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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 26 Recap

In the middle of the night, the children couldn’t sleep and yelled about their parents. Qi’s mother comforted them and everything would be fine. Shengjie was sent down to join Qi Xiangqian, Qiushi and Bai Ruoxue were brought together, and Wang Sulan couldn’t help but scold them and told them not to talk about their wives. Kong Shiju brought Cao De and the old mountain ginseng to Liu Guiqin, saying that it was passed down from her family’s ancestors and was quite valuable in the market. Liu Guiqin quickly asked him to put it away when he saw him bribe herself.

Somerset is not in good health. It is estimated that she is pregnant again. Qi Xiangqian persuades her to have a checkup, not for herself, but also for the child. Kong Shiju hesitated and talked to Liu Guiqin about his difficulties with Cao Dehe. They were not born well, and they were inevitably crowded out in the factory. For the sake of their old neighbors, Liu Guiqin decided to help talk to the leaders of the department store. Kong Shiju was so excited that he jumped up and thanked him. Liu Guiqin felt that this was not a matter of principle. When someone talked about it later, they would just help them rectify their names. Up.

Qi Xiangqian brought Somerset to the leader to ask for leave, but the leader refused to agree. Qi Xiangqian angrily promised to complete the two tasks within three days, and he gave Somerset a leave. However, the two of them add up to a total of forty square meters, how could it be done in three days. Somerset took a leave of absence and came back. It was very sad to see Qiu Jian. Qi’s mother was very happy to hear that she was pregnant again, but Somerset did not want the child.

She was very tired in the study class and was afraid of affecting the fetus. Knowing how long this situation will last, after all, she and Qiushi can’t even take care of Qiujian. Qi’s mother let her rest assured that she would be able to raise the baby anyway. Qi Xiangqian worked on the construction site and refused to rest like a stubborn donkey. Someone came to persuade him, but Qi Xiangqian couldn’t hear a word. He Feng was not surprised.

Shengjie rushed back in the middle of the night and heard that Qi Xiangqian had been working without stopping and was very anxious. He hurried to find him. Qi Xiangqian was already tired and fell asleep. Shengjie hurriedly fed him saliva and took out the pancake that Qi Xiangqian was thinking of. Qi Xiangqian was satisfied with the smell of Qi’s mother’s pancakes, and asked about Qi’s mother’s situation and said that she had worked hard.

Somerset was indeed pregnant after the examination, and Qi Xiangqian was very happy for her, explaining that Tian told them to let Somerset do some light work, and said that the child would call him godfather in the future. Qi Qiangqian looked at the stars in the sky, feeling that he came to the Dabei Factory to build a locomotive, why he dug up the soil again. So many soldiers died on the battlefield just to let everyone live a good life.

In 1939. Yu Caifeng has graduated and came to the elementary school as a new head teacher. There were more than 20 apprentices from the technical school. Yu Chenglong happened to be assigned to the Yu Deshui workshop, and Zhao Duofu took him to find Yu Deshui. Although it was agreed that Yu Chenglong would be Qi Xiangqian’s apprentice, Qi Xiangqian has not returned yet. Yu Deshui said that Zhao Duofu, Qi Xiangqian, and Shengjie are all comrades-in-arms, why they all delegated him to the chairmanship of the trade union.

Zhao Duofu felt that there was no need to make unnecessary sacrifices, and Yu Deshui also felt that he was clever and intelligent. Yu Deshui asked Yu Chenglong to practice basic skills. Qi Xiangqian was trained in this way back then, so he did this for Qi Xiangqian before he came back. Yu Chenglong entered the factory the day after tomorrow, and Yu Deshui asked him to visit him in the study class tomorrow, reminding him not to cause trouble to himself.

Wang Sulan came to bring lunch to Liu Guiqin. Zhao Duofu was also a little dissatisfied with Liu Guiqin because of the decentralization of Qi Xiangqian and Somerset. Wang Sulan complained that Liu Guiqin’s job as the director made her home look like home, but she had given it to someone else and let Yu Chenglin go to the countryside. Liu Guiqin gradually became wronged, and Wang Sulan persuaded her to quit her job and go home to live a good life, but Liu Guiqin couldn’t let go of her own Director Liu. Wang Sulan said that Zhao Duofu had approached Yu Deshui, and she said that he was soft-hearted, but Liu Guiqin had this attitude. Wang Sulan asked Liu Guiqin to go home to try Yu Deshui’s attitude, but Liu Guiqin refused to return for fear that he would look down upon herself again.

Yu Chenglin was about to go to the countryside, Qi’s mother came to help him mend his clothes and persuaded him not to blame Liu Guiqin, after all, she had a job. Qi Mu specially gave Yu Chenglin his favorite buns, and asked him and Yu Caifeng to give Liu Guiqin some. Yu Deshui was dissatisfied with this. Liu Guiqin’s job was not about personnel, so anyone in the neighborhood could value her. Qi’s mother said that Yu Deshui should not be blamed on Liu Guiqin. If he treats her better, Liu Guiqin would not go out to earn such a score. These years, Liu Guiqin has been up and down for the family, without credit and hard work.

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