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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 28 Recap

Qu Xiaotan has become Qu Xiangtan after waking up. Everyone has only one sincerity, and she finally failed Xiao Zhen. The emperor returned to the East Palace and his temperament changed drastically. Jing Xin was startled by her tone. Mo Liancheng was relieved when he saw Qu Xiaotan was fine, but he was still startled when he saw the wound on her hand. The emperor did not reveal her identity, but could not wait to kiss Mo Liancheng.

She had been observing for a long time, thinking that there would be no mistakes. The emperor was shocked when he suddenly noticed that Chengcheng rescued me was written on the mirror, and quickly asked Jingxin to take the mirror away.

At this time, the palace urgently summoned Qu Xiaotan into the palace. The emperor had formulated a decree for Qu Xiaotan to ascend the throne, and Qu Meier had objections to this, thinking that the emperor’s sudden passing away was a bit strange. The emperor used Qu Xiaotan’s body to see through Qu Meier’s mind and warned her that he didn’t want to turn over the old account by herself, so he immediately got out.

Mo Liancheng heard that Qu Xiaotan’s performance in the hall was a little surprised, and she was even more responsive. Mo Liancheng said that when she finishes these things and waits for Yinghuashouxin to return to another Dongyue and see Yu’er.

The emperor was very angry when he heard this, Yu’er was just a wild species, and she would definitely let Mo Liancheng stay by her side. Mo Liancheng heard of Qu Xiaotan’s recent changes and decided to find out the truth. The warden told them that Qu Xiaotan was taken away by Xiao Zhen that day, and that he was going to the palace. Mo Liancheng took Yu Hao to the bedroom for inspection, and found that there was some powder in the Lingyou Altar, and other clues had already been cleared away.

Mo Liancheng extinguished all the candles and saw some light and dust. These were the light and dust after the sacrifice was taken away. He finally understood why Xiao Zhen died with the emperor. Mo Liancheng didn’t intend to fight the grass and startle the snake. Yu Hao asked where the original owner of the body had gone after taking the house. Mo Liancheng replied that Qu Xiaotan should be in the same body as the emperor, but was suppressed and could not control his body.

Mo Liancheng deliberately took the emperor into the guest room. There was a mirror full of mirrors. He found that the emperor was occupying Qu Xiaotan’s body, and Qu Xiaotan kept making weak calls for help. The emperor suddenly held a knife against his neck, and Mo Liancheng felt that she would not kill Qu Xiaotan because she still needed this body. The emperor used Qu Xiaotan’s body to force Mo Liancheng to obey, but Mo Liancheng said that he would go with Qu Xiaotan, no matter heaven or hell. The emperor was disdainful and asked Mo Liancheng to help him perform this scene, otherwise he would know the end.

The emperor satirized Qumeier overtly and secretly, and gave to death the unfaithful criminal officials. Qumeier was deeply shocked by her changes, and could only mean that he would attend the ceremony of offering sacrifices to the heavens on time. The emperor asked Qumeier to help him switch Father Mo, and she had known that the two of them had colluded. Jing Xin overheard Qu Xiaotan’s words, and didn’t understand why she would attack the Mo Family, so she decided to ask Mo Liancheng first.

Mo Liancheng told Jing Xin that Qu Xiaotan was not her, but the emperor who had just died. Jing Xin was very emotional, eager to save Qu Xiaotan, and complained that they should have told her earlier. Mo Liancheng let Jing Xin stay by the emperor’s side, pretending that nothing happened to discover her weakness.

Qu Mei’er went to see Mo Yanchen and confessed that she had recruited her and Father Mo’s plan. Mo Yanchen still hated her and couldn’t believe that Qu Xiaotan could be so cruel. Qu Meier said that Qu Xiaotan is not the old Qu Xiaotan, nor is she now. She is no longer the person the two of them knew before. Qu Meier said this only to make her feel comfortable for the rest of her life. some. Mo Yanchen asked her to take care, and if she lost her life as a result, he owed her again. Qumeier said, now there is no way to talk about who owes whom, it’s better to forget this feeling.

Mo Liancheng sent Yu Hao to spread the word. Father Mo didn’t want to believe him, but he didn’t expect that Mo Yanchen would also come. Father Mo hoped that General Lu would personally prove the truth of the killing. Father Mo asked Mo Yanchen and Mo Jingxuan to leave the city for a while, but the two were unwilling to leave. Father Mo could only let Mo Yanchen stay. Mo Jingxuan must leave to keep the only blood of the Mo family. The imperial army suddenly rushed to surround Mo Mansion, and Father Mo hurriedly tricked Mo Yanchen out of Mo Mansion.

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