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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 27 Recap

Mo Liancheng sneaked into the underwater palace late at night, but found that Mo Yanchen was being chased by the guards. He was no less worried about Qu Xiaotan than Mo Liancheng, and he wanted to ask some questions himself. After Mo Liancheng led away the guards, Mo Yanchen took the opportunity to break into the jail, and took the money to bribe the warden to see Qu Xiaotan smoothly. Qu Xiaotan slept soundly in the jail, and seeing Mo Yanchen asked him to leave as soon as possible, which was a capital crime. Mo Yanchen never believed in Qu Xiaotan, but now he was shaken.

He asked Qu Xiaotan if it was his Qu Tan’er. Qu Xiaotan tangled for a long time and replied that she was not Qu Tan’er, and she had never loved him. Qu Xiaotan didn’t know how to explain to Mo Yanchen, Qu Tan’er was killed by Qu Mei’er a long time ago, so obviously he shouldn’t say it at this time. Mo Liancheng arrived in time to tell Mo Yanchen that Qu Tan’er had died after falling into the water that time, and that the real Qu Tan’er would not take him down. Although cruel, this is the truth.

Mo Liancheng wanted to take Qu Xiaotan away. He didn’t want her to suffer here, for a moment. Qu Xiaotan believed that the emperor had other purposes, so he could not leave. For the sake of his loved ones, in this kind of place and such circumstances, Qu Xiaotan could be so happy. Mo Yanchen asked Qu Mei’er’s maid whether the incident of Qu Tan’er falling into the water had anything to do with her, and soon found the flaw. Qu Mei’er handed the knife to Mo Yanchen and asked him to avenge Qu Tan’er. She wanted to give Mo Yanchen the best in the world. No matter what he wanted to do, she would accompany him to do it, even if she wanted to kill herself. Mo Yanchen did not attack her, but inserted the dagger deeply into his body. He couldn’t bear the love of curled eyebrows, so he could only return it in full.

Mo Yanchen returned to the Mo House, and Father Mo hoped that he would remember what he had done for the Mo family. However, Mo Yanchen said that he and Qumeier had finished his fate. Father Mo was very angry. Right now he could only count on Mo Yanchen, and he was also in order to fulfill Mo Yanchen’s mother’s last wish. In fact, the Mo family was the prince of this party before the founding of the country. The emperor was able to establish Dongyue because of the Mo family, but now that the people are not living, Mrs. Mo has long made a will to replace it. After Mo Yanchen listened, he decided to follow his father.

The emperor can start the magic circle today. Xiao Zhen has already completed the Imperius music score. Since the emperor saved him when he was a child, he has sworn that this life will only live for the emperor. Ensemble with yourself. Xiao Zhen asked Qu Xiaotan to clean up. Qu Xiaotan felt that this posture was a bit weird and decided to delay time. Xiao Zhen knew she was delaying time, but thought that it was the last time they met and didn’t say anything. He even talked to Qu Xiaotan about him. And the emperor’s experience. Qu Xiaotan realized that Xiao Zhen liked the emperor. Qu Xiaotan changed into the clothes he had prepared, and Xiao Zhen suddenly felt exactly the same as the emperor.

Mo Liancheng ran to look for Liu Baishui, and asked him if there were signs of Yingluo Shouxin, Liu Baishui said that today there is a big opportunity to change his fate, but only one of the two stars can stay in conflict. Qu Xiaotan was tied up, and the emperor wanted to seize her body, but Qu Xiaotan could only be taken by Xiao Zhen to the Soul Soul Orb and saw Soul Soul Orb awakened by his own blood.

Qu Xiaotan angrily scolded the emperor for being frantic, and the emperor had waited for so many years for this moment. No one could be more determined than her. Qu Xiaotan reminded the emperor that it was necessary to sacrifice Xiao Zhen to make this altar. Is she willing to sacrifice Xiao Zhen to let him die? Regardless of Xiao Zhen urging the altar, Mo Liancheng came to the sky prison but found that she was not here.

Qu Xiaotan and the emperor’s consciousness gradually fell into a coma, Xiao Zhenqiang supported the emperor, he only hoped that Mo Liancheng could protect the emperor for himself. Qu Xiaotan, Xiao Zhen, and the emperor fainted one after another.

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