, Yu Chenglin hugged her, told her to pay attention to her body, and then got in the car and left. Yu Deshui stopped Liu Guiqin and asked her to go home with her and live a good life.

Bai Ruoxue came back suddenly, and the renovation was not over, but she was sent to Dabeichang Street to continue the renovation. When the children saw Bai Ruoxue rushing forward, Qi’s mother was in tears, and felt sorry for her suffering outside these days. Bai Ruoxue knew that Qi’s mother was tired these days, but Qi’s mother said that it was all for her own family, and she had nothing to say. Speaking of Qi Xiangqian, Bai Ruoxue’s mood was a bit wrong.

Qi’s mother asked, Bai Ruoxue said that Qi Xiangqian and Shengjie stayed together for most of the night. Such words always reach Bai Ruoxue’s ears, and Qi mother knows that Qi Qiang can’t do this kind of thing. Bai Ruoxue also believes in Qi Qiangqian, but Shengjie delegated it for his sake, and the people in Dabei Factory will inevitably talk. In fact, Bai Ruoxue also knew that Qi Xiangqian and Shengjie were not like that, but he himself was too careful to think about it.

Liu Guiqin asked Yu Chenglong to send the food stamps to Qi’s mother. There were so many children that it was not enough to eat, let alone Bai Ruoxue returned. It turns out that Bai Ruoxue was transferred back by Liu Guiqin, and it can also solve Yu Deshui’s heart disease. Yu Deshui was a little surprised. Yu Caifeng ridiculed Yu De Shuiyi to stretch out his hand and open his mouth, showing off a great master. Yu Deshui sighed that Liu Guiqin hadn’t done anything beautiful in most of her life, and she wanted to give her a thumbs up about this matter.

When Qi Xiangqian worked with Yu Deshui all day, Yu Deshui couldn’t understand him. Now that he is gone, I really miss him a little. Yu Caifeng sighs that the distance produces beauty. Bai Ruoxue was transferred back to the street to rehearse revolutionary dramas. Director Ma felt that her business was fine, but politics still had some problems.

Somerset was doing work with a big belly. Qiu Jian ran to find Bai Ruoxue. He missed his mother. Qi’s mother said that Bai Ruoxue was their mother when her mother was away. Bai Ruoxue puts a scarf on Qiu Jian, winter is about to pass, and spring will not be far away. On a snowy night, Somerset was about to give birth suddenly. There was no car in the factory. Qi Xiangqian and others took her back with a flatbed cart. Bai Ruoxue sews sleeves for Qiu Jian. Bai Ruoxue said with emotion that she knew nothing at the beginning, and now she will also thread needles.

When Qi’s mother talked about Qi Xiangqian’s surname, he always felt that it was Qi’s mother who was protecting his chain to be stabbed, so he wanted to change his surname to Jiang, but Qi’s mother did not agree. After all, Qi’s family is also a single pass. Qi Qiang kept hiding these things from Bai Ruoxue, because Qi Mu was more important than anything in his heart. Qi Xiangqian put his coat on Somerset halfway, encouraging her to persevere and winning, and then Maoxue took her to the hospital. Wang Sulan hurriedly called Qi Mu and Bai Ruoxue to the hospital, saying that Shengjie was about to give birth.

Qi Xiangqian sent Somerset to the hospital and collapsed directly. Bai Ruoxue felt distressed when he saw that his hands were frozen. Somerset had a dystocia, if it were not delivered in time, it might be life-threatening. Bai Ruoxue asked Qi Xiangqian to go home first, staring here, but Qi Xiangqian didn’t feel relieved when he went back. Qiushi rushed to the hospital in a hurry, when Wang Sulan shouted that she was born, she was a fat girl!

Bai Ruoxue took care of Qi Qiang who had a cold, and it was rare for the two to meet each other. Qiu Shi and Somerset wanted to thank Qi Xiangqian, but the gifts were a bit tacky. Qiushi thought that Somerset could write him a letter. Qi Xiangqian had also heard about Qi Xiangqian taking care of Somerset, but he didn’t believe the rumors at all, and he was sincerely grateful to Qi Xiangqian. Somerset was very touched.

In 1970. The launch of the Dongfanghong satellite made everyone excited, and the children even went to school to watch the satellite lift off. Soon, Qi Xiangqian and Qiushi resumed work and returned to Dabei Factory. Qi Jianshe and Kong Weixin also faced their first choices in their lives. Cao Dehe wanted Kong Weixin to stay in the city, so he invited Liu Guiqin to dinner, but he didn’t invite him. Kong Weixin said that he would not stay in the city, but Cao Dehe was reluctant to go to the countryside to suffer.

Kong Weixin has always disliked Cao Dehe’s approach, and let him and Kong Shiju obey whenever something happens, and there are also factors in this aspect of his insistence on going to the countryside. Qi Fendou burst into tears after returning home, saying that Qi Xiangqian cancelled her registration to go to the countryside to jump in the queue. Qi Fendou had to go to the countryside this year. Qi Xiangqian knew that she wanted to go with Kong Weixin, so she insisted on going there, but he never agreed with Qi Fendou and Kong Weixin to go to the countryside together.

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