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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 29 Recap

Mo Yanchen was sent out of the mansion. He didn’t know that great changes were about to happen in the mansion. Soon, the Guards surrounded Mo House and arrested Father Mo, and Mo Jingxuan was arrested. Father Mo pleaded guilty, hoping to leave the Mo family behind. Father Mo asked Mo Jingxuan to close his eyes and commit suicide, but he didn’t expect the guards to go out again, saying that Qu Xiaotan meant that Mo Jingxuan could stay alive, but the next one in Mo Mansion could not stay.

Mo Mansion was killed up and down, enveloped in blood. Mo Liancheng rushed to see that Father Mo was still dying with a sword stuck in his chest. He was thinking about this scene in the end for half of his life, and he was unwilling. Mo Liancheng told him that he came from another Dongyue, where he was the emperor. Father Mo asked him to take good care of Mo Yanchen and Mo Jingxuan, and then swallowed, Mo Liancheng was in great pain.

Qu Meier came to see the emperor. The emperor had already killed the Mo Family and received the emperor’s order. She coldly said that Mo Yanchen must have died, and the Mo Family would think that she killed the Mo Family. The emperor had long known that Qu Meier would deliver the news, that she killed Mo Yanchen and the Mo Family. Qumeier sat down on the ground and asked her to kill herself, but the emperor had no plans to do so.

Mo Liancheng told Mo Yanchen about the massacre of Mo Mansion. Mo Yanchen was determined to kill the emperor to avenge him, but felt that he was helpless and helpless. He had nothing now. Father Mo’s old acquaintance came to worship him, and they were all willing to follow Father Mo, and their forces let Mo Yanchen dispatch to avenge him. The day after tomorrow is the emperor’s enthronement ceremony, and Mo Yanchen decided to take revenge at that time.

The emperor took Mo Jingxuan back and used it as a bargaining chip to contain Mo Liancheng. At the ceremony of the emperor’s enthronement, Mo Yanchen brought people to avenge him, but he didn’t expect that the person in the carriage was not the emperor, but the crooked eyebrow. Only then did he know that he had been caught.

Mo Yanchen hurriedly left with Qumeier, the battlefield was in chaos, and Qianmo died to cover him. Qu Mei’er blocked an arrow for Mo Yanchen, she did too many wrong things, failed to understand Mo Yanchen, and failed to protect him. Qu Mei’er died in Mo Yanchen’s arms, Mo Yanchen was sad, and hoped that the two would never meet again in the next life.

The emperor appeared, and Mo Yanchen saw her lift the sword forward, but did not expect that the emperor imitated Qu Tan’er’s tone and wiped his neck when Mo Yanchen was confused. Mo Liancheng was detained and saw Mo Yanchen being killed with his own eyes, but he was helpless. The emperor succeeded to the throne and sealed Mo Liancheng as the lord of the harem. Mo Liancheng and Mo Jingxuan paid homage to Father Mo and Mo Yanchen in the Mo Mansion.

Mo Jingxuan cried very sadly. Mo Liancheng said that he was an adult and he should know some things. Mo Liancheng missed Qu Xiaotan especially, thinking of the letter of guarantee he had written for Qu Xiaotan that day, the two of them still pressed their handprints on it. The emperor saw that Mo Liancheng looked at this letter and was very angry. Qu Xiaotan is dead, and Mo Liancheng should stay by her side obediently.

Mo Liancheng said that he would not believe in the emperor. He and Qu Xiaotan were in love with each other. Qu Xiaotan was his favorite person no matter which time and space and which continent. Qu Xiaotan in his body reacted to Mo Liancheng’s voice, and the emperor was emotionally torn the letter to warn Mo Liancheng not to dream anymore, otherwise he would only be injured in the end. Mo Liancheng looked at the torn letter and picked it up carefully.

Mo Liancheng was applying medicine to the wound, and the emperor tried to tell him that she was Quxiang Tan and he should love her! But Mo Liancheng accused the emperor of having no heart, and he did not love her after all.

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