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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 30 End Recap

Yingluo Shouxin was about to appear, Mo Liancheng asked Yu Hao to look for glacier grass, while Jing Xin rushed to look for Liu Baishui, saying that Mo Liancheng had something to ask for. Jing Xin took out a large box of soft gold and silver, but she refused to accept it, saying that she would be appreciated by Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng, but in the end she accepted the soft gold and silver and returned it to Jing Xin. Brought some good medicine.

On the New Year’s Day, the palace invited singing and dancing to rise to peace, and the fireworks display was about to begin. Yu Hao had already started his action. He stunned the guards with Ecstasy, and Mo Jingxuan and Liu Baishui also quietly entered the palace.

The emperor prepared a fireworks display for Mo Liancheng, and Mo Liancheng hoped that the person next to him at this moment was Qu Xiaotan. Mo Liancheng said that he had prepared a dance to thank Saint Grace. After putting on the mask, Mo Liancheng danced gracefully on the stage. Yu Hao had already sneaked into the emperor’s palace. The emperor was unable to open his eyes by the fans of Mo Liancheng, and he greatly appreciated Mo Liancheng. However, after taking off the mask, the emperor discovered that the person in front of him was not Mo Liancheng, the real Mo Liancheng had been put on a night walker.

The emperor ordered to search the palace, and soon thought that Mo Liancheng had gone to the Lingyou Altar. The Soul Calming Orb was sealed by the emperor, and it was difficult for Mo Liancheng to open it. The emperor rushed to the Lingyou Altar and found that Mo Lian City was not there, and ordered a search all over the city to find him.

Mo Jingxuan and Liu Baishui came to meet Jing Xin, Mo Liancheng, and Yu Hao. Several people came to the secret treasure of Liu Baishui. After three days, Yingzhuo Shouxin would appear. The soul-suppressing beads, glacier grass, and Lihunxiao are all Already in place, when Mo Liancheng will play the Lihunxiao, Qu Xiaotan can also re-control his body, even if he is not careful, he will sacrifice like Xiao Zhen, but he will wait for Qu Xiaotan in the next life.

The emperor became ill again and hurriedly played Lihunxiao, only to find that the one in his hand had become a fake. The voice of Lihunxiao sounded outside the palace, and the emperor looked for the voice and found Mo Liancheng. The emperor kept saying that he could not live without Mo Liancheng, and he could not be lost. Mo Liancheng said that he was not the boy Liancheng she wanted from beginning to end.

The boy Liancheng had already died under the sword of Qu Xiangtan. He was Qu Xiaotan’s Mo Liancheng! Yinghuo Shouxin appeared, and Mo Liancheng hurriedly blew the Lihunxiao. The emperor’s sword hit Mo Liancheng’s chest, and the scene of Lord Liancheng dying under his sword once again appeared in his mind. From that day on, Lord Liancheng’s love for her was completely dead.

A similar scene was staged again, and the emperor finally put down the sword in his hand. It turned out that Lord Liancheng had really gone, gone forever. The emperor retreated and fell to his death from a cliff. She had always regarded Mo Liancheng as her son of Liancheng. She hoped that in that world, there would be someone she loved so much that she would not be allowed to live if she had missed it.

Mo Liancheng and Qu Xiaotan returned to their original world. They quickly found Yu’er after they became sober. Mo Liancheng said that he owed Qu Xiaotan and Yu’er too much. From then on, he will be a Mingjun and be a good one. Father. Mo Liancheng asked Yu Hao to pursue Wei Zongheng with all his strength, but he hadn’t seen Yu Hao dressed as a guard for a long time, and Mo Liancheng was still a little uncomfortable. Mo Liancheng promulgated a new order to abolish the three obediences to the four virtues of women. Women can also enter schools and serve as officials.

Men should also perform housework, and men and women have the same virtue and power. Mo Liancheng took care of Yu’er, and Liu Qianshui came to him, and he asked Liu Qianshui if he had a brother named Liu Baishui, but Liu Qianshui did not answer. Yuer, who was playing with the ball, threw the ball in the air to freeze, Liu Qianshui and Mo Liancheng looked at each other, he was indeed the new host of the Soul Calming Orb.

Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng returned to their carefree days. Mo Liancheng said that he would put the matter of having a princess on the agenda, and he also covered everything about sleeping and changing diapers. Under the cherry tree, Mo Liancheng and Qu Xiaotan hugged tightly, and embraced the friendship of these three lives.

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