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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 11 Recap

After Jiang Yi returned to the apartment, there was always a scene where Yu Sheng and Shen Boqing were intimate, and he couldn’t even sleep, and he couldn’t calm down when he got up soaking his feet in the walnut. When Le Yi went upstairs, he saw that Jiang Yi’s room hadn’t turned off the light, so he went to inquire, Jiang Yi lied that he was reading the script.

Tongwei went to bed early last night and saw the news of Yu Shengsheng this morning. She asked what the Yu Shengsheng was up to. Yu Shengsheng said that she liked seniors in high school. He even thought she really liked those astronomical and mysterious things. He gave her a small meteorite a few days ago. Yu Shengsheng had been thinking last night that what the senior likes should be the Yu Shengsheng that he and he loves together, and the Yu Shengsheng who likes seniors is not the same she is now in high school. Tongwei suggested that Yu Shengsheng and Shen Boqing go to the resort, as they should give each other a chance to confirm her wishes.

The next day, Jiang Dachuan learned from Leyi that Jiang Yi was still reading the script late last night, so Jiang Dachuan asked Jiang Yi about the script. Jiang Yi briefly talked about the affairs of Shen Boqing and Yu Shengsheng. Jiang Dachuan felt that this kind of affectionate and nasty role was at most a male second. Jiang Yi felt that it made sense to go upstairs to meet Yu Shengsheng tonight.

Jiang Yi asked Yu Shengsheng to apologize for calling Xu Shuyi to eat together that day. Jiang Yi showed Yu Shengsheng the Weibo of the photo of his food that day. Yu Shengsheng was in a good mood. Jiang Yi gave Yu Shengsheng many gifts. , Yu Shengsheng took him to his house. Jiang Yi excuses that there is a scene to analyze emotions and consult Yu Shengsheng about emotions. Yu Shengsheng explained to him the difference between goodwill, liking and love, and emphasized that liking someone is fascinating. The two of them were emotional, and Tongwei came back, Jiang Yi hurriedly found a place to hide.

Tong Wei and Yu Shengsheng talked about going to the resort with Shen Boqing, Jiang Yi hid behind the sofa, hearing the Yu Shengsheng from Tong Tong had no feeling for Shen Boqing. Tong Wei proposed to go out with Yu Shengsheng to buy new clothes to dress up, Yu Shengsheng immediately agreed to pull Tong Wei out.

Jiang Yi planned to go to the resort for two days. On Sunday night, Jiang Dachuan arranged for the three of them to take a charity live broadcast at home. Jiang Yi promised to come back before then. Jiang Yi took his assistant to the resort early, and Yu Shengsheng also went to the resort with Shen Boqing. Jiang Yi was sitting in the hotel lobby reading a book and paying attention to the sound of the sound coming in. Jiang Yi asked his assistant to find out which room they were living in, and asked him for a room opposite the sound of sound. He also told the assistant not to report to Jiang Dachuan.

When the assistant went to book the room and found that he didn’t bring his ID, the two hurriedly turned over. Yu Shengsheng and Shen Boqing went on a picnic outside, while Jiang Yi lived on the opposite side of Yu Shengsheng when he saw Yu Shengsheng went out and followed him out. Shen Boqing also deliberately learned to make something for Yu Shengsheng to eat.

Shen Boqing suggested that they take a group photo, and Yu Shengsheng suddenly saw Jiang Yi’s figure. Shen Boqing and Yu Shengsheng went to play billiards again. He called Yu Shengsheng to play billiards. Jiang Yi saw deliberately making some movement to affect them. Yu Shengsheng recognized Jiang Yi, and while Shen Boqing was going to pick up the drone, he asked why Jiang Yi was here. Jiang Yi said that he was here to observe life and observe characters to improve their acting skills, and the observer is Yu Shengsheng.

Shen Boqing and Yu Shengsheng were playing with a drone on the grass. Yu Shengsheng used a drone to take a picture of Shen Boqing, but he did not expect to see Jiang Yi lying on the grass pretending to read a book not far away, and he drove the drone to him without paying attention. It’s hanging on the tree. Shen Boqing borrowed the ladder and climbed up with fear of heights. He got the drone, but when he reached for it, he was scratched by a branch.

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